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WIA….When I Was A Hangry Beast..W[Tuesday]


Hey Friends!

Ever have those days where no matter what you eat, how often you eat or how much you eat you can’t stop gettin hungry?

Crystal over at Spoonful Of Fit took the words right out of my mouth

Yeah..that was me yesterday during my double shift at the gym. <- That (being at work) also makes for a bigger issue because I can only eat at certain times…The hangry beast may have shown it’s ugly face once or twice.

Big thanks to Jen over at Peas And Crayons for hosting our lovely foodie shindig every week šŸ˜€

Peas and Crayons

Check out the other lovely noms if you haven’t gotten your daily dose of #FoodPorn.

The day started all fine and dandy with my usual pre-workout proats

20140402-080954.jpgBase: Cellucor Cor-Fetti whey, gluten free oats, chia seeds, cinnamon, unsweetened almond milk, water. Soaked over night then cooked with 1/4 cup of liquid egg whites in the morning.
Toppings: Banana, 1/4 of a cookie dough Questbar (half baked), 1 tsp each Toffee Nuts N’More peanut butter and raw cashew butter.

I really should have known something was different when I was legit SAD when these were over…

Sign #1: Not satisfied to my usual extent after my big bowl of oatsies

I mozied my way over to the gym and powered through my bi’s and tri’s workout (chins are back into being first then dips…phew tough day) and managed to leave the gym a bit earlier than usual. I actually tried to get there and be outta there earlier because I have to eat lunch a tad bit earlier than usual on Tuesdays due to starting work at 12:15. Following my workout I was starving as per usual and so my post workout muffin thingy was scarfed down in the change room..

20140402-081030.jpgSidenote: After my St. Patty’s Day ‘greenifying’ of my post workout, my liquid chlorophyll is always being added to it for the alkalizing benefits following a vigorous strength training workout. Beat the acid!

At this point it was 9:30ish and so I had about 2 hours to get home, food prep for tomorrow’s (today) full day at work…again…shower, eat lunch and be back at the gym for 12:15. AND GO!

Lunch was a new favourite (as I have been lovin all things #GarbageSalad) as of lately…

Before shakin...

Before shakin…



Now this definitely aint your bowl o’lettuce. Oh no! This be a post-workout salad beast of sorts. Gotta feed those muscles if you know what I’m sayin!Ā  So what’s hiding in there you ask?

Base: 1.5 ounces of baby spinach leaves + serving of Dole’s Very Veggie salad mix (liking those snap peas and radishes!) + serving of brown short grain rice

Toppings (aka the goods): Roasted asparagus, mushrooms and onions + raw red pepper + my homemade basil-cilantro pesto + swiss chard stems (for dat crunch)

Protein: baked spicy (Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy blend) snapper

Dressing: The usual coconut vinegar + water + rosemary + chili flakes + cracked black + enough tangy frenches mustard to thicken it all up

Yes that’s right I have cooked rice in my ‘salad’. Like I said, pre-workout salads require some sustenance…bring on zeeee carbies!

Oh and snapper, not too bad, not my favourite (it ain’t no trout!) but it’s pretty good.

Sign #2: No Veggie Bloat

Now normally I get a wee bit bloated after eating a massive bowl of veggie-liciousness…I hate you stomach cuz I lerrve my veggies…but yesterday that didn’t happen.

In fact, my stomach starting growling again about an hour before my usual snack break

IMG_4801I held off for about 45 minutes before finally taking my 10 minute break at 3ish to chomp down on my brownie + fish oils on the bench outside. Side Note: These are the same brownies as my Red Velvet ones BUT I made them cake batter (Cellucor Cor-Fetti) this time with Banana Nut chunks (Questbar)


That banana nut chunk is just ooozzzin out of there.

Still wasn’t really satisfied but it was back to worky to save all the Pulse go’ers…Or that’s what I can tell myself šŸ˜€

Sign #3: My snack made me feel more hungry.

….about an hour and a half later….


Where is all this food going today? Geesh.

Well I decided that couldn’t take my final break and eat dinner at 4:30 so water chuggin commenced as perhaps I was simply dehydrated. The water did help and managed to hold me off for another hour. FINALLY after another half an hour I flew out of the gym at 6ish to take the final part of my break (I’m done at 7:15pm) and chow down on dinner.

20140402-081014.jpgShort grain brown rice + buckwheat mix with sauteed veggies (reminds me of summaaa!) in dried basil, garlic, onion and chili flakes, roasted chicken breast meat and lots of avocado. Does anyone else feel like mashed warm avocado is like the best sauce for roasted chicken?!?

The usual #BowlOfStuff suspects.

This made me feel a bit more full than the last few meals had throughout the day which was a slight change of pace. After I finished work, I biked home to just relax and ended up gettin hungry AGAIN before my usual snack time.

[insert picture of frozen chocolate casein PB-licious puddin + 1/2 a white chocolate raspberry Questbar]

Yeah, you know what that looks like right?

This was okay though as it allowed me to get my tushie to bed at 11PM. THIS NEVER HAPPENS! Yay for hungry pants gettin an earlier bedtime šŸ˜€

When do you get those bottomless pit days?

Whats the food that ALWAYS fills you up? Never satisfies you?



14 thoughts on “WIA….When I Was A Hangry Beast..W[Tuesday]

  1. I loved reading this! I’m the EXACT way some days. Some days, like rainy days, I feel like eating because food is just delicious. But other days – its just out of my control!

    My sign #1 is when I catch myself stealing food off my husbands plate at breakfast!

    • It’s weird how rain does that to people eh? Comfort I suppose. I truly wish everyday I was a hungry monster as I should be with my training intensity but my irritable stomach often has other plans lol. Listen to your body and eat more when it’s screamin at you as obviously it’s HUNGRY šŸ˜€

  2. So I’m not so alone….around once a month šŸ˜‰ for an entire week I’m NEVER full. Last month there was a day I ate an entire box of cereal AFTER all my meals and still managed to have some popcorn as I watched a movie…’s crazy.

    • Sometimes it just happens. And for others, it’s that lovely time that just revs up that hunger beast. Hey, your body is busy doing all sorts of cleansing at that point and contracting so you are actually burning more calories around that time even if it doesn’t feel like it (due to bloat and such). Glad you listen to your body and do eat more as your body is trying to tell you it needs more for it to do what it needs to do. šŸ™‚

  3. I’m amazed at how much discipline you have. When I’m a ‘hungry’ beast, I eat everything and anything

  4. That food looks fab and i love how every time you write its so positive & uplifting šŸ™‚

  5. How did you stay healthy during exams when you were in undergrad? Exams are coming, and whew….last time I was on a “cookie diet”

    • Great Question! Good luck on those exams šŸ™‚ I always put my health at the top of my priority list. I have a list of chapters/slides/notes whatever I need to get through in the day BUT I never missed a day at the gym and I always stopped to have my meals. Your body and mind is not going to work at it’s optimal if you are sitting at your desk for 8 hours straight. Anyways, most of the time, there are lil ‘study breaks’ in there somewhere right? Instead of driftin onto facebook or youtube, make yourself a healthy lunch of get in a quick sweat session. Your body will appreciate that much better.

  6. OMG OMG OMG THIS IS ME TO A T TODAY. SO FUNNY THAT I READ THIS POST. But unlike you I don’t have the discipline to only eat my planed meals šŸ˜¦

  7. Sometimes I forget you are just like us. I also forget you aren’t a celebrity….the other day I said “Chelsea loves Quest bars in the oven” to my housemate as if you were a “real” friend of mine. She just starred at me- luckily she didn’t ask who I was talking about…that would be awkward.

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