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I Hate To Be That Person But…

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Hey Friends!
Although it’s a day late, happy Valentines Day!

What did you get up to yesterday?
Despite not really believing in Love Day, as you should show and give love EVERYDAY, it’s was really nice to go out for a nice dinner with Andre as we never have matching schedules to be able to accomplish date nights because of work conflicts.

We hit up Chucks Burger Bar (my favourite cheat place as of late) because my man knows that….

Who needs chocolate when you can have bison?

20140215-074154.jpgMmmmm goat cheesey goodness…

Sadly though, Chucks was VERY disappointing last night. I’m sad to say that I was left with quite the burnin aftertaste (literally) following our meal. I will say that I have worked in a kitchen and so I don’t like to complain because it’s a tough world in there…


…messing up 3-4 things on my order (one of those mess up’s kinda ruining the burger bliss for me) + 1 thing on Andre’s order + our food took 40 minutes is just not cool.

When I go I order the same thing every time as it literally leaves me drooling long after I have demolished it ever so slowly. 😉

My go to is a bunless bison burger with:

  • Goat Cheese
  • Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions
  • Shredded Lettuce
  • Hot Sauce
  • Regular Mustard

Plus a side house salad that comes with beets (mmmm) and a balsamic vinaigrette on the side.

Not too complicated I think…Apparently last night I was wrong.

Getting slightly hangry by the time our meal came, I was delivered my burger with:

  • Raw onions…sorry I just can’t do those. Sauteed I love. Raw, ick.
  • A salad lacking the best part…the beets.

Although I hate to be that person, I just couldn’t have my burger with those raw onions. It would totally kill it for me. And…I kinda love beets, so I had to ensure I got those too. Soooo I was that person and they, apologetically, took it back.

It than was quickly returned to me…sans beets. Sigh. And it’s gone again.

Third time’s the charm? I thought so…

I happily began to dig into my salad. Good so far. Then I began to tackle that, now, heavily lookin burger to find that it tasted a bit off…

Strike three. Rather than the lovely tangy frenches mustard being slathered on, I had a heap of brown spicy mustard (possibly the mustard my boyfriend was lacking with his order) and let me tell you, that flavour is not mild. 😦
The disappointment started to sink in as I began to feel that this burger was just not going to be the cheat I had been salivating over all day BUT I thought the mustard wouldn’t completely do it in for me until

I got the piece with the biggest squirt of it apparently and my nose felt like it was set on fire. Bliss dead.

As I sat there half crying (those vapors burn I tell you!) and waving my nose like a crazy person, I start to wonder whether I will actually be able to eat this thing despite being only a few bites in. I decided that after my nose cooled down..literally…I would try another bite as maybe that mustard was just simply blobbed in one spot.

It was for the most part so I finished it but the hint of that flavour throughout the whole thing was kinda a turn off for me.


Now I don’t want to come down on Chucks too much as I have never had a problem there before and their burgers are to die for…when done right. It was suuuper busy that night (with takeout orders) for the kitchen and they took off the salad from our bill as a sort of compensation for my meal being less than perfect. I will go there again, obviously, but I just had to rant about them ruining my burger-porn bring it up.

The rest of our evening was super chill as we headed back home to stay in and relax the for the night. So, although my food was less than stellar, my date night as a whole with my boyfriend was good times! 😀

That’s all that matters in the end.

What do you do when your orders get messed up?

Would you have eaten the burger or gotten a new one made?

Favourite burger toppings? The only thing missing from the toppins I mentioned would be sundried tomatoes. Mmmm. I would put those on errreeyythang if I could.

Hope your Valentines Day was a good one!



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