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Thinking Out Loud #1


Hey Friends,

I have never done one of these link ups before but I thought that I would try it out as I always enjoy reading Morganne’s Thursday posts over at Nut Butter Runner. Thanks for the awesome link up idea Amanda (over at Running With Spoons). Okay let’s see what randomness was on my mind today…


  1. Anyone look around in a slightly confused manner when it was snowing yet there was thunder happening? Thunder Snow? Snow Thunddddaa

Julienne from my gym thought this would be a great name for a team of sorts. No one beats the Snow Thunders!

Mother Nature you crazy.

On that topic of weather…What is with having snow fall warnings one day then shifting to +7 the next and being bombarded with rainfall warnings? We will probably have a flash flood warning come tomorrow morning…

2. I totally smashed my legs this morning at the gym. Sorry it had to be said to justify my complaints of not being able to walk tomorrow.

3. The same Julienne I mentioned earlier told me the weirdest spotter story ever. He had asked some guy for a spot (put plates on his lap) while doing the weighted wall sits I told him he should try to burn out his hams. This pretty fit guy then responded with…

” I barely have enough energy to make it through my own workout…”

Ummm…what? Fo real? No but actually, for real?

Yup. That’s actually what came out of his mouth before turning around and walking away.

Pardon the french..

4. Speaking of unfortunate events, I somehow managed to rip half the nail off my big toe (TMI? Sorry…) the other day and so now I’m stuck with that gawd awful weird sensation whenever anything touches that toe. My vibram’s ain’t feeling so hot.

5. I feel like I’m in a baking rut. I have been bakin pronuts like it’s my job but have created nothing new and exciting otherwise. #SadTimes. Can someone please give me something naughty to make nice?

6. Does it bug anyone else that no tea/coffee lids have a flap to cover the mouth hole other than Timmies? I mean, am I the only one who likes their tea to stay as hot as possible for as long as possible? Confession: I may or may not microwave my tea like 400++ times and continuously burn the roof of my mouth just because I like NEED it hot.

The dilemma is real I tell you!

Speaking of tea

7. I think green tea gives me heart burn and/or gas if I have it in the afternoon. Again, sorry for the information overload but does this happen to anyone else?? please don’t hate on me!

Due to it being late I will end off on one more personal dilemma that I have been faced with every night

8. Can I bring myself to eat another flavour of Questbar other than Cookies and Cream tonight?

Fail….We shall try again tomorrow night. 😛 #Addicted #CantStopWontStop



14 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #1

  1. The same.exact.thing happens to me with green tea! I’ve actually had to stop drinking it because it was irritating my stomach so much. I do know that it’s a pretty common problem though, so you’re definitely not alone.

    And I was just browsing your About page and just wanted to tell you that our stories are pretty similar! I got my BA in psychology before discovering that it wasn’t where my true passion lies, which is when I went into the field of health and wellness. Scary, but one of the best things I ever did.

    • I really hope that I don’t have to stop drinking it, but I didn’t have one yesterday and surprise surprise, I wasn’t gassy :-(. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who has experienced it but I think it’s so weird that something like tea would do that…I’m generally okay if I have some in the morning with less food in me…weird again.

      Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. It’s definitely scary choosing to say no to something you figured you would pursue for the longest time and go in a different direction. That being said, I think dietician is more my calling as I love to chatter about this stuff. I’m glad you found what you can be passionate about 🙂

  2. Ahh Quest bars are the best!

  3. Did the quest bars give you any stomach issues?? I really want to try them but am nervous because of all the fiber. I just bought a whole bunch of quest bars myself to try as I’ve also heard nothing but great things. Cookie dough was one of the flavors and I’m hoping it’s as good as you say! 😉 I’ve heard the cinnamon roll flavor is good too – I’ll be trying that (and cookies and cream) next!

    • Oh they are amazing you won’t regret buying them!! I’m currently addicted to cookies and cream…so much so that I can’t even bring myself to bake it as I have just been eating it raw lol. I really enjoy cinnamon roll despite being one that I tend to forget about. Once I have it again I always remember how good it really is!

      As for the tummy issues, I can’t tolerate a full bar because of the fiber so I would recommend starting with only half a bar (if you can stop at that ;-)) and see how you feel.

  4. Hi,

    This is a question I’ve been meaning to ask for a while, but was a bit skeptical to in fear that the response would be “use google”, “lose weight first” or “women don’t bulk”.

    I am trying to lose some weight (am 5’2 & 143 lbs). As a pear-shaped female, I gain all the weight in my lower half. Despite gaining 20 lbs over the past year, I do work out pretty often, and thus my thighs are relatively solid. However, over the last little while, I’ve noticed that they have been bulking up a lot.

    While I don’t think there is anything wrong with big, strong thighs, I generally am not happy with it. I was thinking it was because of the workouts I’ve been doing (mostly stair master, bike & elliptical) + squats. Are there any workouts that will lean out my legs, that still burn a lot of calories for weight loss? I’ve herd yoga is good, and Pilates, however compared to the workouts I’ve been doing now, they don’t burn as many calories.

    Thank you


    • Never be afraid to ask questions! I love to answer them to the best of my abilities and I never am one to judge I promise 🙂 As a general, I know that lots of people looooovee plyometrics. Basically these are explosive movements (that almost always involve jumping of some kind) that combine cardio and muscle building. Box jumps, jump lunges and squats, skipping, etc are all forms of plyos that you can do as a main workout (create a circuit with a bunch of different ones) or you can do these in between weight training sets. So you could do a set of squats then do some box jumps to keep the heart rate up the entire time. Hope that helps!

  5. Chelsea, finding your blog is nothing short of a Blessing for me!!! I want to make at least seven different recipes right now!!!

  6. I seem to workout and eat healthy but still have a chunky layer of fat around my body… I do weight training 2x and do Insanity and walk on the treadmill… what am I doing wrong? Thanks…

    • Nothing at all! You are doing great! I will say that working out is only about 15% of how your body will appear. The other 85% is your food. Take a peak at your food if you are feeling as though you are holding onto more far than you would prefer. Are you eating lots of veggies? Half your plate should be vegetable based, greens are best, for example. Are you drinking enough water? Are you mindlessly snacking at all? Boredom eating? Snacking on the right things? These are all questions you can ask yourself.

      I hope that helps.

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