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Spill It, Sundays #1


Hey Friends

Speaking of spilling, I have a confession To Spill before we get started…

I have a new #BlogCrush. Shhhh don’t tell.

I recently checked out Mr. Arman’s blog (at The Big Man’s World) and I have to say that I’m hooked. His posts are truly an inspiration to read not to mention they are fun and quite informative as well. I really appreciate how the topics he presents are totally relevant to some of the things I’m currently struggling with nutritionally and it makes me sit back and take a hard look at my own diet and contemplating if certain changes and/or experimentation might be of use to me. A great, light-hearted and comical blogger he is and I would totally recommend checkin him out! #SharingTheLove

Anyways, enough secret spilling and onto the topic of the day…which is also a link-up from Arman’s blog I might add…

Spill-ItThis fun lil link up is all about Spillin Your Stuff based on the weeks theme so that us bloggers can get to know all the other HLB (Healthy Living Bloggers/Community) members a lil bit better.

This is the best time for me to jump into this partay as it’s all about one of my favourite meals (and a favourite to everyone else here it seems!)…

Show me your breakfastBreakfast!

Let’s begin shall we?

Selfie Time!

Now I’m not really one for selfies…in fact I really despise taking pictures of myself because I never think they look good but if I must…

20140427-175936.jpgOh just me sortin through food pics for this post! …In PJ’s I might add…:-D #LifeOfAFoodBlogger

Now you see why I don’t do selfies….

What is your classic go to breakfast choice?

If you have been following me for a bit you know there is really only one answer here…


20140427-193416.jpg…and more oatmeal

20140427-193404.jpgZee Rest Day Zoats.

Proats. Zoats. Whatever! As long as it’s pipin hot and topped with goodies (why hello there nut butter, Questie turds and melted fruit :-P), it’s heaven in a bowl for me. I have done baked oatmeal in the past, and it’s good too, but always go back to my mushy bowl of goodness. Drroool.

Favourite sweet style breakfast?

Let me repeat myself sloooowwllly…

20140427-074647.jpgCinnamon Swirl eggy-chia proats topped with 1/4 of a cookie dough Questbar and a tsp each of raw cashew butter and Nuts n’More Toffee peanut butter.

Oatmeal addict in the house. Proats are the way to this girls heart.

Favourite savoury style breakfast?

Does savory and breakfast belong in the same sentence? I kid. I kid. 😉 I know many of you love your savory breaky’s I just never have’m. If I did though, it may look something like a chunk of sweet tater or, better yet, kabocha with a blob of nut butter along side a veggie egg scramble of sorts. I have very much been intrigued by the idea of putting nut butter on a sweet tater or squash because they are both my favs BUT this combo threatens my addiction to them both being savory and never sweet. No cinnamon or syrup has ever come anywhere near my taters or squash. Not Ever!

OR Leah Peter’s breakfast plates

Screen shot 2014-04-27 at 8.01.35 PMException! A nut butter of some kind would be added to these oats. Breakfast is not breakfast without nut butter IMO!

Spill it! I used to have an omelet on the side of my oatmeal back in the day (lol last year) when I hadn’t figured out that adding my egg whites to my oatmeal is beyond amazing for not only fluffiness but also VOLUME! Bigger and puffier oats that last me longer >>>>> flat oats + omelet.

I know that’s still not the most savory breakfast, but work with me here! That’s as far as I will stretch! 😉

Share a breakfast recipe you are a fan of- It can be your own or another bloggers!

I don’t really stray that often but here’s one of my oldies that was quite yummy! My Vanilla Banana Chunk Oatmeal ‘Cake.’ Recipe here.

Those Sprinkles!

Oh and the first time I made Crystal’s (Spoonful Of Fit) fluffy coconut pancakes! Recipe here.

Who doesn't love pancake porn?

Who doesn’t love pancake porn?

Strangest breakfast you’ve ever eaten?

Technically this wasn’t really breakfast as it was quite late for that BUT it was my first meal of that day.

20140427-074634.jpgWasn’t this exact bowl of goodies that day, just an idea of what I tend to get. This was actually my dinner last night.

Whole Foods #BowlOfStuff. This is definitely NOT MY NORMAL! It was after that huge snow storm we had around Christmas that left me stranded in Toronto. Once we actually got the car running, we made a dash to Whole Foods for some much needed (was eating my arm off at this point..) fuel!

Do you have a typical breakfast routine?

My day always starts off with eating. GET OATMEAL IN ME NOW! I’m hungry what can I say? What I’m eating (okay so they’re not that different…it’s still oatmeal…) and what occurs after my breakfast depends on whether I’m lifting that morning or not.

Training Day. Proats + off to the gym for 7:30am

Rest Day. Zoats with berries + prep for work + nap + work.

Love my 2-a-week rest day naps! 😉

So tell me….

What’s your favourite sweet breakfast? Savory?

Weirdest thing you have eaten for breakfast?

Thanks again to Arman for the Link-up!



34 thoughts on “Spill It, Sundays #1

  1. You’re absolutely frikken beautiful!

  2. L-O-V-E, LOVE your cake recipe! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE EGGS in the morning. I eat it at least 5 times a week. I either add a ton of veggies, have them sunny side up with toast or …Fruit.scrambled.eggs. know, I know. Odd combo. But trust me, it’s like having a party in your mouth. I add berries & bananas to the bowl of eggs. Mix together, & cook just like that!

    • Not a weird combo, although I have never personally tried it, I have seen a lot of “Zeggs” on instagram which is zucchini scrambled with egg whites and sweet spices (cinnamon) and usually topped with fruit and nut butter! Sweet eggs sounds weird but many have embraced that combo!

  4. That looks so delicious. I love oatmeal, and eat it as much as possible.

  5. Cannot wait to try your Vanilla Banana Chunk Oatmeal ‘Cake.

  6. I am a big believer in having oatmeal at least four times a week. There are endless benefits [ to name a few: it stabilizes blood sugar, promotes a healthy heart, enhances the sense of fullness & contains a lot of fiber ]. !!!!!! Glad you approve

  7. Weirdest thing you have eaten for breakfast? Oh, now I’m afraid to admit. Besides leftover pizza, I’d say cold chicken breast from the fridge, pasta salad…basically anything that was yummy the night before I’d eat the next day. Now my favourite breakfast is half a container of cottage cheese with a sautéed/warmed tomato in it + pepper. My housemate think it’s weird but I swear it’s delicious, healthy, and filling!

    • Interesting. A savory take on cottage cheese. Looks like you are a savory breaky kinda girl! And hey, your ‘weird breakfasts’ aren’t too weird in the eyes of many people who are also on the “leftovers for breakfast” train. Simple and easy.

  8. Hmm favourite sweet breakfast is similar to yours…I like overnight oats made in a leftover nut butter jar topped with bananas! I mix chia seeds and goji berries in with the oats so they can absorb some almond milk, and I usually add a bit more nut butter in the morning too 🙂 Favourite savoury breakfast is a combination of eggs, vegetables, and sweet potatoes. I once cooked some sweet ‘tators, apples, onions and herbs up then topped them with eggs and it was reaaaally good!

    Weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten for breakfast is probably leftover chocolate or pie after a holiday lol.

    • the more nut butter the better imo 😉 That apple sweet tater scramble sounds good! One day I will try a sweet take on a sweet tater as I’m addicted to my rosemary roasted ones (same with squash).

      hahaha pie eh? Letting the holidays spill over into the next day doesn’t sound too bad to me! 😀 Easter egg overnight oats? Baked french toast with leftover chocolate? The ideas are a flowin haha

  9. 1. Thank you for linking up AND for introducing me to a new blog
    2. I hate you for making me crave oatmeal and I just ate dinner.
    3. I ate salmon for dinner. So it’s not too bad.
    4. Your oatmeal…we need a tutorial for that magic.
    5. Adding anything besides oil, cinnamon and salt to kabocha is criminal. CRIMINAL.

    • 1. Your very welcome. Thanks for writing an awesome blog to add to my blog reading while I enjoy my nightly frozen casein and nut butter pudding (sound familiar? 😉 + questie before bed.
      2. sorry I’m not sorry…oatmeal needs to be shared. Always! 😛
      3. I’m jealous of your salmon…but I had baked pesto trout with kabocha so it’s not too bad.
      4. hahaha my proats are quite the creation. I lay it all out in my “oatmeal palooza” post (under recipes)
      5. hahahaha One day I will try nut butter on kabocha…but for now I will drool over my rosemary roasted perfection instead. 😀

  10. I don’t know why you don’t take more selfies- you’e frikken beautiful!

  11. Definitely interesting to see other peoples healthy meal ideas! Thanks for piquing my interest. I’ll definitely be looking more into ways to excite my oatmeal now 🙂


    • Yes! Definitely experiment with your oatmeal toppings! Makes it sooo much better and adds fun texture and tastes. I have thrown in homemade protein muffin pieces, banana bread, protein cookies, etc into my oats for a fun new take.

  12. It is official. I am hiring you to come be my personal chef.

  13. Those oatmeal bowls are making me drool right now. I need to make them ASAP (especially with the chocolate ! lol)

  14. a girl’s gotta EAT! I have a silly question….While I was in the middle of BodyPump this morning, I couldn’t help but find myself becoming very distracted by a woman who was just a few feet away from me. I see this particular woman in class very often, and am very aware of what it is that she does that distracts me, but for some reason it was just a lot more obvious today.

    Okay, so what am I talking about? She is a grunter….gaaah!!! Grunters make me so so uncomfortable! Have you ever experienced any grunters at the gym?

    Are you a grunter? (It’s ok, I admitted it!)

    What’s the last thing that made you laugh while working out?

    • hahaha thanks for the laugh! I wouldn’t call it grunting but when I’m failing and trying to push out that last rep I may make a sound or two. Serious grunting (like them boys do) can be quite distracting, but hearing a serious woman grunter…may be distracting because I’m trying not to laugh a bit (not to sound mean, but it’s just not something I hear every day lol)

      Last thing that made me laugh hmmm seeing Dean (an older community member who spots me something when the ‘big boys’ are not around) putting all the plates on my lap for wall sits and the comments that came out of his mouth. Hes quite the entertainment and makes my timer seem to move faster 😀

  15. Anything with peanut butter, banana and chocolate is mine!

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