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Lazy Sunday & Flaxy Baked Chicken Fingers


Hey Friends 🙂

Happy Sunday! Maggie wanted to say hello

Oh haaaaaaayyy

Oh haaaaaaayyy…

What do you do on your Sundays?

This weekend I booked off specifically to make the trek home to see my parents, my Maggie-poo aaaaannnd my Nana and Papa on Saturday evening for dinner. Andre happened to be able to tag along too and has been enjoying some quality play time with the pups as well.


Maggie was obviously not interested in whatever Andre was intently readin..

Maggie was obviously not interested in whatever Andre was intently readin..

So yesterday night I had my Nana and Papa over, as I mentioned. This was kind of a make up date for us as we missed our yearly Swiss Chalet date due to always having Mother Nature gettin in the way of our plans. 😦 SO I decided that I would take the opportunity while I was at home to cook a whole dinner for all 6 of us. It was quite the treat as my Dad was kind enough to make the splurge at Whole Paycheck Foods on a HUGE slab of bison tenderloin. #Drool. Best Dad ever? I think so.

I had promised my dad I would make him a bison steak as I went on and on about how it was better than a filet mignon and this was my chance finally to show him + allow my Grandparents experience the #Mouthgasm that it is too.

So here was the menu for the evening:

  • Seared bison tenderloin with sauteed onions and mushrooms
  • Baked potato stuffed with onions, garlic, olive oil and fresh rosemary sprigs
  • Fresh veggie-licious salad using all the mixes my Mom picked up for me.
  • Roasted asparagus
  • Multiseed sourdough De La Terre loaf from GoodnessMe!
  • My Mom’s apple-cranberry pie + Caramel ripple ice-cream for dessert
Steaks a'marinadin

Steaks a’marinadin

I marinated the steaks in some garlic powder, chili flakes (none for my Mom or Nana), couple shakes of liquid smoke, ACV ( bison needs it..), olive oil, dried rosemary and fresh cracked black pepper. I let them bathe in that for a few hours while we all caught up and had some family time.

To cook’em up, I seared them off first in a lil coconut oil then finished them off in the oven. This is a great way to cook a steak as the sear gives it a nice colour (for you foodies out there obsessed with a nice presentation ;-)) while sealing in the juices while it is baking in the oven.

Other random snaps I took for the night…

zeee salada

zeee salada

The salad was made with Dole’s Very Veggie (has the radishes, snap peas and carrots in it) and Italian Blend pre-packaged mixes, baby spinach, fresh thyme (came with the rosemary sprigs and added a nice flavour here and there. Try herbs in your salad!), raw orange peppers and cucumber. Nice and simple.



Again, done simply with pepper, some rosemary sprigs and olive oil.

IMG_4107After me freaking out that the steaks were taking longer than I expected to finish in the oven (I hate making people wait for food :-(), we finally sat down to enjoy our dinner. It was delicious and everyone raved about the bison! #Success!

IMG_4110YUMMERS! I had a chunk of roasted kabocha squash instead of a tater cuz I’m the cook and I’m allowed. 😉 Potatoes just don’t turn me on the way squash does. Ya hear?

Overall it was a lovely dinner and so nice to see my Nana and Papa. I really love cooking for other people I just need to calm down when it comes to lil changes to my original schedule. Cuz I mean lets be real, cookin never goes according to a time schedule. You’re always later than expected!

Do you enjoy cooking?

Last family dinner you had?

As for today, it’s pretty chill around here. Sunday’s are my rest days from the gym so I enjoy a nice 2 hour nap after breaky with Andre. 😀

After my nappin it was actually time for lunch as my tummy was screamin at me. #HelloMetabolism. So I fixed that real quick with this lovely lunch…

IMG_4126A lil salad similar to the one we had at dinner the night before. Topped simply with ACV. Please don’t give me heartburn vinegar..

I then dove into this plate of veggie goodness

IMG_4124Roasted chunk of acorn squash stuffed with mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, onion, garlic, chili, and liquid smoke (love that stuff!), kale sauteed with onions, garlic, more mushies and chili flakes AND…

These lil fingas I baked up

IMG_4120This was my first time that I had attempted to make my own chicken fingers and they turned out pretty tasty. They aren’t as crispy as I would have hoped for but I think that I will experiment with almond flour next time so that the natural oils will help with that lil issue. Anyways thought I would still share the recipe with you guys as they tasted good. Spicy finga’s ahead!

Omega Boosting Chicken Fingers

Makes 3 servings

Per Serving: 122 calories 3g carbs 2g fat 22g protein 0g sugar 1g fiber

  • 1 package of thin chicken breast cutlets (about 244g)
  • 2 egg whites (1/4 cup liquid egg whites)
  • 2 tbsp gluten free oats
  • 1 tbsp flax meal
  • 1/2 tsp chili flakes
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/4 tsp Italian Seasoning
  • Cracked black pepper to taste

Directions: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Place your egg whites in a shallow dish. In another dish, combine our seasonings. Trim any excess fat from your chicken cutlets and cut them into equal sized ‘fingers’. Dunk each chicken piece in the egg whites, flipping multiple times. Place the chicken in the seasoning mixture and flip to coat each side. Place each tender on a sprayed tin foil pan or sheet. Dip your finger into some fo the remaining egg whites and dab it on the tops of each tender. Bake at 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes (mine took about 22 to be cooked through), flipping over half way through to get both sides crispy.

Ever tried making your own chicken fingers? Any tips for making them crispy without pan frying or using cereal as the ‘breading’?

After I was refueled, my Mom was finally up…LOLZ it’s now noon…so I made her some french toast with some of the left over De La Terre bread from our dinna.

IMG_4132Made her happy. Makes me happy. 🙂

As for the rest of the day, before heading back to the Hammer with Andre this evening I plan to get up some posts on this here bloggy AND we are going to Whole Foods for dinner!! #FoodieParadise. Weeeeooo.

Have I mentioned I have been craving WF hot bar food for like a month now?

It’s sad I know.

BUT you know what I’m also super excited for after seeing them in our quick WF trip to get the steaks Friday night

OH MAN! Let’s hope I don’t buy the whole freezer’s worth. Butter Pecan?!? Mint Chip. NO SUGAR! This is the first time I have seen the sugar-free version of these guys in a store! They are sweetened with monk fruit (or lo han which is what Quest uses in their bars) instead of icky, not so low glycemic agave and you have no idea how excited I am to try it out for my next cheat…which I guess is tonight 😉

I was planning on picking up a cookie dough one anyways as I have been craving ice cream like mad ever since my digestive issues started. To be honest, I could have tried this particular ice cream earlier than now but I have been afraid to thinking that it will knock my digestion off. I shouldn’t be though because not only are they dairy free but they are also (most of them) gluten free too. No triggers to be found. So now I just need to get past the mental aspect and hopefully allow myself some ice cream bliss to accompany my wf meal tonight.


I haven’t really truuuulllly cheated in a bit I would say. I have gone out in the last month (Chucks, Thai) but I tend to stick to a pretty clean meal for cheat meal standards. I’m supposed to be challenging myself mentally and allowing myself to have somethin a lil dirtier. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t ever force myself to have a french fry because that’s not what I enjoy BUT telling myself I can’t have this ice cream, even as a cheat, because..well it’s ice cream…is a lil ridiculous. I’m not sure if the digestive issues are fully to blame for the reason why I haven’t cheated a lil more badly lately…I could just be using that as an excuse to let my mind win and not let me have anything off my regular meals. I feel like I’m gettin a lil more strict and fearful of stupid foods recently and I know that it’s irrational and should be something I work at. We will see tonight if I am victorious against that lil mental game and try the ice cream I have been wanting for literally 5 months. Yeah, it’s been that long.

One craving that I don’t feel guilty for…

IMG_4095…indulging in one of the new Cookies and Cream Questbars for part of my nightly snack. OMG are these things are heaven no joke! I want to do a review of Questbars soon so I won’t say much more other than I haven’t even been able to bake one yet because I have just been eating them raw. They are so good.

Have you tried a C&C Questbar yet?

Oh and before I end this post off, I will say to Tina (a lovely reader of mine) this is what I do with my non-gym me time

  • Cook/bake
  • Blog
  • Family and Friend time
  • Puppy Time
  • Sleep (lol)

What do you do with your “me ” time?

Have a great Sunday Friends!





36 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday & Flaxy Baked Chicken Fingers

  1. I cannot thank you enough for your honesty. I’ve been a secret reader of this blog for a while, after learning about it from the pulse. I used to struggle with disordered eating (and now binge frequently), despite never being diagnosed with an eating disorder. Your blog really is helping me get back on track to being healthy and finding my spot in the gym, without going to extremes. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to find a fitness blog that isn’t just promoting whey protein powder or anything. I am not implying AT ALL that you have anything similar or anything. I am just trying to convey my deep gratitude for letting your readings know that you are not perfect at the whole “healthy thing” and that things such as ice cream are okay to eat- if you crave them. Your honesty is just really admirable.

    • Thank you for your kind words and I’m soo happy that I can help you out in any way, whether that is to have someone to relate to on a certain level or feeling inspired by anything I might post! I also very much appreciate your honesty. One doesn’t have to necessarily be diagnosed with an ED to have symptoms of it. Our society propagates disordered thinking around food so much that most people can’t say anymore that they haven’t had a guilty thought about what they are eating. I have struggled in my past but have not been fully open about the details on this blog as of yet. I don’t think I’m ready for that step yet but my lil mental struggles here and there come out in my posts because I want to be honest and say why I think certain things sometimes and why others shouldn’t always do or think as I do when it comes to certain topics because they are a lil extreme. Thank you for comments and congratulations on getting back on track as it’s not easy. Much love and support. 🙂

    Also, thanks for the marinade idea- I must have missed it in your other posts.

    • No worries, you ask and I answer 😀 And no problem, I literally just throw a basic mixture ina a bag for marinades and hope it works out hahaha. I know that in general you want an oil component (richness and makes it cook up nicer I believe), seasonings (obviously), vinegar or acid of some sorts (tenderizer) and generally I have heard a salty and sweet note too. I don’t tend to add sweetness but have been lovin Worcestershire and liquid smoke lately for meats and poultry. And thank you, Maggie is my love 🙂

  3. AHHH, also- Maggie is ADORABLE!

  4. There’s nothing like the feeling of having a fridge just stocked with tons of fresh produce and stuff from Whole Foods- I recently discovered the oakville one. Way to go with your mealsthis week! Have a great weekend!

    • Oh how I wish I could afford to get all my groceries there. Their stuff is literally just so beautiful to look at hahaha 😀 I do have to say that I feel better eating their food though because it’s organic, the meats are free range and the fish are wild caught. Of course that could also just be my love for that grocery store too 😉 And thanks, enjoy the rest of your weekend as well!

  5. I had tears in my eyes reading the last part of your message. (In a total good way of course). For once, there is a health blog that is so real. You admitted you aren’t perfect. This is something I struggle with (normally, I’ll go months denying myself everything or feel super guilty if I eat off my plan….even if it is something like an apple…then eventually I’ll go a week or two where I’ll just eat everything and binge and purposely sabotage myself). In writing this piece you are helping me to remember that we don’t have to be perfect.

    • Thank you so much for sharing. It’s nice to hear that others go through the same thing which is why I like to be as honest as I can be. I feel the same thing. I’m a type A personality so if I go off ‘the beaten path’ nutritionally I always question myself thinking I’m doing something bad. I hate that I do that because it makes me never allow myself a treat. We are not perfect and should never try to be perfect. Life is not about trying to seek perfection.

  6. You’ve got the most beautiful soul, inside and out. This is truly your calling. The fact that I literally got the shakes reading your post and felt compelled to comment must tell you something.

    • Thank you so much! I really do love it and I want to be as open and honest with my readers as possible but there are some things that I hesitate to post just yet. They are slowly making their way into the open though.

  7. When did you become interested in fitness and wellness? Was there a turning point for you? I applaud you for your honesty- you are incredible.

    • hmmmm I started when I was 16 and to be honest I can’t really remember the spark that triggered my want to enter the gym to build. I know that I was never interested in cardio, it was always weights. More recently though (since last summer), but interest and goals have been more bodybuilding focused and that came from the strong desire to put on muscle and, more specifically, mass. This was sparked from an unfortunate weight loss (all of which was muscle pretty much as I don’t have much to loose weight wise) after training for Tough Mudder. I really wanted to gain back the strength and muscle that I had lost and then I wanted more! I now continue to train to failure because that’s what I love and I truly enjoy pushing my body to it’s limits to see how much I can actually lift. I’m 5 feet tall so in my mind I never wanted to be small and weak. I wanted to be strong and I knew I had the body type to do it.

      As for nutrition, I just wanted to eat better than I was. Looking back as a kid I was very unhealthy food wise, but I suppose that kinda came from the fact that if I could find something I could eat (I had a million allergies) I would eat it and unfortunately those foods (McD’s fries, chicken fingers, lots of mashed potatoes…etc etc…makes me cringe hahah) were not the best for my body. Once I started cooking for myself I started to eat more whole foods, then I started experimenting with new more nutritious ‘superfoods’ and just fell in love with ‘clean foods’ so to speak. I honestly think I could never go back because I feel like I am now not only enjoying my food tremendously, but it is also providing my body with the right nutrients. I’m still working on getting enough of those nutrients to fuel my training, but hey, it’s a learning curve and I’m still having to work with other digestive issues as well (IBS).

      Thank you for your comments and compliments!

  8. I always admired you from the gym but didn’t really know your name or anything until I saw your picture on the personal trainer board. I think you are GORGEOUS but you inside now shines just as brightly as ever! Love how you battled back and are in a good place again! 🙂

    • Thank you for the compliment! You’re too sweet! Most people say they have seen me in the gym (as I practically live there hahah) but are afraid to chat with me cuz I look a lil intense in the gym lol. Although I may have my game face on, I’m still all up for meeting my readers as I have found that many new followers are Pulse members! 😀

  9. This was awesome to read because well, body confidence is something that I havent achieved yet without going into panic mode whenever i feel even a little bit ‘fat’. Im really glad you posted this 🙂 Thank you for opening up to us. But fyi, your puppy is absolutely GORGEOUS 🙂 (im sure everyone else is inclined to agree with me on this too~! :))

    • hahaha She will thank you too 😉 She’s such a lil diva right now and only about 8 months. I hear ya on the body confidence. It take a strong person to say they are completely satisfied, which is a sad thing, but very true this days. I have yet to be able to assert the ‘love your body’ statement but I’m working on it because your body is a wonderful thing that lets you live the life you do. We should all give a lil thanks and love back to those strong bodies that give us life. 🙂 Thanks for your honesty as well ❤

  10. I just want you to know that this made me cry…lol. You are SO brave for opening up and talking about this. I love this blog. You’re beautiful, smart, and I’m so happy to see you spreading the happy, healthy way to live 🙂 Power to ya girl!

  11. Excellent message for a Lazy Sunday. To be fair, I think you will win those arguments with your mind because you are one of the strongest people I know. Luv u.

  12. You are an inspirational woman. From reading the above comments, I recognize that you may not be comfortable in stating all that you are going through. However, I think we can all find inspiration, hope and genuine compassion in your honesty. I know we all have our own preceptions of our bodies and can only sometimes see our flaws. You have actually inspired me to get back on track with eating right and exercising. THANK YOU! I’d say it still took a good solid year until I felt totally comfortable with food that wasn’t “fat free” or “low-fat”. But the more I read these blogs, and the happier I became with life, the easier it was for me to see the light. It was amazing when I realized how much more energy I had when I actually ate some healthy fats and carbs! To be honest, I’m pretty nervous about all of this being posted, because I’ve never opened up about this to anyone except my one close friend. I battled some hurdles, but I overcame them; and to me, that’s more courageous than someone finding out about those battles in the first place.i’m sure your emotions were all over the place when writing & posting this on your blog, but it’s something i think a LOT of women can relate to in one way or another – if they felt that way about themselves for a day or for several years. it’s so sad the pressure we seem to put on ourselves to look thin. striving to look (& be!) HEALTHY is so much better & really helped me turn the attention away from weight and onto my personal well-being.

    thanks for sharing such a personal post!

    • I truly appreciate your words! I’m so glad that you feel that my blog is a safe place for you to be open and honest. You are doing an amazing job and should be very proud of yourself as what you said is completely true. Society these days sucks when it comes to proper images and beliefs about food, fitness, health and well being in general. It is all very negative and makes females (and men too!) strive for something unrealistic. Congratulations for overcoming all that you have. It’s a tough road and you should be ecstatic about the person you have become through dealing and challenging those hurdles rather than taking a passive stance. You, my friend, are quite the inspiration yourself! I love hearing that I can help in any way possible and I try to be as honest as I can where I feel comfortable. I may not be a complete open book yet, but I want to remain real to my readers. All of you help me out too more than you all know. ❤

  13. Honestly, one thing I find that all girls who have food blogs have in common – a history of eating disorders. I feel like its a way for you to say, “hey world – look what I ate today and I ate every last bite..yummm” meanwhile the food is still low calorie. (I mean a lunch of four 20 calorie wasa crackers topped with a little fruit?) So instead of counting calories in your head, you document every bite you eat for the world to see. Maybe its a way for you to keep yourself accountable? Not quite sure, but I believe your “healthy” blog is sending the wrong message to girls who follow you. And even your “birthday week pancake splurge” was hardly a “splurge” in the calorie department. You are sending the wrong message. Until you get some real help – stop blogging. Please.

  14. I admire your courage and strength I wanted to thank you for writing this post and the one before it. Your blog, and others like it, are one of my daily reminders of why I have to keep fighting for my health. I just wanted to say that your blog and your honesty has made a positive impact in my life and has many a time helped stop me from relapsing.

    • Thank you so much for your honesty as well. Keeping fighting that battle as it’s not an easy one and I’m so glad that in any lil way I can help. You’re a strong girl, always know that and it will push you through 🙂

  15. Your past experiences are all your own. We all have our issues we have had to overcome. Your courage to put it out there on the internet says a lot. Thank you for continuing to blog… you keep me thoroughly entertained while I am at work 🙂

  16. ah im on the edge of my seat!!
    Did you end up tasting the ice cream 😉

    • I hate to disappoint (as I was likewise a lil disappointed in myself) but sadly no. Due to having a guilty conscious with this things, it’s hard for me to sit down and have it by myself and my bf was not in the ice-cream mood so I will have to wait until someone can enjoy some with me 🙂

  17. I hope that one day you move past your insecurities. I’ve seen you everyday at the pulse (well everyday I’ve gone) working your ass off literally, as I watch on dying to look and more importantly, be as strong as you. Its crazy to know that someone I admire so much is insecure when I (along with I bet many others) would do anything to look and be like you. It’s humbling though. You being honest and real and open is a blessing to us all.

    • I really appreciate your kind words. I have come a long way with my confidence (the gym is amazing with that) as I now know how strong I can be and how much my body can be pushed. I suppose now I am more self conscious about my current frame being on the smaller side and people thinking negatively about me. What they don’t know is that in the background I am also working my ass off to try to put on some mass (still going from 4 months ago). I know that I need to get past that because I should care what others think as long as I am doing what is best for my health. I’m trying and despite some struggles I’m sticking to it. I prefer that everyone knows that everyone goes through not so nice things and has struggles despite looking like they may have it together (not that I’m saying I’m a gym icon or anything). Thank you so much for the compliment, it means a lot and I can only hope that by being honest I can help others in some way shape or form. 🙂

  18. you’re perfect

  19. I hardly commet, but am an avid reader 😉 but I feel the need to comment. I can just sit here and tell you I am sorry and too stay strong, but I dont have to, because from reading your blog for almost three/four months now, I know you are so strong. You have such a wonderful personality and everytime I come to your blog, whether I am having a bad day or not, I always leave in a happy smiley mood. You have encouraged me to make a healthier life style for myself, and when I just dont feel like working out, or have had it with my veggies, you always remind me that life is a learning process, we are meant to learn and grow every day, and too never give up! I know you will get through this, and have bigger and better things come your way, people who actually appericiate all that you do and how dedicated to your students you are! You are strong my dear:)

    • Wow you have no idea how our kind words just made my day. Now who’s putting smiles on peoples faces 😉 thank you so much! Life is all about learning or else it would be boring. People make mistakes but if you take them as lil speed bumps or challengers to get over you will come out on top. Keep doing what you do!

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