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Friday Check-In


Hey Friends!

Happy Friday

happy fridayFor me, Friday is actually Thursday as my weekend is Friday and Saturday, but I will celebrate TGIF with you all 😉

Any plans for your weekend?

Today was kinda a relaxing and chores type day. What was relaxin

  1. My workout this morning. Chest day peeps! I hope to post this workout soon!
  2. Baking for the guys at the gym. The community members (our lovely group of senior members who aren’t students but come and workout with us youngins) get some baking surprises bright and early Saturday mornin if I have the chance to whip something up. 20140404-202110.jpgSince my protein brownies are going over so well, I made a batch just for Peter this week. Peanut butter, peanut butter and more peanuty flavour went into this batch. Oh and a touch of unsweetened carob chips just cuz… The original recipe is here and all I did was use Cellucor’s Peanut Butter Marshmallow whey (rather than Red Velvet), 2 tbsp of crunchy natural peanut butter (rather than raw coconut butter), 1 tsp of peanut butter extract (bought online) and 30 grams of unsweetened carob chips. I also sprinkled about a tsp of peanut flour over the top before baking for some final peanut flavour. Hopefully the guys (mainly Peter as they are for him…he better show up…) like’em!
  3. Baking in general!20140404-202101.jpgMooooorrr muffins for this weeks snack prep. I wanted to use up the rest of the pistachios I had one hand and ended up creating a gluten and dairy free protein muffin (I used Garden of Life Raw Protein). I will post the recipe if they are yummy 🙂
  4. Finding cool new things at the market! jasminebrownricepastafusilliHow cool is this stuff!?!? This brand (Explore Asian) is actually awesome. They are all certified gluten free, organic and many are vegan PLUS they use the coolest ingredients! I have their black bean spaghetti at home (collecting dust currently as I’m afraid to eat beans with my sensitive tummy) and have seen quite a few of other the interesting gluten free pasta’s they make as well. Today I picked up the brown jasmine rice pad thai style noodles and penne as I have never run into those before and they don’t have any beans or lentils to worry about.  Although I was excited to find these, to be completely honest, I haven’t had pasta in FOREVER as I hate the idea of eating processed food but there are only TWO ingredients in this pasta: Brown jasmine rice (which I love) and water. That is it. No salt. No preservatives. No nothing. So really, it’s just like eating my brown rice! To find out more about their products check out their webpage here. Omegalicious-Key-LimeNow I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Barlean’s Omega Swirls BUT apparently (as I was told) this is basically the same product. You see, Botanica (who is associated with Tall Grass if you wanna get specific) and Barlean’s used to be together but recently split as Barlean’s will be going mainstream. Botanica decided to then create their own lime, Omegalicious, of fish oils that will be sold to the selected stores as Barlean’s once was. Although I didn’t need fish oils, what caught my eye was the fact that this one was 1. new and 2. 20 bucks (yes 20 dollars!) off the normal price. That’s a huge deal for these costly things. One last thing that the supplements guy told me was that health food stores tend to like this new one a bit better  as it and contains one less preservative than Barlean’s, yet keeps the same consistency and yummy flavour. That preservative wasn’t told to me but I’m thinking it’s either the xantham or guar gum as they can lead to digestive distress.  If you want to check these out for yourself go here.
  5. Eatin good food!20140404-202142.jpgPost chest workout lunch of a stuffed acorn squash half [plus unpictured side salad]. I roasted the acorn squash then filled it with a sautee of roasted chicken breast, kale, onions, garlic, mushrooms, zucchini and some of the inner squash pieces. The seasoning for it was simply tons of chili flakes, dried basil and worcestershire sauce.  Yum. I heart squash so much. 🙂20140404-202119.jpgMy favourite dinner. ON A PLATE! WeeeOOO! Mmmmm trout.

Of course there has to be the chores sometimes too right? Here was the not so relaxin parts…

  1. Biking to the gym in the rain this mornin
  2. Luggin back 50lbs of groceries in the rain this afternoon…big backpackI feel your the rain. Yeah, I’m lame. #BackPackLife
  3. Laundry

I really can’t complain though as my day as a whole was preeeettyyy darn good. A very productive day if I do say so myself.

Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to have my snackie and head on off to beddies to be ready for….wait for it…

…another day off tomorrow 😀 Holler!

What do you do on your days off work?

Most hated chore?

Best thing to help you relax?



4 thoughts on “Friday Check-In

  1. Bubble Baths- defiantly bubble baths!

  2. You’re honesty the sweetest. Like you impress me more each day. First you’re the one who willingly helped a stranger (me) begin her health journey; you helped so many navigate the Pulse and now here you are baking for others…..UGH. You’re such an inspiration. Not just in health and fitness but all areas of life

    • Awwww you’re too sweet!! I love all of my readers and you guys help me out too with your comments and suggestions. I really do love the fact that my writing can really reach and inspire someone. 🙂

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