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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…Ice-Mas?


You were thinking the storm right? Yeah, glad we’re on the same page. #GetYourMindOutOfTheGutter

Hey Friends

Just dropping in for a quick lil story of my fun yesterday and today. Oh it’s a good one.

Xmas should be an adventure right? Read the last 36 hours of laughs, screams, and family fun.

So yesterday (December 21) I took the day off work to go join my boyfriend in Mount Forest for the annual Christmas Buchanan get together. I really love getting to see all of his family as he has SOOO MANY people to have fun with. It’s very different from my only child family. We have his siblings, step dad, grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts and all of the significant others that cram into his Grandparents farm house for the festivities. Can you tell already its a good time? Add some booze into that equation and, well, it gets a lil crazy 😉

For me, my day started bright and early so that I could catch the 7:30am bus to Aldershot station in Oakville to then catch the go-train to Mimicoe to meet up with Brad (Andre’s step-dad). I was the first to be picked up so I went along with his to pick up the party bus that was going to take us all down to Mount Forest.

So the timeline to follow looked a lil like this…

I got picked up just after 9AM

Van was then picked up

Back to Brad’s place in Etobicoke to pick up Adam (Andre’s lil bro), his girlfriend, food and Secret Santa gifts. It is now about 10:30

Take picture of the pretty ocean themed Xmas tree in the lobby. Look Mom, I took this for you!

I hate when my iphone camera does that weird pick top in my pics

I hate when my iphone camera does that weird pink glow in the tops of my pics

Pick up Tanya (Andre’s sister)

Pick up Tarah (sister)

Pick up Brad’s girlfriend, her kids and mother

Make the trek to Mount Forest finally around 12:30-1ish

So, there are now a total of 12 people in our party bus and we are listening to Xmas carols with the random Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball song thrown in the mix here and there. Cue in Tan and Tar passionately singing and punching people out dancing. The roads are okay but it is starting to snow a bit by the time we arrived at the Grandparents place at about 2pm.

The rest of the day and evening was spent…

  • Meetin and greetin
  • Chattering everyone up and catchin up
  • Breaking out the booze and gettin a lil loud

Soon enough it was time for the whole bunch of us (about 30+ people) to somehow all sit down to chow down.

Check out the table that was required for said number of people!

IMG_3588IMG_3587Biggest table setting I have ever seen.

After some cleaning up, more socializing and getting silly happened. This nicely led into present and stocking opening. Every year Andre’s Grandparents make up a big ol’ stocking for everyone to open one by one in front of the whole fam. Due to the size of the gathering this particular year, it got a lil chaotic and out of order but all in all, things didn’t get too messy. I did almost get a coconut (family joke) dropped on my head courtesy of Tarah attempting to pose with it down her shirt above my sitting self…love ya Tar 😉 but like I said…not too messy.

Secret Santa…or rather a stealing version of Secret Santa then followed. Here, everyone was asked to bring a $15 gift so that we could randomly hand them all out to the fam. We would then go around the room and you got to choose whether you open (ie keep) or steal someone else’s gift (already opened or not). Surprisingly, not much stealing went on and I ended up with a Cineplex gift card which will go nicely with the same gift card my boyfriend got. Date night anyone?

After a nite of laughs it was time for everyone to start thinking about heading out as the weather was getting it’s own kinda crazy outside and we had quite the drive ahead of us. At about 10:30, we had everyone bundled in the van and we off once again. The roads were officially ice rinks and the sky is crying icicles. This is when things began to go a lil awry

You see, I had to work an open the next morning (10:30am) so the original plan was for Brad to drop Andre and I in Acton on the way back to Toronto so that we could take my parents car back to Hamilton that night so I could be ready for work the next morning. Let’s just say that didn’t happen

2 hours go by and we are slippin and sliddin our way down the roads and it is now in our best interest to avoid going to Acton as there were too many hills and too many people had already been found in the ditch. Not us though, nice on ya Brad 😀

Many screams occurred during this ride as ice was flying off other peoples cars and comin at us. Our windshield wipers were also snapped right off the car at one point leaving a lovely massive scratch across the window. Quite a number of stops had to be made to get the ice off said wipers before one bit the dust.

After droppin off the majority of the famjam, Brad, Adam and his girlfriend, Andre and I made our way back to Brad’s condo to crash for the night. Cue backup plan: Get up nice and early to catch one of the first trains out of Toronto to get back to hammer and go to work. After falling asleep in the back seat, we FINALLY made it to Brad’s building at around 2:30AM to happily find that the power remained on. Hmmm that’s one going right for us tonight right? WRONG. I now forget the reasoning behind having to go back downstairs (Brad is on the 24th floor in his condo) but it was just another thing to go wrong when the powder decided to go out about 2 minutes after Andre and Brad left to go downstairs…

Guess where they were?

Any guesses?

Between the 11th and 10th floors of the building in the elevator. Fun times.

So now what do we do??!? It’s almost 3AM, they are stuck in the elevator, the backup generators in the building have also conveniently decided to not turn on which means the entire building is now pitch black and there is no chance at those elevators working any time soon. Adam decides that we should try 911. We all ponder as to whether they would appreciate us calling about our family being stuck in an elevator but that didn’t matter in the end as the LINE WAS BUSY!!

So basically..

If one of us was being murdered at the very second and we called dispatch it would be like hearing:

“your call is important to us, please stay on the line and we will get to you as soon as…


HELLO!?!?! Since when can 911 be busy.

So, since that option failed, Adam and his girlfriend decided to make it with their phones (hello modern day flashlights) down 24 flights of DARK stairs to the front desk to get some help while I stayed to man the apartment. I apparently fell asleep again (I know I’m a horrible person and girlfriend!) because it was 1 and a half hours before they came back after having to climb out of the elevator onto the 11th floor. This is quite the story eh?

At this point, all you can do is laugh because, really, what other emotion can you really portray in this situation?

After that chaotic event, the boys stayed up for a bit to top their exciting night off with some boozy-ness while I went back to bed on the pull out couch as my alarm would be hollering at me by 6 (so in like an hour by that point). Andre and I were to nab the train at 6:59am if possible for Hammer and he decided the hour worth of sleep wasn’t worth it.

Startled by my alarm, I shuffled my way around as the power was still out and Andre attempted to call a cab to take us to the GO station. No available cabs AND the go-trains were down. Lovely. Please try again later. We both went back to bed…on the floor this time as space in a condo for 5 people is actually quite limited.

3 hours later at about 9:30 I got up and tried again. Just so you know I had been contacting my boss ALL night and morning letting her know what was happening and that I was now obviously going to be late. Trying to be a good employee here. I managed to snag a taxi to come get us but by this point, Brad was up and decided to take a stab at replacing the windshield wiper that had been lost so that he could take the van back to the lot and pick up his SUV. AAAhh now that was the reason why the boys were heading back downstairs! I remember now. The van was held hostage in the garage as the power was out but now that backup generators were back on (not the power, just the generators), we were able to leave the garage. Therefore, he so kindly offered to drive us back to Hamilton. It’s about 10AM now.

Unfortunately, the wiper he had stashed away didn’t work but he decided to take the van back anyways. We arrived at the lot to find his SUV covered in a 3 inch (not kidding) layer of solid ice. Just add that to the list…

After managing to pry one of the doors open, the heat was turned on full blast to try and warm the ice to smash it off a bit. I was told to stay in the icebox on wheels while they worked out the van details and tried knocking some of the ice off.

IMG_3589Looks kinda cool from the inside eh?

After about 30 minutes of heating, some of the ice was able to be bumped off with his scraper so they then spent the next 20 minutes de-icing the truck. Don’t I feel useful just sittin in the car. I was totally cheering them on though! 😉 I was also trying to think of the commentary between the two of them as they flung ice off at each other…

Finally back on the road and thinking I would never make it back for any portion of my shift at this point. Unfortunately, there was little hands currently at the store and so I told my boss that I would come in even if it was only for the remaining 2 hours. So the three of us made it safely back to our apartment (it’s 3pm now) so that I could grab my uniform, a snack and be out the door again. All night and morning, Hamilton had managed to keep their power going but by the time Brad and I got to GoodnessMe! the doors were locked. Sigh. The last leg of the journey ended in a fail. Hamilton’s power was randomly (and for no weather related reason I might add!) cutting in and out so the store made the executive decision to close early.

So I now stand here telling you all this smirking as this was quite the 36 hour trek. Our power here still randomly checks out for a minute or two (again it’s not snowing/raining/windy or anything..) but other than that, things are all good here. I finally got to shower and chill out with a nice dinner after such events so I’m feeling a lot more relaxed now. Early beddies tonight for me as Andre and I head to Acton for my family’s Xmas tomorrow afternoon.

I hope you enjoyed my traumatic story as much as I did going through it all.

The things you do for family.

But it’s always worth it in the end. Hashtag: Family Love Forever.

Wildest Christmas experiences?

Big family gatherings or smaller ones?



2 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…Ice-Mas?

  1. You poor poor thing. However, I did giggle a little.
    May you have a very Merry Christmas. Can’t wait to see what fitness goodies you get 😉

    • 😃 hahaha I giggle now too so its all good. Good stories for later to tell! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones as well thank you and I’m looking forward to hopefully having a very merry quest-mas 😉

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