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WIAW…Dose Of Healthy Foodporn


Hey Friends!

What’s shakin on your hump day?

Did you know that apparently there in a middle school in Connecticut that is hatin on Mr. Camel and his weird voice in the Geico Hump Day ads…

“Everybody’s walking around in the hallways and saying it’s hump day in that weird voice…” [source]

The principle at said school has banned the use of the words “hump day” because it has become too disruptive in classrooms.

Really? Have we really sunk to this level now? We don’t have anything else better to address?

What do you think?

Anyways, onto some #FoodPorn. Since it’s been a while I have quite a few snaps of some lovely noms for ya this week as I jump back into the What I Ate Wednesday party with all the cool kids over at Peas And Crayons.

Peas and Crayons

Thanks, as always, to Jen for hosting!

I will first start with today’s eats than you will get a lovely picture reel of some recent healthy food porn. Prepare yo-selves. 😀

IMG_4440Wednesday rest days call for zoats. This morning before my 7AM (!!!! sooo eeaarrlly) staff meetin meant nanner was added in said zoats along with thawed bloobs, raw cacao nibs and crunchy almond butta.

IMG_4368After the staff meeting, I had a good 2ish hours before I had to run to GoodnessMe! for another 9ish hours of work. You know what that means? NAP TIME for the win! Before lovely hour of zzzzzzzin bliss I knocked back my fish oils and 1/2 a can of tuna because I was hungry again.

doesn't look like much but pure protein does wonders for a growing tummy

Doesn’t look like much but pure protein does wonders for a growing tummy

Due to eatin lunch at work …at cash…shhhh don’t tell…it was my usual wrappie made from my amazingly handy gluten-free oat wrap. Check this guy out. Yes, chronic overstuffer I am. 😀

IMG_4446Can ya wrap it up? Challenge accepted…

IMG_4448What you taco ’bout. I got this! ;-P #Cheezzee.

What’s all hiding in there?

Sauteed mushrooms and onions, wilted spinach, roasted turkey breast meat from Whole Foods, avocado, mustard and the basil-parsley oil-free pesto I prepped this weekend.  Not too shabby for a inconspicuous meal I would say.

Also had some roasted acorn squash on the side for some moooore carbs..

IMG_4367I heart squash in every way 😀

Snackin attackin at work was my gluten free chunky monkey pronuts. Recipe for the original muffins (I just decided to make them donuts this week) to come I promise.

IMG_4337mmmmm chunky melty banana

Dinna was the usual salad beast (one reason for lovin rest days!). As you know, I ain’t no lettuce salad kinda girl. Check this guy out!

IMG_4443BEAUTY! The addition of my pesto turkey meatballs (prepped this weekend) and pesto made for an unbelievable flavour!

Also in the beast was…

Spinach, roasted butternut squash, onions, asparagus and mushrooms, raw red pepper, rainbow swiss chard stems, Asian salad blend, avocado and my homemade tangy dressing which now features coconut vinegar (love this stuff!) instead of lemon juice.


Snack later now that I’m chillin at home chatting with you guys will be the typical puddin and 1/2 a Questie. But which Questie should I have….?? Hmmmm must not fall for Cookies and Cream for the humpteenth time. Or not. 😉

So that was my day of eats while workin one of my busiest days of the week. In other news, here’s some other foodporn that I have enjoyed over the past few weeks since we last partied together.

IMG_4395Cookies and Cream crumblin in my preworkout proatsHeavenly

White Chocolate Raspberry also made an appearance…

IMG_4342With some beautiful nut butter (cashew and my homemade chunky peanut butter) makin a scene on top.

IMG_4302My boyfriend also enjoyed some Lil Miss Fitness-ified eggy OIAJ or Oats In A Jar. I made his proats using a whole egg and no whey, unsweetened carob powder and melted banana for volume and sweetness (whipped in a la Chocolate Covered Katie…volume baby!). Pistachios and carob chips graced the top with a final lil drizzle of raw honey.

IMG_4310Erik from work (GoodnessMe!) ordered in organic Kabocha squash just for lil ol’ me! 😀 I was surprised to see it orange as I’m used to green. I still like the green the best (crispens up more when roastin), but this gem is still delicious!

Squash obviously made it’s appearance when I had the opportunity to make and eat dinner off a plate on my days off. It’s the lil things that make me quite happy. Days off mean SQUASH FOR EVERY DINNER 😀

IMG_4387First time tying halibut. Whhhhhy did I wait so long! OMG so good! Of course it’s slathered in my favourite green fattiness that is avocado.

Scallops of course need no intro…

IMG_4398I will still say I rock at searin!

Squash also made it’s appearance in post workout lunches along with some purple sweet taters. Colours just taste better in my opinion…

IMG_4372Aaaannd I even rocked a stuffed butternut squash for one of those lunches too!

...with a big ol' salad

…with a big ol’ salad

Let’s get a close up..

IMG_4422Yum! I simply roasted the piece of butternut squash at 350 in the oven until it was soft and stuffed it with a sautee of kale, mushrooms, garlic, onion, ground turkey breast meat, chili flakes, worcestershire sauce and cumin. Topped it all off with a lil of my pesto and ate it with a nice big salad.

Lastly, another post workout lunch that involved ground turkey breast meat…Yeah I ate a lot of turkey this week after my trip to Whole Foods with Heather on Saturday (so much fun!!).. was this lovely combo.

IMG_4303Healthy turkey ‘fried’ rice. Snow peas, kale, asparagus, mushrooms and some acorn squash cubes were mixed in and sauteed with some ground turkey breast meat cooked with garlic, onion and chili. The whole thing was then mixed with some jasmine brown rice, more chili flakes and worcestershire...that stuff is soo good. Simple and delicious!

Well that’s all for me tonight friends as I want to call it a night early to get some zzzz’s for LEG DAY torture…I mean growth.. tomorrow. Of course, snackie time comes first! :-D.

What’s your favourite healthy food porn?

What’s one simple thing that brings you a lot of happiness? Dinner off a plate may seem silly to you but for a person who loves making nice meals for herself and eats out of containers 5x per week minimum, plated food is cherished food.



9 thoughts on “WIAW…Dose Of Healthy Foodporn

  1. I totally agree with you about food on a plate. I eat lunch at a desk, but I always take my food out of my lunchbox and serve it on a plate (or in a bowl) before devouring 🙂

  2. Such a silly question- maybe I’m misinformed but why would you eat more carbs on rest days compared to days when you’re working out? How can I go about calculating my own micros for my goals?

    • Calculating macros (fats/proteins/carbs) for your body can be quite the challenge and even when they have been calculated for you (you can do this by going to They also explain a lot of other things regarding carbs and such too). You will have to do some time of trial and error to see what works for your body. Some people function better on more fats, while others require tons more carbs to feel functional. It’s a learning curve.

      Not a silly question at all. In general people tend to REDUCE their carbs on their rest days as carbs are used as fuel for their workouts. On the other hand, the rule of thumb is that generally the food you eat the day AFTER your workout is fueling the growth of the muscles you worked out that previous day so ensuring that you are getting enough carbs is still important on rest days as well. Personally, I find it a bit tough to get the same number of carbs on my restdays as my training days as carbs fill me up fast! To counteract this, I add more fats on my restdays. (as fats and carbs are both energy sources).

      Play around with your ratios and see what feels best with your body. I hope that helps!

  3. You frequently mention cheat meals or skipping them. I’ve been trying to diet and allow myself one meal a week to indulge….however I find that my cheat meal always turns into a binge and sometimes it lasts 3 days! Any tips! I thought doing so was to prevent binging? Why do you add cheat meals?

    • I think having cheat meals or treats is something very subjective and up to the person. For some they work well, while for others, they don’t. For me personally, I have them to challenge my mind. To hopefully make me feel less guilty about eating normal foods (those outside my normal choices) that I like. When you have eaten clean for such a long time, the silliest of things can become ‘bad foods’ in your mind and that is something I need to break. If you are bingeing when you have your weekly ‘treat’ it is time to take a look at your regular diet. When that happens, its generally because you are feel very deprived on a daily basis and then go all out when you have to the chance to have that one thing you have taken away. Diets like that won’t be successful in the long run so play around with what works best for you and perhaps don’t schedule in a day of a treat, but instead, make it a social event or if something just randomly comes up where a friends wants to go out for food.

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