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WIA…[for the past 3 weeks]…W


Hey Friends

Oh Em Gee! Wow it’s been a while since I have joined in on Jen’s WIAW party and I miss it! Thing have been super busy over here and I have YET to bring to you my Thanksgiving noms! Tragedy I swear. Never fear though, I will share those PLUS some other random new things I have been nommin on over the past few weeks. Perhaps a few fall-ish items will pop up in there too. Prepare yourself for a long post…

Okay, I will try to keep my chattery self contained as much as possible. We will see how that goes. 😉

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

Thanks to Jen for hosting. Don’t forget to check out all of the party goers over at Peas and Crayons

Okay, so lets begin with Thanksgiving. I gave a lil post about the weekend in general and now I bring you the food we celebrated with with our small family gathering.

Thanksgiving PicMonkey Collage1. Not the best picture BUT my Nana and Papa brought some plain mashed sweet taters so I decided to cater to both sides of the taste bud spectrum as our family has those who like’m taters sweet and others (myself included) who lik’em savory. This is the sweet version. Maple syrup, brown sugar, butter and a lil nutmeg was boiled down to a syrup and half added into the taters and half swirled on top…until my Dad mixed it up and messed my swirl….Presentation DAD!

2. The turk, thanks Mom and Dad (white meat only)

3. My Grandmas super cheesy scallop (??) potatoes…or potato casserole. I forget.

4. My solo mission was the roasted veggies. In the oven to blacken went broccoli, sprouts (my fav!), bell peppers, cauli AND kabocha all tossed in a lil olive oil and dried rosemary. I was ambivalent to the fact that hardly ANYONE had any kabocha…My family of picky and non-adventurous eaters. Oh well, more for me 😉

Unpictured…sorry.. was the stuffing (not homemade so you’re not missing much), the savory sweet pots (roasted garlic, dried rosemary, sprinkle of chili flakes…sprinkle only so I don’t kill my family… and a touch of olive oil) and the dark turkey meat.

My plate consisted of a a whole bunch of veggie and turkey deliciousness. Love my veg and proteins!

IMG_2713Dessert, which also went unpictured (I’m the worst) was a store bought chocolate cake thing and pumpkin pie. Homemade pies were not set out as pie baking was on the agenda for the next day following our apple pickin. I, of course, decided to forgo the desserts and have my normal snackie a lil later with my parents while watching some TV (what’s a TV?) before bed.

IMG_2724My lovely frozen casein puddin with my homemade peanut butter and 1/2 a baked apple pie quest bar that I slightly burnt. Such a tragedy but it wasn’t so bad that it wasn’t tasty! Oh well, I still got my pie on Thanksgiving!

What else did I nom on that weekend?

Being home, having leftovers and still trying to deal with my digestive issues led to some interesting meals and snacks…more so snacks. All delish though!

Oatmeal is always breakfast (99% of the time) in some shape or form. The first day was just a two-parter as I experimented with using NO whey in my oats so I had to add a ton of egg whites instead to make up for the protein. So, on Sunday, I made a lil side egg white veggie bake thing with my oats…

Chili flakes, asparagus, basil

Chili flakes, asparagus, basil


Strawberries, cacao nibs, vanilla extract, coconut oil and pb

Due to groceries, I got my hands on a zucchini so I got to have my normal zoats and instead of having some of the egg whites on the side, I just threw the whole 1/2 cup into my oats to cook up. It tried to overflow but I caught that sneaky guy and stirred the rise right out of ’em. Still no eggy taste not to worry, you just have to keep an eye on it.

As I mentioned, the leftovers made for some very yummy…but maybe unusual to some….shnacks

IMG_2739Egg white bake with leftover roasted veggies, Candyfit muffin and some roasted kabocha that no one wanted (their loss :-D). Good snackage for the mornin.

Lunches were the same pretty much both days

IMG_2749Leftover turkey on Ezekiel with smashed avocado, mustard, spinach and some leftover veggies (roasted red peppers). On the side was a sautee of onions, spinach, chili, curry (can’t get enough even at home!) and asparagus.

Despite my love for some good ol’ turkey, I need fish in my life. On Sunday I ventured out before pie making to Whole Foods and was determined to pick up a nice piece of fish for me to cook up for dinner that night. So what did I end up with?


IMG_2761Big plate of greens, squash and my seared yellowfin tuna (in coconut oil with some chili flakes and cracked black peppa only) topped with some green fatty goodness. So good! So sad when you really look at a portion of fish (3-4 ounces)…so whittle.

So that’s it for that weekend. Lots of good food. I don’t tend to indulge like most as I really truly love my food and prefer that over random stuff. I will not deny it though…I totally stole about half of the white turkey meat from my parents. 😀 Love you Mom and Dad! Oh, and sorry about your MIA containers too…opps.

Other Random Noms over the past few weeks

Berry zoats with a tsp each chocolate Nuts n'more pb and my crunchy pb

Berry zoats with a tsp each chocolate Nuts n’more pb and my crunchy pb

More Zoats. Restdays call for them now 😀

Banana blueberry proats (peanut flour base not whey)

Banana blueberry proats (peanut flour base not whey)

Banana ramma proats

Banana ramma proats

I’m using peanut flour right now instead of whey to see whether than makes a difference with my tummy. I really won’t know if the whey is a problem until I make my oats with it again but I’m picking my day wisely. The peanut flour is really yummy though! It’s a great switch up. Nice peanutty flavour-flav. I just add 2 tbsp of peanut flour to my base oatmeal before putting it in the fridge overnight. Make it in the morning as normal. Just note that the peanut flour tends to soak up more moisture than whey so I always have to add more water BUT that’s okay as I’m still adding 4 as opposed to only 2 egg whites in my oats to make up for the loss of the whey so there is lots of room for more liquid.

OH and that smooth nut butter (my new obsession) in both pictures is cashew butter. This is crack I tell you. Organic, raw crack. Try it out! 

Benefits of cashew butter (Like I need more reasons to eat it…). Numbers and info from Livestrong and

  • Contains a good amount of iron for a nut butter (4%), copper (18%), which has antioxidant boosting properties, is a component of enzymes, aids in bone strength, energy production and healthy blood vessels, and magnesium (10%), which is important for the nerves, bones and muscle relaxation. It also has vitamin E, and a few of your B vitamins as well.
  • It doesn’t have any omega fatty acids but it does contain the same healthy unsaturated fats as olive oil, oleic acid.
  • It’s naturally sweeter than a number of other butters while also being rich.
  • It’s slightly more carbohydrate heavy than other nut butters, like almond and peanut, but it’s still a great choice for a healthy spread!
The other random nut butter in the second picture is my new P28 banana raisin peanut butter.

This is a protein brand of peanut butter that adds whey to their blends and has some pretty yummy sounding flavours without any added sugar or salt. This one is pretty good but very sweet for my taste. I think it’s because I can taste that it’s banana extract of some kind which has a very sweet, kinda fake banana flavour. It’s decent though in tsp amounts like I use it for.

IMG_2927I tried to add back in my quest bars too! Slow slow slow! No issues I think so far. It appears that too much fiber is not my issue. To be honest it was a quite a happy day to add them back in as I really missed my quest proats. This pre-leg day bowl of carbs was banana proats with a banana nut quest bar (raw) and a tsp (yes only a tsp….high carb, lower fat day makes for sad oats) of chocolate nuts n’more pb (this stuff is soo good too!). To be on the safe side, I added 1/3 of a bar rather than 1/2. This was okay though as it still gives me enough quest chunks to enjoy and stuff into those few last bites. Hehe.

IMG_2869Mmmm tacos. Those la tortilla factory chipotle mini wraps are to die for. They are spicy and the intense chiptole flavour pairs really well with my choice of fillings (re: lots of avocado. Mexicano!). Side of greens. Check out this yummy-ness

IMG_2871I stuff these babies with sauteed mushrooms and onion, grilled spicy chicken, avocado, wilted spinach, mustard and a sprinkle of chili flakes. So, so good! These make rest days better. 😀

Fish, Fish and more fish for dinners…

My favourite dinners have fish of some kind, roasted squash and greens and these did not disppoint.

IMG_2901Baked haddock with Ms. Dash extra spicy seasoning.

IMG_2854No squash unfortunately as I need more carbies for leg day. Yes, leg day dinner was actually on a plate…that never happens. Baked curry-chili tilipia topped with sauteed mushrooms, brown jasmine rice and greens with more mushies. I love the red swiss chard. So pretty.

IMG_2933My lovely trout 😀

I get made fun of (Erik if you read this…I’m pointing at you lol) that my blood is probably green from the amount of greens and green veggies I stuff my face with on the daily…Alkalizing baby! Oh, and they are just too good to pass up.

Well I hope I gave you enough foodporn to make up for my MIA-status recently. Oh, but there is one more preview I want to give ya’ll….

IMG_2910Some more inspired, pumpkin baking. Recipe to come for Candyfit’s Recipe Friday this week 🙂

Happy Hump Day!

Favourite thing you ate today? My proats this morning of course! I repeated the banana nut proats this morning as it was leg day today. So good! I added in some of my new cake batter extract for some extra yummy flavour.

Favourite type of fish? Scallops (technically a shell fish I suppose), with trout coming in a close second.

Ever tried cashew butter?



2 thoughts on “WIA…[for the past 3 weeks]…W

  1. My favorite dinners are also some form of lean protein (chicken, turkey, fish) with roasted veggies (squash always included). I could eat it every single night for the rest of my life and still look forward to it every night.
    I just recently tried cashew butter. I used to make flourless cashew butter cookies which turned out to be delicious. But I’ve yet to try a nut butter I didn’t like!

    • Sooo good and they just feel better to me. I love veggies I could live off having no bread/rice or pasta no problem! Those cookies sound amazing as I’m now addicted to that butter haha. I have tried a few that aren’t my favs.. Hazelnut is one of them. It’s just too dry tasting for my liking. Since I never add sugar to my butters I need a “sweeter” nut added in generally.

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