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WIAW…Flexbowlin So Hard


Hey Friends!

I wanted to share a special kind of my noms this week as I wanted to show just how easy it is to put together a yummy meal to go. This could be a big help for those students or worker-bees that have to cart around meals on the daily like I do. So, I’m hookin my bloggy up to Miss Jen’s What I Ate Wednesday this week to show you some good ol’ fashioned flexin

Peas and Crayons

Thanks to Jen for hostin and to all the other foodies for inspiring us with their eats!


What’s a Flexbowl?

A flexbowl was a term coined on Instagram by a number of well established IG accounts. Basically, they define a flexbowl as anything and everything you can throw into a bowl (whether that is an edible bowl or not) that helps to fuel your muscles. I grew quite fond of this idea as that is ultimately what I’m trying to do…

Eat to grow.

I don’t like the use of ‘anthem to anorexia” here as anorexia is often not about food and is a mental illness not a choice BUT the message is what I’m getting at

Although this idea is specifically attached to Fridays (aka #FlexBowlFridays), and there are challenges for the best ones weekly, I think I rock at least two flexbowls every day! Of course, they aren’t the most inventive or creative ones all the time, but hey, if they are healthy, nutrient dense, fueling and yummy (yes I believe food can still be tasty AND fueling. None of this “you just eat to live” crap), than that’s A-Okay with me. 🙂

So tell me…

What’s in your FlexBowl?

My Proats are one key example of a daily FlexBowl for me.

Flexbowl Points: Healthy carbs (oats, fruit, Questbar), protein (egg whites, whey, Questbar) and fats (Nut Butter, chia seeds) to get me energized and ready to rock my workout

IMG_434220140319-071601.jpgBut let’s not forget that proper fuel on Rest Days is just as important as the as the body uses the food you give it the next day to rebuild after tough workouts. Ever feel like you are a bottomless pit on rest days? That’s why.

20140319-071508.jpgYeah, no fearin carbs when you’re not working out friends! (PS that big ol’ blob of nut butter is Toffee Nuts n’More that FINALLY arrived. So good!)

My second FlexBowl of the day is almost always at dinner as I’m typically eating it at work BUT sometimes, FlexBowls sneak their way into my lunches.

IMG_4579Think a salad is not fueling? YOU ARE WRONG! OR, you’re making your salads wrong. #SorryI’mNotSorry for being blunt. You can stuff so many things into a salad that make it delicious, nutritious and extremely filling. This big guy (yes it’s in a mixing bowl..) had..

  • Spinach/toasted kale/Very Veggie salad mix by Dole/swiss chard stems/raw red pepper as the base
  • Roasted mushrooms, onions, asparagus and squash as my hot veggie goodies
  • 1/2 a serving of brown jasmine rice for extra required carbs post-workout
  • Baked spicy (Miss Dash seasoning) basa and some leftover turkey as my protein
  • Alfalfa sprouts
  • My homemade dressing and basil pesto.

Behold the #SaladBeast!

FlexBowls are made even better is when the ‘bowl’ part is also edible


Cajun spiced stuffed acorn squash with a side salad.



Then you have the more tame Flexbowls for din-din while at work. Still delicious, just easier to cart around.


Mmmm haven't had swordfish in so long!

Mmmm haven’t had swordfish in so long!


Attempting to please your visual needs with an avocado 'swirl'...

Attempting to please your visual needs with an avocado ‘swirl’…

Easy peasy and quite frankly, tasty. Because I want my body to function at it’s best, I want to give it the best. Always keep in mind that…

So I ask you again…

What’s in your FlexBowl?



12 thoughts on “WIAW…Flexbowlin So Hard

  1. Wow I’m drooling over here! Those all look so good! My main FlexBowl usually consists of a Greek yogurt base with a piece of fruit, some homemade granola or a crumbled protein bar, an array of nut butters, and whatever other deliciousness I feel my body needs. I like to have these at night because they satisfy my sweet tooth but the Greek yogurt gives a good protein boost to feed my muscles allllll night long!

  2. Said it once, said it twice, said it a million times.


  3. I love mixing bowl salads- I thought I was the only one who had to eat salad like that. I have literally made a huge salad five times a week for linner ( linner= lunch + dinner combined ) for the past month. Like when I see poor girls and guys eating a salad garnished a few tomatoes and onions on top of a pitiful bowl of wilted lettuce……..UGH. So tragic, isn’t it?

    • it definitely is tragic! I would never be able to enjoy a bowl of lettuce as a main meal. Nope. It’s really not that hard to throw in other random goodies that just take your salad to another level of yumminess and enjoyment! Not to mention it makes them a whole lot more filling 🙂

  4. If I owned a restaurant one of my main priorities would be to enforceh salads the size of my head!

  5. Hi Chelsea, I have a quick question. When I went to buy bread that I THOUGHT was healthy (it had seeds….) this elderly women told me that they had ‘sprouted’ tortillas on sale as well. I bought some…but really…what makes them so much better? They also had gluten free brown rice tortillas on sale…would those have been better?


    • Sprouted bread is technically better for you as the grains have been made more digestible through the sprouting process (generally this is done through soaking). Normally grains have a tougher outer coating on them and therefore block some of the ability of the body to grab the nutrients that are held inside. This outer husk can also make digestion a lil bit tougher. Although I personally don’t eat store bought bread, I would say go for the more natural (I’m assuming it’s natural, like Ezekiel perhaps?) over the gluten free as gluten free anything generally is filled with preservatives and binders/gums that are really not the best for you.

  6. Got any tips on saying no to food/ someone’s cooking without offending them? I find it so hard to say no to people because i’m scared they’ll think i’m being rude! Especially when they’ve gone to a lot of effort.

    • Is there a reason you are saying no? That is the first thing. If you have concerns, just talk to them before hand, it’s a lot easier that way than just blatantly saying no when it’s being put in front of you. If it’s a bunch of people you don’t know or a new group and didn’t feel comfortable chattering with them ahead of time, just scan for at least one thing to get your by the meal as normally people don’t serve full dishes anymore, it’s more so help yourself.

      I hope that helps! 🙂

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