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Reader Collaboration…Tips For Vacas


Hey Friends

I want to first start off by saying how amazing you all are! You support and kind words regarding my acceptance really made me smile! Thank you so much for all the love, you have no idea how much that means to me a blogger newb and just as a person in general πŸ™‚

Now that it’s almost the end ofΒ National Nutrition month…cough worst health and fitness blogger evaaaarr….I’m finally gettin a post out about it! Better late than never right? That’s what I keep telling myself

So I was approached by a reader of mine, Kendra, who asked me to do a collaboration with her on the topic of healthful tips while on family vacations. As I love being able to put my two cents into all things health, nutrition and fitness, I was honoured and excited for the opportunity to work with her so I jumped on her offer! She asked me to come up with a nice and simple lil list of tips that I would give to an individual lookin to do some R&R in a healthy way. She also did the same and so I will share with you all her tips first, with mine to follow.

Healthy Tips for a Successful Family Vacation

To me, a successful family vacation means that everyone in the family had a good time and stayed healthy throughout the trip. In my family, we focus on making health a priority. At home, I serve healthy meals, and our whole family gets plenty of exercise either together or with sports activities. On the road, staying fit can be a bit trickier.

1. Don’t Eat the Airport Food: Airports have some of the worst food for your health available on the concourse. To ward off the munchies when my family is flying, I always pack dry snacks like nuts, fruit or cut-up fresh veggies. If we need something more, we stop at a newsstand for fruit or oatmeal. If our flight includes an in-flight meal, I make sure to request healthy options like the vegetarian or low-sodium meals when booking tickets. Healthy habits start with what you put into your mouth.

2. Drink the Water: My family understands the importance of drinking plenty of water. I always pack water bottles for each family member when we take a trip. At airports, we purchase bottled water once we have gone through security. If we will be traveling in the car on a warm day, I often chill full bottles of water to bring along. Drinking plenty of water helps everyone avoid the discomforts of dehydration. In the summertime, it can also help ward off heat stroke.

3. Use the Gym:I always check for a well-equipped fitness center when booking hotel accommodations. In the mornings, I usually catch a quick workout before the kids wake up. Some hotels also offer in-room fitness options. We like to participate in yoga and other activities as a family, so in-room videos help us do this. In the evenings, we often enjoy time together playing at the hotel pool. We always look forward to booking a hotel with a quality gym and will do so on our upcoming trip to Orlando. The research process can prove to be a bit overwhelming, especially with the amount of hotels in Orlando. Sites like Gogobot however can make this process a little easier as it allows you to read user reviews.

4. Watch Out When Eating Out: Travel usually requires some eating out. On vacation, my family follows the basic guidelines that we follow when eating out near home. Moderation helps us cut calories. We choose restaurants with healthy options whenever possible. I often eliminate calories by requesting burgers without the bun or foregoing cheese and high-calorie sauces. I also encourage the kids to choose healthy sides such as fruit or fresh veggies.

Eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise is a challenge at home. Even those with healthy routines at home can get off track while on vacation. I hope these tips help you and your family out.

Thanks for the great list Kendra!

So to add on, I would like to give a few tips myself…

1. Look up menus online ahead of time. I always do this whether I’m on vacation or not. Many websites have the nutritional information listed for each of their dishes so it can give you a chance to see what you’re eating (on a superficial level). When taking a look at these, although you can’t see every ingredient, you can check out important facts such as sodium, trans and saturated fats as well as potential allergens that are in the restaurant’s dishes. By doing this, you can not only make a more informed decision but it also gives you the chance to think about any questions or modifications you might like to request when you get to the restaurant.

2. Check out your hotel! Does your room have a mini fridge? If it does, you can go buy fresh produce for snacks and meal components. Does your room have a microwave? This would make it super easy to make things like oatmeal for breakfast or reheat whole food options picked up at a local grocery store or food market. Not only will this save you money (aka not having to buy every single meal) but your body will thank you as well. Does your hotel have a gym? Cardio equipment? It it were me, I would be checkin out my hotel and the surrounding areas for the nearest gym and what deals I could score for training there over my stay.

3. Live a lil bit. That sounds weird coming from me, but don’t feel the need to refrain yourself from ever eating a meal out or having a treat or two. Confession time. When I went to NYC with my boyfriend for a 4 day weekend I tried out a new gelato shop every single day. Yeah. Every day. Oh back to the days where I could eat that glorious stuff 😦 Sniff…I’m not going to lie and say I ate all that gelato guilt free but it was a good psychological challenge for me to tackle, not to mention we walked the entire state on foot over that weekend so the extra calories were kind of a requirement for me.

4. Exercise doesn’t just happen in a gym. So not everyone is as hyperactive as me and needs to be movin 24-7 but do dabble in some fun non-gym related exercise too! When I was in Florida with my parents my Dad and I made great use of the tennis courts and pools outside our hotel. Not only are you keeping active but you’re the exercise is kept fun and exciting. If anything, for parents who do want some peaceful lounging time by the pool, having the kids occupied with a sport might help you get your hour of peace.

5. Watch the booze. Yes, this is one I might get some slack for BUT in my defense, doesn’t everyone feel just that lil bit crappier and bloated when they over drink for a few consecutive days? How are you supposed to enjoy the place you are at if you are sleepin off the alcohol for half the day? I’m not sayin to go 100% sober the entire time, but just keep moderation in mind so you can actually take in your destination to the fullest. Plus you will also be savin your body from those extra empty calories and sugars.

6. Sleep! Don’t run yourself to the ground by getting 4 hours of sleep every night so you can wake up with the birds to do tours-gallore while also dancin the night away until 3AM. The result will simply be a crash or illness half way through your trip which would not be a fun way to end off your vacation. Do all that can but make sure you get adequate sleep so you can tackle each new day with a healthy and well rested glow.

Overall I think the biggest tip I can give (Thanks Andre, my boyfriend, for helpin me out on this one! kiss kiss) is to imagine your trip as an experience. Picture yourself exploring all you can while you are there. Seeing the sights. Tasting the local flavours. Doing as much as you can in the days you have there. Having a clear picture of the things you want to do will keep you actively doing something the entire time you are there. Enjoy yourself!

A big thanks again to Kendra for emailing me and providing me with this opportunity. I hope this post is what you envisioned it to be! πŸ™‚

Do you stick to your normal eating while on vacation?

Do you check out where there is a gym or access to exercise equipment or classes at your hotel when you go away?

Do you have any tips to share?



16 thoughts on “Reader Collaboration…Tips For Vacas

  1. yesssssss! finally a new post- love, love, love the tips

  2. THIS WAS SO AMAZING. SO MANY THANK YOUS! Hey Chels, have you ever been to bean bar? what should i order in terms of low cal/healthy….

    • Thanks! Glad you found it useful πŸ™‚ I have been to Bean bar once or twice and I love it’s atmosphere and the food is pretty good too! Their menu is pretty decent for some good healthier choices (except their apps are a bit heavy). Here are some of what I might go for and why.
      1. If I’m feeling lighter, I might do one of their salads with some modifications (swap dressing for balsamic and have it on the side, no cheese) + an added protein. My pick here would probably be: Mediterranean, no dressing, no cheese + add chicken
      2. I’m not much of a sandwich or wrap person so I wouldn’t go for one of these but I will say that that their bread on their sandwiches is HUGE! If you don’t want a bread sandwich, ask for open face (bottom piece only).
      3. For entrees I have actually gotten the greek chicken and the Moroccan stew (no tzatziki cuz I can’t eat it). Their entrees are large (8 ounce piece of chicken!) but feel free to ask for a swap on the side (so go for a green salad or veggies rather than a starchy side)
      4. Pastas…Again I never order pasta as it’s never what I want. I like veggies and protein the best and pasta never has a lot of those even when I ask for extra. If you’re a pasta lover I would suggest boxing half of it at the start and/or dump the cheesy bread that comes as a side as that is just extra carbs IMO.

      KNOW that this is just what I would do based on my likes, so don’t feel like you need to not have that bread if you want it or the sauces that I would take off. Just some thoughts πŸ™‚

      • I go to bread bar at least twice a month for various birthdays etc and always felt like everything would be high calorie or IDK….I always associated going out with ‘binge fest’. You’ve given me such food suggestions!!!!!

      • Glad I could help ya out! 😊 always remember you can ask for mods

  3. I love you!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for more upcoming posts!

  4. I know I’ve said this before, but you are soooo amazing.

  5. LOVE THIS!! really love your blog. Chels, you are such a kind hearted person. I’ve been ‘watching’ (okay…stalking in a non creepy way) you at the pulse since I got to mac & was always intimidated by you. you just walk around owning the gym. then i found your blog and see how you respond to strangers and i am just so in awe. you’re an inspiration as a human being and in terms of health/fitness. I just love your blog and read it daily! ps: I’m not tech savy- do you know a way to find specifics/your old posts without scrolling through them all.

    • hahaha I have been told I look as though I own the gym when I buzz around like I do. I feel a confidence in the weight room like no other and I guess that’s how it shows to others. I love chattering with others about health related things and can literally talk someones ear off if they let me. I really appreciate you kind words! If I can inspire or motivate another person it just makes my day! Thanks for the support and blog love, you guys really make me smile :-). As for the techie question, I have a keyword ‘cloud’ on the right hand side of the blog. The bigger the word, the more often I have linked it to previous posts. For example, Recipe is one of the biggest words in my cloud meaning that I have tagged the most posts with it. IF you click one of the words it will list all of the posts I have tagged/attached to said word in order of newest to oldest. At least that way it narrows your search down if you are looking for something specific. A muffin recipe for example. I hope that helps!

  6. New to the blog, and I have spent my morning reading everything-my housemates made jokes! I workout, eat healthy and am always up for new workouts or recipes. As a male I’m actually jealous of your strength.

  7. With summer coming, these are such good useful tips!

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