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Tis The Holiday Recap


Hey Friends,

So I know I know I’m quite delayed on these things but hey, I will say that I haven’t been neglecting my blogging. Instead, WordPress just hates me. It played a VERY cruel joke on me the other day that left me, well, not laughing. I had been working on a post to answer all my lovely viewers questions for quite some time now and it was getting close to being done and BAM WordPress saves it as a blank file

Okay, maybe I wasn’t that dramatic but I did walk away from my computer….

So yeah, I needed a cool off period before I came back and tried to rekindle my relationship with WordPress.


Anyways, how were your holidays?!?! Let chatter about something pleasant eh?

The holiday season. The lights. The sparkle. The family. The gatherings. I LOVE it all! Christmas is my favourite holiday by far because it is a time where I get to see so many of my family members. It’s quite sad that with age comes less and less time spent with the ones you love BUT during the holiday season everyone is off work (mostly) so there is no excuses not to celebrate together.

This year was exciting for me as it has been the first year where the holidays have not coincided with exams or midterms. That meant that I could spend ALL of my time with my family rather than being preoccupied with my studies like the years previous. That said, I feel like Christmas kinda snuck up on me this year. Maybe it was because I’m always working, but it just didn’t feel like Christmas to me for some reason.

Anyone else feel the same way?

Perhaps the ice storm also had a contributing role closer to the date as I didn’t get to go home until late on the 23rd due to my parents not having any power until then. This knocked out any hope of baking with my mom the way that we always do. Although it may seem like a lil thing, it was very much missed. That and putting up our Christmas tree listening to the Destiny’s Child Christmas album like always. Its the traditions that make Christmas feel like it should.

Despite some important aspects missing, we still managed to enjoy what lil time we did have together starting with some holiday movies on Christmas Eve….

The Grinch. Always a classic. BUT it has to be the Jim Carrey version and not the cartoon. Elf is another one that I really like along with the National Lampoons Christmas movie. The latter is my Dad’s favourite but unfortunately it showed up during the power outage so it was missed this year.

Christmas morning is always a bit slower over here as my parents are sleep-in types of folks. So I got up bright and early as usual feasted on some slightly festive looking zoats and put together my Mom’s stocking.

Zoats with melted strawberries, chia seeds, raw cacao nibs and my homemade crunchy peanut butter

Zoats with melted strawberries, chia seeds, raw cacao nibs and my homemade crunchy peanut butter

In our 3 person house, we rotate each year as to who does who’s stocking. This year, I got my Mom, my Mom had my Dad and my Dad got mine. There is a 50 dollar limit on said stocking and we tend to go for items that are more practical like shampoos, face creams, etc with maybe one or two treats thrown in to top it all off. Terry’s chocolate mint ball Mom?. After managing to stuff everything into that stocking, I then proceeded to go back to bed for a nap because I could 😉

After my nap, Maggie had woken up my Dad for her morning pee break and I decided that 9:30am was late enough to get started on our day. We officially approached our beautiful tree…

IMG_3614…for gift opening around 10:30 as my dad had decided to put Maggie back into bed with my Mom for morning cuddles and then sneak back in himself. Some peoples parents. Yes, I’m 22 BUT I’m up and slightly hyperactive so I wanna get going with the day. Ansy ansy I am.

You know who else was ansy to get into stuff?

Miss Maggie.

MaggiePicMonkey CollageShe even got her own lil stocking

IMG_3616Contents included a new toy and some treats. All she needs to keep her occupied for a full 30 seconds of paper tearing. Oh a puppy’s attention span…

I got quite a few surprises under the tree. As I’m old now, I don’t really ask for anything other than maybe a Lululemon gift card so I can go crazy in that store. Did I mention that personal trainers get 15% off all Lulu stuff?!?!? ERMAGEERRD.

I digress…

PicMonkey CollagePresentsSpoiled…? OMG yes. Again, I’m old now and my parents shouldn’t be doing this BUT I can’t say they won’t be used and thoroughly enjoyed 😀

  1. New iPhone. Total shock. Had no idea this was coming but hopefully this will fx my text message issue I have been having lately. Oh and it’s gold. So purdy.
  2. Lulu 😉
  3. The Keg gift certificate. Monnies for Andre and I to go to dins. Also unpictured was a Chuck’s Burger Bar certificate too. Andre got one as well so our next date there…when Andre starts eating meat again…will be FREE!
  4. A Coach iPhone Case. This was actually switched to gold later to match my phone. My parents know my love for anything and everything sparkles!

A few things that went unpictured were:

  • New Dirt Devil for Andre and my apartment
  • Shoppers gift card. Always handy
  • Monnies

….AAANNND and IOU box of none other than…


The key to every fitness junkies heart.

After gift opening, breakfast was commenced for my parents and lunch was getting made for myself. Yeah, total time difference going on in our family. For my parents, Christmas breaky is always the same.

IMG_3655For my Dad, all the goodies he generally doesn’t have…well okay, maybe just the bacon is his treat. Bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and toast. Large and in charge. My Mom is a lil bit on the goods…

IMG_3657Except for her ketchup usage. 😛 She wants the bacon only to make a lil sammich.

My lunch was a powerbowl of sorts that was quite yummy!

IMG_3671Spinach base with roasted asparagus and acorn squash, raw peppers, sautee of kale, mushrooms and onions (with my chili and curry powder obviously!), spicy grilled chicken (leftovers) and avocado. Dressing was simply the juice from the saute. Delicious and veggie-licious. My parents laughed and the difference between my food and theirs saying I prolly wouldn’t touch theirs with a stick.

While we chattered and slowly started on the morning, Maggie had other plans…

IMG_3669Obviously gift tearing is hard work.

The rest of the early afternoon was spent getting ready for our small gathering. It was supposed to be larger but the ice storm kept my Uncle and Aunt from coming down as their power was still out and they feared their pipes were going to burst their house was so cold. 😦 Still in attendance were my Nana and Papa and my Uncle Glen. Small and intimate.

We spent the day catching up while my Mom and I worked on the dinner. On the menu was (sorry no pictures of individual dishes..I know blogger fail..):

  • Turkey obviously
  • Stuffing (not homemade, my mom and I make a pledge that we will make it next year!)
  • Roasted veggies (peppers, brussels, asparagus, sweet and white taters and baby carrots) and roasted kabocha for me (as no one else eats it apparently)
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Regular fixins like cranberry (again going to make our own next year), bread (from an italian bakery) and gravy

We all sat down for dinner and crackers..

Nana and Papa

Nana and Papa

I picked up all the best goodies for my plate..

IMG_3673and then there was dessert which, surprisingly, no one really touched. Guess the appetizers and dinner was good enough!

IMG_3676Apple Cranberry Pie made by my Mom and I when we went apple picking back in the fall. We had vanilla ice cream on the side which was the star of dessert actually. Maybe everyone just wanted a palate cleanser?

IMG_3677All of the baked goodies made by my Mom and I. This is our tradition. Making all of these (or most of them at least) together but this year I didn’t get to make anything with her. Sadface! We make big batches so that my Mom can then wrap up cookie baskets for our family members. Most of our family has their favourites so my Mom and I ensure get made every year. To keep ourselves challenged creatively, we generally throw in a random one or two new treats per year. This year, my Mom made peppermint bark and my Dad fell in love with it. So much so that it might have stole his heart away from my peppermint double chocolate truffles.

The night ended rather early (as our power was randomly flickering again with the snowfall so people were getting worried about the roads) with our Secret Santa gift exchange, coffees and teas and final conversations. With that, everyone was off and my parents and I ended our Christmas with some more movie viewing starting with the Victoria Secret fashion show (SO GOOD!) with my Mom and the end of The Grinch with the whole crew.

I really loved all of the white lines and the Paris ones. So much femininity this year! Anyone else watch it?

How was your Xmas Day celebrations?

Favourite Xmas tradition? Food?

The next day, after I gym’ed it up, we braved the busy busy Eaton Centre for shoppin with our Christmas monnies. Normally we wait until the 27th (not that it’s that much better I’m sure), but I had to go back to Hamilton to work that day so boxing day it was. I have to say that as busy as it was, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Couple of bumps and bangs won’t get me down.

I knew that there was ONE store I had to get to first as it would be a zoo..

Lululemon. This was a must as they run out of the smaller sizes waaaayy too fast and I had money to spend and savings (thanks to my PT certification ;-)) to save. After taking my time and grabbing absolutely everything I possibly wanted to try on, I came out of the store pretty successful.

luluPicMonkey CollageI did not manage to find the leggings that I wanted though. Sadface. I have a thicker pair that I wear all the time as they are warmer than traditional leggings but apparently Lulu only brings those in like twice a year. Whhhhhaaat!

Oh and you know what? I saved like 50 bucks with my 15% trainer discount! Weeeooo

The rest of the day’s round up were smaller purchases, but hey, they were practical.

  • A super discounted toque from Aritzia. Only $16 and it’s nice and warm for my ears.
  • Lise Watier Undercover. Free courtesy of my Shoppers Gift card
  • Self mixed box of Questies. Again free as my IOU Christmas present. Finally got to restock on my White Chocolate Raspberry…I was going through withdrawals. Nom.

Of course dinner was eaten in the mall AANNND of course I had to get my favourite (overpriced but sooo worth it) salad from Fast Fresh Food.

IMG_3681You have seen this salad beast before so I won’t go over all the amazing toppings I make them throw in there…and pay the hefty price for…Soo Soo Soo good. It was made even better this time because it was on Dad 😉

Free food is better food right? He loves me 😀

After dinner we made our way back home and had another chill evening together as I had to leave before noon the next morning for my 1pm shift at GoodnessMe! Of course, I decided to run to the gym before all that and hit up some leggies to start my day off painfully right.

IMG_3687…but first…Had fuel up with them carbz. Molten Chocolate (Cellucor) egg white, chia seed proats with lots of banana, 1/3 of a banana nut Questbar and 1/2 a tbsp of cashew butta. Mmmm.

Got a really good workout in which included:

  • Leg press (more than 4 plates at this gym!) + hamstring curls + weighted (25lbs) mountain climbers on the bosu ball
  • Squats (wide feet, toes out) + weighted isolateral hip bridges using bench
  • Weighted Walking lunges + reverse curls
  • Burnout on the isolateral quad extension + glute kickback machine

After that, I drove home, packed up everything in the car, said my goodbyes to my mom and Maggie (:-() and left with my food to eat in the car.

IMG_3688Sorry for the blurry picture….car was in motion obviously. Roasted asparagus, brussels and purple sweet taters with leftover turkey.

Nothing too exciting to follow for that day as I went to work until close.

So that was my entire 2.5ish days of Christmas break at home. I really wish it could have been longer, as I miss home sometimes, but we enjoyed the time we had together which is all that matters.

Was Christmas too short for you or do you like to have it done and over with?

For the rest of the break I did have to work at GoodnessMe! for a few days but I had the majority of the week off due to the Pulse being closed from the 23-Jan2. My boyfriend and I decided to have our own day together on the Sunday (December 29th) as we didn’t get to see each other during Christmas. At first it was just going to be a lazy day in and a nice dinner in the evening but I coaxed him to do his first ever Bikrim yoga sesh with me before dinner (oh yes we went to a restaurant fresh out of hot yoga ;-)). For his first try, he did really good! I was proud that he stayed in the room for the whole 90 minutes despite getting light headed about half way through. He has done yoga quite a bit in the past but never hot yoga and he tends to overheat fairly easily. Although he was challenged by the class, he liked it and signed us both up for the unlimited classes 2 week special which we have been using up together. That was also the first class that I attended where I felt nauseous during the session. Normally if I get sick, bikrim, sweat it all out, yoga generally feels like a detox BUT this time was apparently different as I was already well into my cold. Toxins leaving the body is not a nice feeling.

…Of course I had to stick it through and not stop to take a breather cuz my boyfriend was there…Or maybe it’s just because I’m stubborn and refuse to take things down a notch

Well we both made it through and as I slowly took my nauseous self out of the class to sit in the cooler (aka normal) air I was a bit worried that I had spoiled my appetite for our Thai food date dinner at Bangkok Spoon in Dundas. Nope, gimme 20 minutes and it’s back. Gimme ALL THE SODIUM! Good thing too because I was in for quite the treat when I broke my routine and went for a new item on the menu…

IMG_3716The sizzling seafood hot plate. LOVED IT! OMG so good. Basically you are delivered a pippin hot cast iron plate with a spicy garlic sauce and some veggies (beans, bamboo and peppers) and they pour the mixed seafood (calamari, lil octopi, shrimpies and SCALLOPS!) on the pan at the table so that it sears up in a cloud of steam. Cool right? As wonderful as that would have been all by itself, I’m, well, me and need more veggie variety than beans and peppers…

So I got a bowl of steamed Asian veggies (mini corns, broccoli, peppers, napa cabbage, mushrooms and snow peas) on the side to throw in the pot too 😀 Veggie deficiency solved…$5 extra please.. 😦

So it turned out to be quite the nice day and night for the two of us. Once we got home we just chilled and called it a night fairly early. Yoga does that to you..

The last day I want to tell ya’ll about is New Years Eve. I won’t say too much as we didn’t go gung-ho over here like some 20-sometimes typically do but we did have some fun. Without any plans for the night, we expected to have a stay in, lazy-like evening. Last minute, a friend of Andre’s (Matt) called and asked what we were up to and since he was going solo that night as well, Andre told him to come over and chill with us…

…Well we ended up leaving the house to meet up with 2 more friends (Harrison and Celeste) to…

IMG_3760Glow in the dark bowl. Strange for New Years Eve? Maybe, but it was a lot of fun. I haven’t bowled (and it showed…) since I was a kid so it was nice to bring the kid side out of all of us again. At 10:30, they kicked us out of the bowling alley and we went back to Harrison and Celeste’s house for some chattering, tea and a game of Cards Against Humanity. I have never played this game before but it was fun and slightly inappropriate. 😀

To cap the evening off, Matt, Andre and I hopped over the Brian’s house (Andre’s friend) to chill with a bunch of people and watch the ball drop when midnight struck. An intense PS3 hockey game showdown was going down when we got there between the 4 of them so we got some pre-ball drop entertainment.

2014 came, all the couples kissed and the Geiko camel showed up to party for New Years Eve hump day. Twas a good night. The next morning, Andre and I planned to tackle another Bikrim class at noon and man was is packed. Apparently, New Years Eve brings all them people to sweat out that champs and naughty food. Ha.

Did you do anything special for New Years Eve?

Phew, over 3000 words for this post and WordPress has not deleted it yet. I call that a success

…but I won’t push my luck and end it here…

I will work on another question and answer post I promise, but for now, I hope you’re enjoying the beginning of your 2014 friends!


…cuz I’ve had enough of winter


6 thoughts on “Tis The Holiday Recap

  1. Thank you very much for posting. I seriously was going through withdrawals!!!!!!!!!! I honestly checked your page daily for no news- I got worried! I think its so amazing how you worked out during the holidays….please tell me how you do it in this cold!

    • hahahaha I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy reading my blog. I never thought people would want to listen to what I had to say and all my rambles 😀 So thank you! I had some major issues with wordpress as of recently but it’s running again as of this morning so hopefully I can get back to posting! I was going through blogger withdrawals myself not being able to chatter with you all and share my thoughts. See my response to Lia for the cold question, but over the holidays is nothing new to me as I would honestly miss it tremendously. I never want to take time off because I truly love the gym. It’s the best part of my morning 🙂

  2. Can I be super annoying and ask all my questions…first I second the other one….how do you get to the gym in this cold…also Quick skinny tips or tricks?….I have recently made the decision to commit to a healthy lifestyle (thanks to your blog!). I would like to learn a little more about the basics of nutrition, what the body needs, why that is and the most efficient way to obtain these nutrients. Are there any books/websites that you would recommend for the best information? Can you please do a ‘where to start’ post? For someone who is new to clean eating and daily exercise? Also is it a good idea to cut bread/carbs out altogether straight away?
    !P.S. Love this blog; it’s my daily highlight!! Thanks

    • Thank you so much! It makes me so happy to hear that you like my blog. Congrats on your new journey, I hope you enjoy the ride. I will definitely do a post on your questions very soon I PROMISE and I think others would love to know the same things! 🙂 but I will answer your first question regarding the cold. I hate the cold I really do. I’m a summer baby and wasn’t built for it but the gym is way too important to me for it to stand in my way. The other day it was -35 here (-45 or less with the windchill) and apparently the coldest day of the year in decades, and I made my way to the gym at 7:20am regardless. I bundled up and had to take the bus in but I made it and am always happier when I do.

      PS although you could argue bread is not the best choice, carbs are not, and should not be seen, as an enemy. They are main source of energy especially for the brain (glucose). I will get more into that later but please don’t go low carb trying to loose weight as it will not work in your favour. Like I mentioned, I will do a post on this hopefully soon so I can clear that up for you 🙂 I will leave you with this to give you something, eat real food. That is what you body wants and craves. Take the real over the box every time and your body will thank you.

  3. OH YES! Please do a little Q& A post. Or like what to eat on campus that is healthy or like what you ate on campus/as a McMaster student! Can’t wait to see you at the Pulse (waiting for the craziness to end/my laziness to end and I’ll be back!)

    • I’m currently working on it promise!! 😀 hahaha the pulse is a lil crazy right now but it seems there is a nice lil window of opportunity after 9:30ish if you are interested. Dont be shy to come say hi I would love to meet with some of my readers!

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