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Oh Thursdays…


Hey Friends,

Just droppin in for a quick hello and a workout post as I haven’t done one of those in a while and I have a nice fresh session to share with ya.

This is what I would like to say following leg day

but I know that in reality it’s going to look a lil like this…

Yup. That 15 minute walk in the Arctic Tundra (hello minus 30 with the wind chill :-() we have going on here in Hamilton back to my apartment following my leg demolition wasn’t pretty. Don’t you love when basic functions such as walking becomes a challenge? Body why you failin me!!

Leg day…

Love-hate relationship if you ask me.

Anyone with me?

Despite the pain and suffering I endure for the 2-3 days following this blessed day in the gym, I continue to ‘train insane’ with legs every Thursday. I don’t know what it is about legs but I’m uber competitive with myself and always want to come out feeling basically dead.

Initiate zombie face for the rest of the day

Oh and lucky me gets to then go to work and haul baskets upon baskets of milk, jars of peanut butter, etc up a freakin stupid lovely flight of stairs as part of my closing duties.

Okay okay enough complaining. Those stems gotta grow and get strong and so you have to train them hard. No pain no gain.

Here was my workout from this morning that left me shakin.

leg day workout UntitledWhat’s nice is that after 2.5 weeks of sickness, my strength is finally starting to come back around. Don’t you hate how even after you feel better you’re still lifting below your max? SO FRUSTRATING! #GymRatProblemz

I managed to hit 150lbs for barbell squats today which is only 5lbs under my previous max. Lunges are still going strong at 55lbs per shoulder (total of 110lbs) for 8-9 reps a side. I did manage to do 60’s still when I was sick so those weren’t really affected. I drop to 55 pounders when lunges are not my 5×5 set to get out a few more reps as they fall into my hypertrophy sets. Tried out single leg hamstring curls on the ball for the first time today to burnout my hammies a lil after leg pressin (workin with 3 plates a side for 8 reps). I have really been liking glute hamstring raises lately but I wanted to try something different today. Lastly, I got a spotter this week (thanks Dean!) so I could do my wall sits again following my quad extensions as my final burnout set. Up to 3 45’s on my lil lap for 1:15 to 1:30 minutes total per set. Wooo for leg endurance….and screaming.

Phew! Gotta love volume and heavy weights 😉 Some foam rolling and stretching and then I was done and done.

Are you a leg day lover? Hater?

Favourite leg exercise?



6 thoughts on “Oh Thursdays…

  1. Lately I’ve been getting so bored during my workouts I cannot power through more than 20 minutes. What do YOU do at the gym while you workout? Music? Reading?

    Do you recommend supplements?
    How many times per week do you train clients?//How frequently should I see a trainer?
    Have you ever had health problems?
    How many days per week do I need to work out?

    • hahaha of course! I love my readers so I want them to ask away 😀

      1. Depends what supplements you are talking about. Things like creatine, preworkouts, mass gainers, etc I don’t use and wouldn’t really recommend to others to use simply because most of them are filled with chemicals and fillers in my opinion. Supplements I would recommend to everyone would be things like probiotics (for a healthy gut and digestive system), quality fish oils (as these supply our brains with the essential fatty acids it needs to function properly and our fishing practices has led to the depletion of these in our natural food derived sources), and maybe some greens if you can’t stand to eat them (crazy!). Whey is also a supplement that I use and would recommend to someone who is lifting weights as it is a fast and efficient way to get protein into the muscle cells following your training when your body is in need of protein. Those are the basics I would say.
      2. Currently I only have one client and often see her 2-3x per week. The number of times depends on the client. Some prefer to see the trainer once a week while doing workouts provided to them by the trainer on their own time. Others need a trainer to come into the gym so they will always be with the trainer…or they aren’t going to be in the gym lol. So that is up to you.
      3. Oh I have had my fair share. I think I talked about them in my first intro post. I have had food allergies (still dealing with those now to some degree), IBS, Asthma, and some other lil things. Currently it’s the digestive stuff and allergies are my biggest issues that I’m dealing with and the fact that I can’t put on weight to save my life despite actually working at it..but that’s a whole other issue.
      4. Again that is up to you and also depends on how you are working out. If you are wanting to see changes in your body and are lifting weights, a good amount would be 3-4 times as a base line. For cardio, you can do that every day if you heart fancies it ( I don’t do it lol) except if you are doing high intensity interval training (HIIT) than only 3x maximum per week for those types of training sessions is recommended. Anything past that and it gets to be too much stress on the body.

      I hope my answers helped 🙂

  3. Tomorrow, you’ll know I’ll be at the gym 😉 You’re such motivation.

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