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Just One More Week…


…Until I get to see this face again

Miss Maggie just ridin in her carseat

Miss Maggie just ridin in her carseat


She makes me very happy! Why do I get said snuggle time with her in one week?? Cuz it’s Eastttaaa Weekend! Wooo and I booked it alll off.pretty-weekend-ecard-someecards

Hey Friends!

How is your weekend treating you so far?

For me, I had my one and only day off today (Friday) as I have to work all weekend. #SadFace. I’m trying not to think about it too much so I don’t stress myself out about it too much, but I know that I will be exhausted by the time Tuesday comes around which is when I get a lil breaky once again. I can’t say I’m too mad about that Tuesday swap up though, you see, it’s exam time at McMaster and so our shift schedule at the gym has been changed up and I no longer have to work my double shift on Tuesdays!!! Weeooo!!

It’s not that I don’t like working in the gym. I do. It’s just that 8 whole hours of a floor shift can be quite draining to make it through all in one go. Understand? I will leave you with the fact that I LOVE being a personal trainer!

Speaking of work, this made me laugh..

(This should really be shit I actually say at work. Welcome to the oilfield, bitches!)  Funny things to say at work quote

I Hope it did the same for you. 🙂

Also speaking of work, this made me smile this morning…

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 9.14.05 PMWe had a part time staff get together dinner last week to announce awards for outstanding staff members. The awards for our department were Support Staff, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor of the Year. Although I didn’t win Personal Trainer of the Year (Congrats Rachael, I voted for ya! ;-)), this was really nice to receive.

Lastly….kinda about work

Do you ever wonder about dreams and how they are connected your emotions?

I sometimes wonder if my dreams are trying to tell me something that I’m unaware of in my conscious state.

What the heck is she talkin about?!?

dreamI’m not crazy talkin! You have all probably heard theories about dreams being connected to your feelings. Almost like symbols of what you are really feeling. It makes sense when you think about it though as emotions can manifest themselves in very interesting ways, including, potentially, the topics of your dreams. I have heard a few thoughts about what dreams meanNOTE: these are not from scientific journals or anything, I’m just saying what I have heard..

  • If you are scared of something, whether it me psychologically or physically based, it may appear in your dream as a symbol. Take a ‘monster‘ chasing you for example.
  • Falling is often said to mean that you are feeling out of control or overwhelmed about something.
  • Being chased is thought to be that your are running away from some conflict or thing you need to deal with in real life.
  • Flying may represent a feeling of control, empowerment or escape/freedom.


So why am I bringing this up? What does it have to do with work?

Well, I rarely remember my dreams, but a few nights ago I happened to have a vivid dream that I was being chased or stalked by some murderer (scary I know!) guy. Nothing happened to me though as my boyfriend ended up waking me because I was making some whimpering-like noises so I needed cuddles. Aww he’s sweet 😀

Now it could totally be random that I remembered it but it could also be a sign of anxiety or a feeling of being overwhelmed as I had this dream during one night in and amongst working about 30 hours in a mere 3.5 days. Coincidence?

Perhaps BUT one other reason I’m thinkin it’s stress related is because I used to have a lot of the same types of dreams (falling/being chased/ being murdered) as a child when the high anxiety part of my personality was at it’s worst. This anxiety was so bad that I was going to have to be tested for epilepsy following a period of time suffering with petite mal seizures. I wasn’t actually diagnosed because one smart doctor of mine suspected they were stress related and told my parents that I needed a dog

Miraculously, the seizures ceased after the arrival of Lacey. Following this logic, perhaps I just needed an outlet for my stress and a pet (we had lost our beautiful border collie not too long ago before the seizures started) was the perfect solution. It’s amazing the healing abilities that simple contact with an animal can have on people.

So could this dream mean that I’m feeling overwhelmed by work and in desperate need for a break? Is that why I’m really missing Maggie right now?

It’s all possible and all I can say is…

Just one more week.

Do you wonder about the meaning of your dreams?

Any plans for Easter?

What are your most common dreams?



44 thoughts on “Just One More Week…

  1. I’m like a crazy stalker! I’ve been waiting for a new post for a weeeeeeek!!!!! My grandmother used to translate my dreams for me too- so I do believe there is some meaning there. I hope you find what it means & find some peace & balance in your life.

    • hahaha It’s makes me happy that you enjoy reading my rambles it really does! That’s cool that your grandmother used to do that for you…it’s an interesting thing to ponder about. Balance is a work in progress over here, but I’m trying to be better with it.

  2. In my eyes (and I think everyone else who reads the blog)- you are “our” pt of the year!

  3. Read your post and went and snuggled my puppies a little harder. Sometimes we forget to truly appreciate how wonderful our pets are.

  4. Love these personal posts even though they aren’t fitness/workout related. Reminds me that you are human and are able to balance your fitness/eating plan with real life.

    • Thank you, I like to stay as real as possible with you guys as I find that some blogs can just keep writing perfect recipes and life stories that you loose who they really are and thus cannot relate to them. I want to be someone to relate to on a more personal level

  5. Wait, your post just resonated SO much with me!I’ve followed you from the beginning & have so much respect for what you – keep on being awesome!

  6. I agree, like 100%. I think it’s also good to know what triggers your crazy dreams/anxiety. For me it’s when I overbook myself. I start to think “if I can’t finish all of it, I won’t finish any of it.” Totally flawed thinking.

    • It’s hard to keep that perfectionistic thought at bay eh? Sometimes you have to stop yourself and realize that you’re only human and can only do some much at once. Accept the stuff you do get done and tomorrow is another day.

  7. So true. Lately I have been feeling like I am always exhausted and never able to get caught up or motivated. I’ve been struggling to get even a single chore done in the evenings. But other times I go through periods where I’m energized and able to tackle everything. I need to find a way to flip that switch.

  8. You’re just so cute. Hope you take a day to yourself! You need a frikken day of rest!

  9. This summer I’m moving back home with my parents and after 4 years of having the Pulse within walking distance I’m afraid moving back home will hinder my weight loss attempt.I really want to go to grad school next year at a healthy weight and have the confidence I lacked in my undergrad. But with my parents cooking meals and me not being able to afford a gym membership for the summer, do you have any tips on how to lose weight this summer.

    • Going home can be a tricky one for some BUT for the eating part, cook your own food if you don’t like the meals your parents make or offer to make dinner for the family a few nights a week. In doing that, you not only get to eat what you want but you can also introduce your family to new food. As for exercise, make use of the summer heat and do some outdoor activities like hiking, biking, swimming, etc. You can also find tons of exercise videos online for more bodyweight exercises. Personally, my boyfriend and I love to go to a park and fool around on the monkey bars and such for pullups, dips and pushups and we can plank together too. It’s summer time, make it fun! 🙂

  10. Hi chelsea, I was wondering if you use apple cider vinegar at all in your diet? I have read so many different opinions about it but not sure what to think. Can you shed some light for me P.S. Love this blog; it’s my daily highlight!! Thanks!

    • thanks! Glad you enjoy my blog 😀 ACV is sooo good for you and I do use it on occasion but because I suffer from GERD (acid reflux-> with some ACV helps, for me it makes it worst as I’m too acidic). I have found that I can use coconut vinegar just fine. Anyways, yes ACV is a great choice to use as it helps with digestion (adds acid to your stomach to help you break down food) and is energizing and detoxifying. Try taking a shot of it in the morning when you first wake up!

    • Great post with lots of imarntpot stuff.

  11. hi! I am currently a college student who is also a waitress and find it VERY hard to follow a diet plan..I am always on the go and in a pinch to eat the foods you suggest…i also am on a tight budget/ feel weird buying what most people consider such “out there” foods and bringing them back to prepare in front of my 4 other college roommates. Just curious what your thoughts were and if there was certain small important things I could do to at least start to help my body rid itself of toxins. I really am interested in living a more holistic lifestyle, but right now its very hard!

    – H

    • First off, never feel weird about any food you choose. They can comment all they want, but your food is probably healthier than theirs is. Hey, you may even inspire them to try something new. Food prep will be your number one help as it will allow for you to have foods on hand at all times. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just cook up one or two proteins (chicken breasts, turkey, chickpeas/beans, whatever), one or two starches (rice, quinoa, again whatever you like) and maybe a few veggies (throw a tray of your favs in the oven at 350 with some herbs and a lil olive oil and roast until brown) and you should be ready to go in terms of throwing meals into a container and going.

      Great on the go foods-> smoothies (throw some greens in there too for a nutritional boost! Make sure there is a protein (greek yogurt is cheap and works great!) and fat (nut butter, coconut/flax oil) source in there too to make sure it keeps you full if you are using it as a meal replacement. Wraps or pitas are also another easy thing to throw together and cart around. Cold salads (Example: quinoa based with veggies and a simple dressing, pasta salad with tons of veggies). Being on cash I always have a homemade protein muffin (from my blog) in my apron to snack on inconspicuously.

      If you are looking to do little things to help you feel more ‘detoxed” try adding some lemon juice to your water. Apple cider vinegar is another great staple for dressings as well as you can do a shot in the morning for a quick jolt of energy and detoxifying help.

      I hope this helps!

  12. How do you eat with a boyfriend? My boyfriend is all about the pizza and it makes it hard for me to eat healthy.

    • Cook together! Make your own homemade pizza or other goodies that you both are craving. It makes for a fun lil date night and you can control everything that goes in yours. For the most part, I tend to eat my own meals because I rarely eat at home. If we are going to eat together, I generally end up making the meal because my boyfriend doesn’t really enjoy cooking like I do and it gives me the chance to make some fancy for us.

  13. You actually are the cutest! You have inspired me so much!

  14. What do you do on days when you just can’t seem to pull yourself out of a slump? On days when you’re feeling down, depressed, or unmotivated, how do you snap out of that unhealthy mindset and back into the land of positivity and productivity? Days when I’m feeling down it’s just so hard to get going… any tips or tricks? Love you girl <3.

    • Hmmmm..those days are hard and everyone has them. For me, my workout being in the morning generally snaps me into a more energized state. So even if I have a really hard time getting out the door, I will push myself to the gym because I know that the adrenaline will kick in and get me going. Sometimes though simply forcing a smile on your face can actually make you feel a lil bit happier. 🙂

  15. Do you have any workout playlists ? I’m in neeeeeeed

    • I just have a bunch of rap and hip hop on my i-pod. Something with a strong beat works for me. Sorry I don’t have any specific playlists to share with you, I just have a bunch of songs I go through. I tend to steal a lot of my boyfriends rap haha

  16. Love your blog; the pictures, insights, tips, and the voice that you have created! Love your blog! Here we go with the questions: Motivation to stay in shape? What’s your secret to kicking a craving? If you go out with friends, what do you order for dinner? How do you avoid ordering the bad stuff?

    • Thanks so much! Okay here comes the answers haha
      1. I love it. I love working out. I love the food I eat. So I don’t really need much motivation. If you are doing what you love and enjoy, that is motivation enough.
      2. To be honest, I don’t really crave anything outside my normal food. If I do, I have weekly cheat/treat meals to take care of that if need be. But, and I’m weird, I serious crave my squash and trout the most. If you’re having a craving for something, stop and think about what you are craving, is it sweet? salty? and make a homemade rendition to cure it. Are you just bored or thirsty? Wait 30 minutes and if the craving is still there then refer to the first top.
      3. Like I said, I crave the types of foods that I’m used to. When I go out, I have things like Thai which are filled with veggies and seafood because that’s what I want and love. That being said, don’t feel like every time you go out you have to be a ‘good girl’ with your food. You don’t go out very often, enjoy yourself once and a while 🙂

  17. Hi!! So you’re amazing because I’ve messaged you multiple times and not only have you written back quickly, but gave me amazing responses! I’m now curious.. how often do you have dessert/snacks after dinner? That is my BIGGEST problem and it’s such a hard one 😦 I end up doing well all day with food choices and then end up eating junk after dinner .. lots of times because my fiance ends up taking out snacks to eat. Any advice?? Thanks!! xoxo

    • I’m so happy that I can help you out in any way that I can! As for your question, I eat right before I go to bed EVERY NIGHT. For me, it helps to get extra calories in and fuels my muscles overnight as they are trying to rebuild from my workout that morning. It can be tough for many if their significant other offers snacks and such but I suggest making your own so that you will have yours ready to go when he gets snacky and tries to tempt you. Ever seen profroyo (protein frozen yogurt)? If you can tolerate dairy, then all you have to do is take some plain frozen yogurt and add whatever sweetener (stevia for example), protein powder flavour (optional) and toppings of your choice (fruit, nut butters, etc) to it and freeze it for an hour or two. Great way to help a sweet tooth while getting some filling protein and fats before bed. If you feel weird eating something different than him, try making one for him too and you will both have your healthy treats. I hope that helps!

  18. Hi! I am obsessed with your blog and LOVE your lifestyle! I read your blog a lllll the time (and am constantly referencing it!) and you’re gorgeous.

  19. You’re so sweet! Despite reading your blog; despite believing everything you tell me; despite dying to live this super healthy, balanced lifestyle, I find myself the same place I was in September when I came across your blog- slightly overweight and just not feeling amazing.

    I go through periods. I can go 2-3 days eating greens & avo toast & working out; then something will happen & I’ll find myself at night with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s thinking “oh well there goes my pilates workout”. Sometimes (and this is now almost a weekly occurrence) this eating frenzies turn into full out binges where I’ll eat anything & everything until I feel sick- even going out to go buy ‘bad food’ since I hardly keep it in the house.

    I don’t know what to do 😦

    • binge eating is generally more than just the food. It’s an emotional thing that you have to figure out and deal with. You may simply be using food as a way to cope (it’s very common so don’t feel weird!!). You diet may also not be balanced enough such that you are lacking something and that leads to cravings that you feel you can’t control. Make sure you are getting enough protein, especially at breakfast, drinking tons of water and eating some good veggies throughout the day to try to keep your satisfied and try to get those nutrients in so your body doesn’t create these cravings.

      Also, if you are restricting anything this will almost always lead to cravings and binges on that thing. You diet shouldn’t ever feel like it’s forced or that you are depriving yourself of anything. If you feel like you always have a sweet tooth at night, try to beat the ben and jerry’s craving by serving yourself up some of natures candy…fruit with some protein like greek yogurt and that may help to beat the craving before it shows up.

  20. Hello. I just wanted to tell you that I love your site. I have tried for years to eat healthy but never liked vegetables. All that has changed now. I look forward to my vegetables because of your recipes. I especially love the sautéed greens recipes. So I just wanted to thank you for helping me reach a goal I once thought was unattainable~Tammy

  21. Hmm it appears like your blog ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up
    what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything.

    Do you have any tips and hints for newbie blog
    writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.

    • Thanks so much. I still call myself a new blogger too as I’m still under a year for mine. Just have fun with it and check out other blogs and join their link up parties based on your interests! Also, spread the word about your blog. Publish you posts on fb, IG, pinterest, twitter, etc and people will find you 🙂 Always remember that blogging is supposed to be fun. Never let the number of followers dictate whether or not you enjoy it! Welcome to blogging

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