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Back Attack Workout


Hey Friends!

Did you hit the gym today?

I did! 😀

Start your weekend mornins on a high note and hit some weights!

I even brought in some pronuts for everyone to nom on. They were supposed to be for a specific community member but unfortunately he couldn’t make it in. He will have to catch the next batch I bring in. In the meanwhile, I hope my fellow personal trainers enjoy the healthy peanut butter and banana protein donuts that are now sitting behind the desk.


PB and Banana. Best combo or best combo?

Before I share my back workout with ya, check out this fuel:


Anyone see the sprinkles?

In the Bowl:

Base: Cellucor COR-Fetti cake batter whey, gluten free oats, black chia seeds, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, water and cinnamon.

After letting it sit overnight in the fridge to soak, I cooked it up this morning with 1/4 cup of liquid egg whites, 60g of banana and 1/2 tsp of lucuma powder. I than topped it with 1/4 of a cookie dough Questbar (some baked pieces and some raw), 1 tsp of my homemade chunky peanut butter and 1 tsp of crack raw Artisana cashew butter.

So this lovely bowl was not only delicious but it also fueled my Saturday mornin back attack.

fitness background 2Here’s a few notes:

1. My “Main Lift” of the workout or my 5×5. I switch up my grips with pullups every time I go. This week was the angled handles and I used a 12.5 DB to add extra weight. 5 sets are done with about 5-6 reps + a Drop set. For the planks, I have a 45lb plate on my back and I hold it for 1:15 minutes 4x.

2. Rep Range: 4 sets of 6-7 reps + final Drop set. The rows were using a 35lb DB and going until failure (about 6 reps per side x4 times). Weighted mountain climbers are done 4x for 1 minute each. I have a 25lb plate on my back and my feet are elevated on a bench.

3. Rep Range: 4 sets of 7 reps + drop set at 95lbs. The inverted rows are done using the squat rack and I go until failure which is about 8 reps. Lastly, the knee ups are completed on the captains chair and I use a 15lb DB to do a set, then immediately do a drop set with a 10lb DB. I do this 4x with the final set having a third drop set with no weight.

4. Burn baby, burn! This is my final round and I call it my burn out as I try to go as quickly as possible. For a total of 3 sets, I aim for about 7-8 reps of my main exercise (the seated row), than run over to do as many pullups as possible (I get about 5 here, I’m tired!) and then finish off each round with weighted russian twists on the decline bench.  Similar to the weighted knee ups, I have two drop sets (set with 20lbs, than immediately do a set with 10lbs) in each round of russian twists, with a third drop set (no weight) on the final round.

That’s all for tonight friends and that’s TWO posts in one day. WHO AM I? 😛

Do you like doing drop sets? I love’em because I love to feel as if I am burning out every single last bit of that muscle.


2 thoughts on “Back Attack Workout

  1. I recently made your pronouts but instead used strawberries with cream cheese for a strawberry cheesecake flavour- SO GOOD!

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