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Friday Free-For-All


Hey Friends!

Happy Friday to you all!

I have a lot of random things to post about so I decided to dump them all right here and now. Hope you don’t mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

How did you start your morning off today?

Mine started off with a good ol’ shoulder and delt workout.


All sets are done with drop sets. Warmup before this workout was 3 sets of bicycle crunches (x30) super set with weighted oblique situps on the decline bench.

But first

My beloved…Quest-ified…Banana filled…Nut butter topped…


Base: 1/5 scoop Cellucor COR-Fetti whey, 1 tsp chia seeds, 1/2 cup + 1 tbsp gluten free oats, 1/3 cup each US almond milk and water. Refrigerate over night. Cooked in the morning with 1/4 cup liquid egg whites, 55g banana, 1/4 cinnamon bun Questbar. Topped with 1 tsp each crunchy peanut butter and raw cashew butter


Mmmmmm carbs.

Just the fuel I needed to get me through my workout.

Random Thought #1: I’m really lovin Arnold presses lately. I really feel like they are hittin all 3 heads of my shoulders and I’m seeing some definition in my delts starting to show up. Even my boyfriend noticed! Happy girl ๐Ÿ˜€

Random Thought #2: My new Artisana raw cashew butter is liquid gold. I mean look at it. LOOK AT IT!

Any new PR’s lately for all my workout junkies?

I finally feel like some of my strength is coming back after my 3 week sickness streak. Thank gawd! Working at about 90% of my max for the past lil bit was getting frustrating! Another boost in the carbs department may be helping with that too…

Yesterday’s leg workout: PR’ed on walking lunges with 125 pounds for 5 sets of 6 reps each leg. Wooo. Only up five pounds from my previous max BUT it’s 125lbs for a lil girl people! ๐Ÿ˜€

Confession…I may have only tried this because there was only 1 60lb dumbbell on the rack. Since I refuse to drop my weight down (especially for my first 5×5 set!) I did one 60 and one 65 and just rotated the weights on my shoulders for each set.

Random Though #3: Doing different weights, even only 5lbs, really shows you muscle imbalances. Oh hey weaker right leg.

Fabulous eats lately?

Both my lunch


Steamed lobster tail and shrimpies over a black rice/buckwheat mixture. Side of sauteed kale and red swiss chard with mushrooms, asparagus, onions, garlic and my curry and chili powder

…and dinner

Slab of steelhead trout baked with my freshly homemade basil pesto (oil free) and chili flakes. Side of swiss chard/mushroom saute and rosemary roasted acorn and kabocha squashes

Slab of steelhead trout baked with my freshly homemade basil pesto (oil free) and chili flakes. Side of swiss chard/mushroom saute and rosemary roasted acorn and kabocha squashes

…were ON POINT! I spied a lobster tail on sale for 2.99 so I nabbed that for my lunch. I also grabbed some trout just cuz that sounded delish as usual and topped it with some basil pesto that I had made just an hour before to add to my usual favourite sides for a nice dinner to myself. Andre is in Toronto shooting for today and tomorrow and since I have today and tomorrow off, I like to have nice food. Cooking for one should never be boring!

Basil Pesto (Oil-Free)

In a blender toss in:

  • 3 large bunches of fresh basil
  • Few tbsp of lemon juice
  • Few cloves of fresh garlic
  • Fresh cracked black pepper
  • Chili flakes to taste
  • Enough water to get’er whizzin

Simple as that! Now I make mine oil free so I can top anything with it, including post-workout proteins and grains (where you are not supposed to consume fats as it slows down digestion of the important nutrients -carbs and protein- to the muscles) but feel free to add…

  • Olive oil-makes it creamier
  • Walnuts/Pine nuts– makes it richer
  • Cheese (Parmesan generally is called for)- again, makes it richer and smoother

Random Thought #4: Pesto makes everything better!

Overall I had a really productive day!

  • I went to the farmers market which is always enjoyable for me
    Finally tried a tea at the market. OMG best tea I have ever tried I think-> Loose Leaf Cinnamon Plum. So good

    Finally tried a tea at the market. OMG best tea I have ever tried I think-> Loose Leaf Cinnamon Plum. So good

    Squash attack! No sprays...just like I like'm. Not tampered with.

    Squash attack! No sprays…just like I like’m. Not tampered with.

  • Got my poor bike tuned up. She was lookin a bit rough. Lil bit of oil, tires pumped and new brake pads were required so she got quite a job done her. Despite the 60 bucks I had to fork out, she rides reallllll smooth now. ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Annnnnd I had a request for some more donuts by one of my “professional spotters” at the gym the other day and I promised they would be brought in nice and early at the gym tomorrow during my sessionIMG_4229He is quite the lover of the good ol’ oatmeal raisin cookie so he requested a healthy version in donut form. If they are well recieved (I can’t try them as they are not gluten free) tomorrow I will post the recipe soon!

IMG_3984Enough raisins Dean? ๐Ÿ˜›

Hope you enjoy your Friday evening friends!

Are you a fan of raisins? I used to be an addict but will admit I haven’t had a single one in years.

Do you like going to the farmers market? Favourite purchases?



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