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The Norms vs. The New…WIAW

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Hey Friends,

Can I just say that I officially hate winter. Yes, hate is a strong word that I really dislike using but really, I just walked in from getting home from work (just after 8pm) and I am the epitome of a walking icicle despite wearing my huge TNA jacket complete with a massive fuzzed out hood and all. Not to mention, Uggs, doubled up gloves and a scarf that is wrapped around my neck so many times it’s like it’s chocking me are all also part of this winter package deal.

Yeah, it ain’t a pretty sight.  I’m just not built for winter.

Can it just be warm already? Ugh, Canada sometimes…

Anyways, enough about Mother Natures silly games. Onto the festivities that is What I Ate Wednesday with all my fellow foodies. Thanks Jen and Lil Chickpea for hosting once again. You both rock!

Peas and Crayons

Taking a lookie at my noms I notice some very obvious favouritism going on. I mean, I know what foods I LOVE eating (cough greens, squash and fish…cough) and those are cool and all but you prolly want a lil something different thrown into my mixes right? So for this week I will give you some of the old (cuz 95% of my food pictures are those…sorry I’m boring but I can’t get enough of my food loves) and some of the new.

Let’s get started shall we?

Okay so I fail at changing up my breakies. I love my proatmeal so much that despite wanting to make myself something like pancakes or french toast (IG is my muse) I just can’t. I feel like I will regret not having my big ol bowl of hot, creamy, fruit filled, peanut butta covered oats in the morning. So SorryImNotSorry, proats are what you get yet again.

Proats and Zoats

Proats and Zoats

At least I switch up the nut butta right? 😛

OH I did get a new add in though…Brace yourselves

IMG_3379 IMG_3378Oh EM GEE it’s got sprinkles! This is Cellucor’s new COR-Fetti Performance whey. Basically it’s cake batter in protein form. Nomz. Also, nice and short ingredient list so I could actually get my hands on some. Anyone else a whey ingredient scanner? No fillers, sugars, dextrose, aspartame, creamers, etc in this girls protein.

Rest day snackies are always a lil different. This week I made up a loaf of Angela McCaffery’s Double Chocolate Coconut Protein Bread and holy moly it’s yummy! I will post up more pictures and my (only slightly!) tweaked version of this delicious recipe. Check her out on her Instagram as she posts amazing food porn!

SnacksPicMonkey CollageLunches are generally the samsies as seen in my collage. Still afraid to bring back my beloved brussels but my chard makes for a nice addition for now. 😉 Hashtag-> ILoveGreens

Rest day lunches are different though! The sandwich is my typical choice (ezekiel bread, avocado, chicken, basil pesto, sauteed mushies and onion, mustard and spinach), but this week I panini pressed it as I got to eat it at home. Took it to another level of nom-ness. The second picture is my sad attempt at a quesadilla….Ezekiel wraps why you no stay to together?!?! Still really tasty despite being annoyed that it broke everywhere.

LunchesPicMonkey Collage My one standout lunch this week…

IMG_3319Mixed seafood (calamari, left over basa fillet and shrimpies) with Asian veggies in a spicy tomato-cajun sauce. This deliciousness was all over brown basmati rice and it was all gobbled up cheerfully. What would I do without seafood???

Dinnas are the usual suspects because they are my favourite, obviously. 😉 Who doesn’t love a plate full of fish and kabocha? Oh and my greens of course…drool. Hashtag-> HealthFreak

DinnersPicMonkey CollageThe switch up?

My cheat meal this week at the bestest burger place EVER, Chucks Burger Bar on Locke Street in Hamilton. I confess that I always get the same thing when I go but it gets me drooling every time, which is the point right?

IMG_3413This picture doesn’t do it justice at all as I literally will scrap away at my plate sadly when it’s gone. Naked (ie bunless) bison burger (perfectly cooked!) slathered in heaps of goat cheese (mouthgasm), sauteed mushrooms and onion, lettuce, franks hot sauce and mustard. Laawwdy it’s too good. It’s the goat cheese and mushies for sure! 😉 Lovely side salad with pickled beets and house made balsamic dressing to gimme my veggie fix. AMAZING meal that I had been craving for literally 2 months now as I have been afraid to eat anything out of the norm. Stupid stomach. The aftermath the next day? Not too bad at all! Nothing like after the pizza night a few weeks back. Gluten issues perhaps? Dunno.

Both my parents are also now in love with bison too…mwwaaahhha that means they might cave and buy it when I come home. Yes mom, I know you are reading this. 😛

Another switch up that I made was mine and my boyfriends date night dinner last night. Super good and contained an exotic ingredient new to both of us…CAMEL!

IMG_3434Lets get a close up shall we

IMG_3436Yes it still contains squash, but hey, what do you expect from me? 😉 All I did was saute up the ground camel meat with mushrooms, onion, garlic, chili flakes, worchestershire sauce and liquid smoke (this stuff is liquid gold I tell you!) until all cooked. Then I stuffed it into a roasted acorn squash half, topped it with avocado (my boyfriends had cheese on his too) and broiled it. We both really enjoyed it and the flavour of the camel is really nice and light tasting. On the side was a typical greens saute of mine as my man likes his greens too. Kale, zucchini, asparagus, garlic, onion, curry and chili.

Date night dins was successful for sure!

Anyways, it is now time for my snackie. All alone tonight so I’m gunna catch up on some fellow bloggers posts. Love my WIAW posts! 🙂

Check them out here.

Do you have a hard time straying from your favourite foods?



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