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Springin Forward With A Lil Back And Chest Action


Hey Friends!

I got to go home again this weekend! 😀 Good times as my Mom and I got our nails done today AND we are heading to Whole Foods for dinna tonight. What else is new when I go home right? As always, seeing Maggie was also an added bonus. I love that lil furbaby!

Pedis. Sorry if you hate feet...

Pedis. Sorry if you hate feet…

Mani. Love those sparkles!

Mani. Love those sparkles! Sorry for the post-dryer lizard hands. Hate those dryers!

Thank you Pinterest for the nail art inspiration!

Crazy girl.

Crazy girl.

Maggie being Maggie. She’s in her biting stage now…Still less than a year old.

Did you remember to set your clocks back an hour?

Although I’m not a huge fan of loosing one hour of sleep, I love the fact that this day symbolizes that we are creepin more towards spring…and WARMTH! 😀

Yes, Spring makes me smile too. Sorry I had to add that picture. That lil guy is too cute!

I also know that because it’s Sunday it’s officially

Sundays mean rest days from the gym for me. Rest Days mean a post-breakfast nap. That hour of lost sleep will then be recovered. 😉

What are your favourite things about Spring other than the rising temperatures and sunshine?

  • Bright Colours. Not that I don’t wear colour all year round, but I love to see everyone move away from black, brown and gray into the bright pastels and neons. It makes the days even more brighter!
  • No 100lbs of Clothing Required. No description required. #Efficiency #NoLongerAMarshmallow
  • Birds A’Chirpin. For some reason I truly enjoy hearing birds sing in the mornings.
  • Sun Rises Earlier. I love biking to my early workouts in the sunshine rather than the dark. Understandable no? It makes energizes you more.
  • Getting Outside More. Warmer weather means you don’t have to stay cooped up inside to keep warm.
  • The Grillin Begins!
  • Dresses and Skirts. I love flowy and feminine clothes. I may live in my lulus, but in the spring and summer, 1/2 of my life is spent in easy-breezy clothes.
  • Spring Produce. The farmers market starts to reappear and is beaming with beautiful fruits and vegetables. Our list of seasonal and local items just got that much better!

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 8.21.44 AMSo, I decided to share a few workouts with ya on this lovely Sunday as well. Here’s my Friday workout..

fitness background 5I was really feelin good for some reason. A good reason! As you know I always start off with a core warmup (weighted decline situps of sorts and another core exercise super set with those. I drop set almost errrythang and my first lift always includes a warmup set or two.

Then yesterday mornin was my typical back workout….but had a few extras

Fitness Background 10Do you ever feel the need to try out machines you don’t have in your gym when you are at a different gym? I do! Whenever I go home for the weekend I ALWAYS go ham crazy (literally!) at Goodlife because they have a hamstring curl that I can actually fit on (the one at my gym is too big for me to use #SmallPeopleProblems) AND I made use of their butt blaster machine through doing a nice pyramid set during my first lift.

Do you even volume?

Let me tell you, I did that hamstring set in about 5 minutes and it killed. Probably because it was the second day after my brutal leg workout I did on Thursday, but hey, when the opportunity is there, you take it! Even though your legs are still sore.

Anyways, my Dad is gettin ansy to leave soon so I better pack up my shtuff so we can grub it up at WF. If you haven’t eaten at the WF salad bar yet, you’re missing out. It’s zee bestest!

Enjoy your Sunday friends!



4 thoughts on “Springin Forward With A Lil Back And Chest Action

  1. Which whole foods do you go to?! I live in Mississauga, so I go to the one by Square One and literally can spend hours going up and down every isle, looking at everything, crying over prices (I wanted to try kelp noodles- until I realized a bag was like 20$). AH I LOVE WF

    • We go to the one is Oakville as it’s on the way back to Hammer. I LOVE the one in Toronto. You go down an escalator and it’s like the heaven open up hahahah. I’m such a food nerd. I do the same thing, WF has just so many things to look at and their food bar is to die for. I literally crave their food so that has been my weekly meal out for the past few weeks. Kelp noodles are awesome. Great for stirfrys or thrown into a salad!

  2. I didn’t know you had a tattoo (saying this as if I know EVERYTHING about you ;))…does it symbolize anything? Regardless, very pretty!

    • hahaha well hopefully you are getting to know me 🙂 It was one that I got with my mom. She has one in the same spot and we got it done together. Killed but it was worth it. I actually have another one (more symbolic of a rough past time) on my hip and I want to get another around my ribs at some point when I stop being a wuss about the pain 😛

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