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Oldies But Goodies…WIAW


Hey Friends

So I have been skipping WIAW quite a bit lately (not by choice) but I starting to think that it’s nothing to stress over as it just means that I have MORE to share the following week when I can join the partay once again. It’s also okay as I tend to be a creature of habit and love my foods so there are always similar foods on rotation so I dont want all of you to get sick of my posts. I just love what I love and so to show my great adoration for these delicious products of nature this post is dedicated to those loves that I have been nommin on for the past few weeks plus a few cheats to throw you off a lil 😉

As always, a big thanks to Miss Jen for hosting this lovely link up party. I really like seeing what others are creating as we have some very adventurous foodie bloggers out there and they inspire my own kitchen experiments!

Peas and CrayonsCheck out her Thanksgiving noms here

We will start with my first love…my proats. Oatmeal is just the bestest breakfast of all! Who’s with me?

Here are some of my recent taste bud tingling combinations…

Oh but first, I got some new whey

Cookies and Cream Cellucor COR Performance Whey. It’s good and has made it’s way into most of my recent bowls of oatmeal. Of course I was suuuuppper mad when I just orders this one and they decided to release their new flavour right after…

Yeah, you would be mad too no? CAKE BATTER…seriously, for realz..

IT HAS SPRINKLES! Freakin SPRINKLES! Cellucor you kill me and you better believe it’s on back order EVERYWHERE. Sadface…no lets be serious…sobbing face.

…rant over, onto the goods.

IMG_3150Cookie dough Quest + Banana + Crunchy PB + Cashew Butta


Peanut flour base + banana + Chocolate Nuts N’More + Crunchy PB


Double Chocolate Chunk explosion (aka melted questbar) + tons of carby banana + Chocolate Nuts N’More PB for leg day

IMG_3135Rest Day zoats with cherry-berry mix, almond butta, cacao nibs and my attempt to like shredded coconut…didn’t work. Its stays as a weird paper texture.

IMG_3194Rest Day Zoats #2 with bloobs and almond butta

IMG_3258IMG_3259Double take before and after mixing. Cookies and Cream base + Banana + 1/2 a crumbled cookies and cream protein muffin (recipe to come) + crunchy PB + Chocolate Nuts N’More

My post-post workout lunches area startin to look a lot like my dinners as my I was taking a slight break from my beloved roasted brussels to see if that helped my tummy.




Seeing a trend here? Protein, greens and sweet tater varieties (purple is my fav). Creature of habit x like a zillion…

BUT I did have two random other concoctions..

IMG_3163Seasame-Chili-Ginger Stirfry of veggies over bulgar with chopped spicy grilled chicken (prepped)

chicken and veggie curryChicken and Veggie Curry over Bulgar


Restday lunch (eaten at worky…)

IMG_3243Saaammmmaach. 2 pieces of toasted Ezekiel bread with homemade basil pesto on one side, mashed avocado on the other, mustard, spicy grilled chicken, sauteed mushies and onion and spinach. Do you even sandwich?


Some of my AM snacks look weirder and weirder (these are restdays) but I’m startin to think that I’m having too many veggies (is that even possible…sad day, sad day) as my tummy tends to get upset on my restday more than my training days.

Here’s an example

IMG_3238Leftover trout + sauteed kale, asparagus and shrimpies + Apple pumpkin protein muffin (they were meh)

What? I like my veggies…but I’m going to have to resist and try cutting those down in my snacks as I eat them all day long. Maybe fiber isn’t always your friend…TMI?

OF COURSE we cannot dismiss my love for…

IMG_2724My most favourite snack of all! Every night I have my frozen casein pudding (1 Heaped scoop of ON peanut butter chocolate casein+cinnamon + 1tbsp + 1 tsp my crunchy PB (oh yeah fats!) +1/4 cup US almond milk + enough water to make it a thick pudding consistency) with 1/2 of a questbar (baked). Dont make me choose a favourite I love them all (exceptions-> never tried lemon or coconut cashew…they don’t appeal to me as I don’t tend to like lemon or coconut things).


I have really been diggin the White Chocolate Raspberry. So good, especially when baked up. NOMZ

Quest Lover FOREVER!

Dinners are the usual bowls of stuff….

IMG_3253Homemade Vension slider (sooo good. Liquid smoke is amazing!) + Veggie Sautee (mushies, basil, chili, coconut oil, asparagus, zucchini) + Bulgar

IMG_3126Haddock + a few shrimpies+ Zucchini/asparagus/onion/broccoli/chili/basil sautee +Bulgar

IMG_3060Spicy Basa + avocado + Bulgar + Veggie Saute


Homemade Venison Chili + Steamed Broccoli + Bulgar + Avocado. That chili was super yum! Venison is quite good despite many saying it’s too “gamey”…whatever that means.

OR sometimes when I’m lucky

Plates of stuff!

IMG_3246Baked Cajun Barramundi (Really like this fish!) + Avocado+  Swiss Chard/Mushrooms/Onions/Curry/Chili + Roasted Kabocha and Buttercup Squash

IMG_3230On repeat but with Steelhead Trout baked with my basil Pesto and chili flakes

IMG_3173On repeat again

Again with the trendsTop food favs here:

  • Fish of any kind
  • Squash (kabocha is my favourite, buttercup is a close second)
  • Greens of any kind (swiss chard is my favourite

Now for those cheats I mentioned…

First week was Thai food (my favourite cuisine…so many veggies and protein) with my boyfriend and a friend of ours from my BF’s improv studio

IMG_3147Cashew Shrimp with tons of veggies. So good.

Yesterday my boyfriend and I had date night in (he was away for like ever…5 days so date night was required! I’m needy ;-))

We made homemade pizza (dough was w/w store bought) with my homemade pesto as the sauce.

IMG_3271My two are on the left. I wanted one with the mozzarella (lactose free for tummy) and one with a lil light goat cheese (again a lactose intolerant safe cheese…but who ever doesn’t like goat cheese is a serious weirdo! Kidding..not really). I loaded them up with veggies like I would

  • Sundried tomatoes (hello sodium bloat..ugh) but required on pizza!
  • Roasted red peppers
  • Sauteed mushies
  • Roasted chicken breast meat

My boyfriends cheesified slices are the ones on the black (unphotogenic) plate.

I also made us a cute lil appetizer salad to start. It had a Mediterranean vibe slightly as I LOVE those types of salads.

  • Base of Swiss Chard/Mixed Lettuce Mix
  • Roasted onion + asparagus spears (warm)
  • Roasted Red peppers (cold)
  • Artichoke hearts

It was super yummy but I’m feeling the ‘love’ today a lil bit with my digestion. Not sure what from exactly…Oh well, it served me well at the gym for leg day. Carbing me up for some squats, lunges and all things painful. 😀

That’s all for tonight, hope you enjoyed all my favourite things.

Do we share any common favourite foods?

What are your must haves?

Favourite type of fish? I’m always wanting to try new types BUT my favourites as of now are trout, barramundi and haddock (of course I would say scallops in caps and exclamation points but those are shell fish technically)

Favourite Quest Bar flavour? I know it’s hard but if you had to choose one..




5 thoughts on “Oldies But Goodies…WIAW

  1. all your food looks delicious! I feel ya on being a veggie lover too. I have to agree on the tummy aches being due to too much fiber. I was feeling very bloated and had discomfort on some days so I watched my fiber intake and now I try to keep it at about 50g or less and have been doing a lot better now and still enjoy all the veggies. I can literally have platefuls of veggies and never get tired of them, love those greens. Hopefully you start feeling better, enjoy reading your post btw 🙂

    • Me too! Protein and veggies all day every day hahah too bad my tummy would not cooperate with that. But yes, cutting back a tad and much more water has helped! I appreciate the concern and thanks for the blog love!

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