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Leg Workout- Feb 27th


Hey Friends,

Quick lil workout post for ya. Here’s some leggie inspiration from my workout this past Thursday and let me tell you it was a brutal one! I must have been out of my mind to superset heavy goblet squats with my 5×5 lunge set. Ouch. Still hurtin today from that one (2nd day syndrome). As a matter of fact, last night while I was trying to simply relax on the couch with my snack I couldn’t lean on my left side fully because my glute (aka butt) was so tight. Apparently I need my own personal foam roller. Anyone wanna help a lil one out on that one? Ha. πŸ˜€

Leg workoutBurn’em out I tell ya!


Round 1: Lookin for 5-6 reps for the main lift (ie. the lunges).

Lunges: 125lbs total (1 60lb DB and 1 65lb DB). Yup still going strong on that mixed weight combo. Yeah, I get weird looks and I’m okay with that. Warmup for lunges is using 30lb DBs and drop set is using 35lb DBs.Β  Goblet Squat: 50lb DB. Leg Raises: 10lb DB with a 7.5lb DB drop set for each one

Round 2: Lookin for 7-8 reps (hypertrophy range) for the main lift (the squat)

Back Squat: started with 135lbs, made it to 145 lbs for 7 solid reps. Mountain climbers: 25lb plate on my back and my feet are elevated, hands are on bosu and I ‘climb’ for a minute for each set.

Round 3: Same as round 2, about 7-8 reps for main lift (leg press)

Leg Press: 270lbs + sled. Cable glute kickbacks: 27.5 (kgs?).

Round 4. The Burnout! Go as fast as you can through these two. Burnin out the quads first on the leg extension (with final drop set) and finishin off with the hams. About 8 reps are hit for the leg extension for each round.

Leg Extension: 145lbs with 115lb drop set. Wall sits: 3 45lb plates + a 35lb plate (170lbs) on my lap and held for roughly 1 minutes each.


Shoutout to Dean for trying to kill me helpin me out with my wall sits (putting the weights on my lap + removing them). By taking them off one by one you are definitely pushing me that lil bit harder. πŸ˜‰ #JelloLegs #CantStandUp

By doing the goblet squats in between my lunges I did notice that my rep range for the lunges suffered a wee bit. I only got 5 whereas I might be able to push through to 7 normally. No pain no gain right?

Do you like leg day?

Do you push to your maximum?



7 thoughts on “Leg Workout- Feb 27th

  1. Hi chelsea, whats a ‘Goblet Squat”?

  2. I was actually in the gym when you did this I think (is that creepy?) I legit had to stop starring in fear of being a creep. You’re so tiny yet you were killing it.

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you had information or a link or something on how to go about booking you as a personal trainer.

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