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Thinking Out Loud #2

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Hey Friends,

Time for some Lil Miss Fitness Freak randomness once again. I quite liked this lil link up so I decided to jump on in again this week…except I’m totally late. Ooops. Work I tell you! Work! So although I can’t link up with everyone else, I will still share my Thinking Out Loud post. Thanks to Amanda for linking up all the random thoughts every Thursday.


1. TGIF!! Well technically my weekend starts today, so it’s like a Saturday to me but THANK GOODNESS it has been a long 10 days of workin workin workin and I think I deserve a day or two off. Amirite?

2. Speaking of TGIF, here are some Friday memes that made me smile a lil bit…

3. #WorkLife.Ā A few things occurred at work yesterday that reminded me of some of those lil annoyances you have to deal with when working in customer service.

  • Having money thrown at you. I’m a person you know…
  • People taking their sweet **s time in the store when they full out know it’s closed and then, upon leaving turn to say “I’m so glad I could make it on time”…
  • People cashing out being on their cell the entire time. Do I say hi? Do I just point at the screen? What to do!?!

4. I have a social life YAY! How sad does that sound? It’s crazy that when you look back at your weeks and all you see is work. My two days off are filled with fun meet ups with some friends and I’m super excited about it. Today Chaunda (fellow PT at my gym) and I are going to hit up Popeyes (the supplement store…not fried chicken..) and I will show her all the protein goodies (hello Quest Virgin :-O) they have to offer. Tomorrow I will be meeting up with Heather (from GoodnessMe!) at…wait for it…

Awww yeahhhh. šŸ˜‰ Some serious shoppin, food talkin and some serious chowin down at their hot food bar will go down. Money being saved up. #WholePayCheck. This lil girls date will be following my meet up with my boyfriend, who has been away (and will be away until next Thursday) babysittin his brothers pups while they are on vacay.

5. Lil not so fun fact for those with GERD. No tea fo you! Green tea specifically. #Sadface.

No Tea But I'm British

Apparently the bloating, gas and feeling excessively watery during afternoons when I drank green tea was actually my body trying to tell me something. STOP DRINKING CAFFEINE! I wasn’t sure why I always felt so watery and it was bugging me (cuz umm… well it just makes you feel fat, right?) so I looked it up. This was also following Amanda telling me that she also can’t drink green tea because of the same reason. Hmmmm… Apparently caffeine is a major trigger for GERD symptoms. Go figure.

But I like my tea! Whhhhyyy body do you have to hate me so


So what else triggers GERD or acid reflux symptoms? For those that may suffer with it too.

  • Alcohol
  • Chocolate
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Fried foods
  • High fat foods
  • Dairy

…good thing I don’t eat any of those with the exception of some chocolate flavoured whey or questies.

6. I have been pondering the idea of a savory breakfast… There must be something wrong with me. No oats?!?!


After seeing Morganne and Meg’s paleo breaky’s I have to say that I’m kinda interested in trying it out as my pre-workout. It would give me a chance to FINALLY try nut butter on a sweet tater or squash! Yes, I’m a lil slow on that train. Also, for some reason eggs are sounding appealing lately. Maybe I’m lackin in the vitamin D department due to this gawd awful winter and so my body is craving it..?

I’m kinda nervous to change it up though. I have been oat’in it up every morning (and lovin it every day!) for like 2 years now and I’m afraid that my tummy will attack me if I try something new. #IBSProblems.

7. Movin away from foodAnyone ever feel like they are giving something up when they try buying organic products (non food related)? I bought this conditioner

…from my store when I ran out of my John Freida Brilliant Brunette one because I have been thinking about how if I eat organic than I should be using organic body and hair products…no? After all, these things make their way into your body too. Using it for the first time (of course I still was using all my other normal things-the shampoo to match the original conditioner and a hair mask), I noticed that it wasn’t as thick and creamy as my normal conditioner. Okay….not thinkin that was a good sign. Then, after my shower was all said and done, my hair wasn’t as soft, was flatter (it’s supposedly volumizing) and it seemed to get greasier faster. Hmmm. Isn’t natural stuff supposed to make your hair feel better?

I have continued to use it for a few weeks and still no difference so I bought a new one and will use that old one once and a while for a ‘detox’ per say. Hopefully this guy..

Regenerating 12 Second Miracle Sulfate Free Conditioner (NEW!)

…will be better. I like soft hair okaaay! At least it’s sulfate-free (which apparently leads to dry and full hair…not to mention its a chemical) and we shall see if this whole “hair strengthening and thickening system” really works due to the added apple stem cells (don’t know how much of that I believe) biotin.

8. I just made my delicious Chunky Monkey Protein Muffins into donuts…Surprise surprise. The recipe for those guys will hopefully be up soon šŸ™‚

9. I will end off with this picture I came across. A picture of few but true words.

Random thought of the day?

Do you use organic hair/body/face products? What do you think about them? Something missing?

Favourite savory breakfast?



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