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Fueling Ma Crying Stems With….


Hey Friends,

Quick drop in for a workout post after my grueling Thursday Leg Day. As for the title, and I know I say this a lot BUUUUTT… I was hurtin and all I wanted was a MASSIVE plate full of …

….none other than ….

Kabocha. 😀

What else is new right?

Roasted to crispy perfection, I have orange kabocha, some green kabocha pieces and acorn squash (can’t have allll kabocha. I wish. Acorn contains no sugar so I generally do a split) that were seasoned with a lil olive oil and a lot of rosemary (love it!). This pile was served with baked chipotle (Mrs Dash) seasoned basa and my usual rainbow swiss chard saute filled with mushrooms, onion, garlic, chili flakes and powder and curry powder. #TheAddictionIsNeverEnds.



So now that you saw what I re-fueled with (this was lunch about 2.5 hours after my workout. Directly following I chow down on my post-workout banana oat protein muffin), here’s the workout that killed my legs in the first place:

Fitness background07The faces I made during this workout….They get worse and worse every week. Amirite Dean?

I swear I have a posse now. I’m not bragging or anything but I have like 5 spotters that give me therapy help me through my sets with lifting weights onto my shoulders (lunges), plates on my lap (wall sits) and just distracting me from staring at my timer (again…wall sits. Deadly those things!). You guys are awesome! 

Oh and just so you know…

I’m up to 4 plates (yes that 4 45lb plates) on my lap for wall sits for 1:15 minutes…

…and that’s directly following (so supersetting) heavy leg pressin..


Now I’m bragging. 😉

lil but strong

What’s your favourite post workout meal?



8 thoughts on “Fueling Ma Crying Stems With….

  1. Yesssss please keep bragging- you deserve to!

  2. Just calculated my marcos using iifym- looked up examples of your workouts- excited to regain my health. I gained the freshman 15 (okay, in my case freshman 21) and am so excited to regain my strength and just feel better. THANK YOU. You seriously empower me!

  3. Hi Chels, I had this question for a while, but didn’t want to post it on your last post and take away from all the congratulations wishes. (Again, SUCH a big achievement). I’ve been looking through some health magazines and online websites lately and I keep being told this…that pear shaped individuals should avoid squats, lunges, leg presses, sprinting, swimming, kick-boxing, all elliptical machines……..Is this true? B/C if so WHAT IS A PEAR SHAPED GAL TO DO! Many would trust ‘reliable’ magazines such as self or shape, but me…I trust you 😉

    • I feel like those articles are stuck on old school myths. For pear shaped girls, their weight tends to be carried in their lower half (as you probably know) but that doesn’t mean you avoid training the entire lower body! I have seen many with that body type do plyos a lot to not only add lean muscle but also add some cardio into their routine. Plyometrics is basically where you are adding explosive movements (generally jumps) to an exercise. IE. jump squat, burpees, box jumps, etc. These are great because, like I mentioned, they help to develop muscle as you are lifting your weight in an explosvie manner similar to what you are doing when lifting weights AND they burn some good calories (to slim overall because you can’t spot reduce) with the cardio (jumping) component. Don’t forget about that upper body though! A nice set of define shoulders really sets off that hourglass shape 😉

      Thanks for your confidence in me haha 😀 ❤

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