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A Childhood Memory…MIMM


Hey Friends!

What are some of those activities that you used to love as a child that never do anymore?

Last weekend I got the opportunity to go apple picking and do some much needed pie baking like I did when I was younger. It was truly Marvelous as it was something I ALWAYS looked forward to. The time spent with family, the smells of the fresh goodies baking and the laughter are all things that remain near and dear to my heart.

Although not as eventful as the yearly apple pickin, pumpkin carving was another family affair that always used to be done before Halloween. The actual carving part began to fade when I was in high school. Freshly carved pumpkins were replaced with uncut, faceless lil pumpkins. Despite that tradition not holding it’s own for as long as some others, I always loved going to the patch to pick out my own pumpkin. There is just something about searching for that perfect one that every lil kid finds appealing. Apparently though, that appeal holds true even today as my excitement to pick up my pumpkin with Andre yesterday made me smile like a lil kid.

It was a great day, one could even say it was Marvelous….

MiMM MIMM #72 with Date Night In, Bridal Shower Festivities and More!

Sunday was truly Marvelous because of a number of things….

  1. I got to nap. Like hardcore nap. Like 4 hours worth of nap! I had been getting like 5 hours of sleep every day that week and was literally CRAVING sleep. Is that possible? Anyways, I had the whole day off (no work and no gym) so I got up, ate breaky, went back to bed and slept till 11! I can’t remember when I had slept that long but I suppose I needed it.

2. Andre and I making up for not having Thanksgiving together by having our own lil private dinner that I made with a nice, large, on sale roasting chicken. Dinner was delish! I roasted up said chicken…


Seasoned with fresh rosemary leaves, garlic, onion, chili flakes and italian seasoning. Baked in no salt chicken broth.

…along with some sprouts (my fav!), kabocha (my fav!), broccoli, onion, asparagus and red peppers. All with rosemary, garlic and onion for the seasoning.

IMG_2877Good noms. Good noms!

3. After our dinna, we got all set up for our lil pumpkin carvin partay! We had picked up our pumpkins earlier in the day and I picked up this lil beauty..

IMG_2881A PINK pumpkin! Sorry I’m not sorry, I had to. They had all kinds of cool types, fantasy, white and pink…and normal of course, but who wants the typical pumpkin when you can get this one?!?! Not me! 😉

The carving was a lot of fun….


Pumpkin guts and seeds for daaaayyyz. Those seeds got roasted up later for the boys to shnack on.

Slightly messy


Matt Squared

Slightly technical


My babe diggin deep…get your minds out of the gutter!

…but we had some good chatters goin on while we stabbed away at our lil gems. Okay that sounds violent, but technically that’s how carving is done when all you have are steak knives..

IMG_2880And I would say that our pumpkins were quite the success


Those luscious lashes were quite the challenge to carve let me tell you!

Ma girl always flirtin.

IMG_2887The crew all lit up. Oh and if you’re wondering what that inappropriate looking monster is beside my lil ‘kin, it’s my boyfriends ‘dickolanturn‘. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I’m dating a 5 year old.

As if our Sunday Funday was not enough Marvelous-ness to cap off my weekend, I also received a lovely message from my client that made me smile

Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 8.49.02 PMHave a wonderful rest of your Monday and don’t forget to stop over and say hi to the truly Marvelous Healthy Diva herself, Mrs. Katie, here



2 thoughts on “A Childhood Memory…MIMM

  1. I just about died… I’m sure Andre loves being called a five year old.

    Not sure how you are going to use up all that chicken between the two of you. It was HUGE! Good for you for celebrating “thanksgiving” together after all!

    • Hahaha I ate all the leftover white meat in one go.. 😜 it wasn’t as big as the picture made it appear, but I’m a carnivore so protein doesn’t last long with me around. And lol well he did make a “dickolaturn” so he had that one comin 😝

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