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Squash Cakes….Recipe Friday


Hey Friends!

As if I didn’t share enough recipes yesterday I had another one waiting patiently for Kierston’s Recipe Friday! Oh and guess what…it’s more squashy goodness. 😉

Thanks to Miss CandyFit herself for hosting this weekly gathering and go and check out her page here for many drool worthy recipe ideas. I’m already eying those beautiful ginger pear pancakes posted by Davida over at The Healthy Maven.

So I recently was inspired, once again, by Ellen over at Best Fit Body when she cooked up some wonderful pancakes using squash as one of the ingredients. Why didn’t this come to me sooner?? Squash would make for a lower carbohydrate and sugar alternative to bananas that would add the same amount of moisture and potentially sweetness (depending on the squash variety you use) to your ‘cake stacks.’ I knew from that second that I had to test it out for myself…

…AND voila! These babies were born…

IMG_2792These were reeeeeaaallly good. Moist? Check. Cakey? Check. Sweet? Check. Going to turn me orange? Probably…

IMG_2795Do I care? Nope. 😀

It’s surprising how much so little can do. I simply added 85 grams of steamed turban squash to my pancake batter and it gave all those benefits for a mere 7 grams of carbs and 3 grams of sugar! Oh and before you start wondering why I keep saying low carb, low sugar, I’m only putting emphasis on the nutritionals because I was happy that the addition of the squash DID NOT mean that I had to skimp on my yummy, fruity topping. 😀

The good thing about these cakes is that there are soo many squash varieties out right now to choose from and experiment with. I went with turban squash because I had a lil bit left over in my fridge. You could easily use buttercup or carnival for the same carbohydrate and sugar amounts OR if you want a little bit less sugar (but greater carbs overall) you could choose butternut or acorn OR for the ultimate sweetness, go with 85 grams of kabocha for 11 grams of carbs and 5 grams of sugar.

ONE last note, don’t peel your squash. PLEASE don’t. You are peeling away vital nutrients that are located at the skin layer. For the skin phobes, don’t worry though, even if you normally peel them (which I would totally recommend actually trying the skin as it’s delicious all crisped up when you roast your squash!), this recipe uses a blender so there will be no skin particles in your pancakes I promise.

Okay, now onto the important part

The recipe 🙂

IMG_2801Squash Protein Pancakes

Serves 1

Dry Ingredients:

1/3 cup + 1 tbsp rolled oats

1 tbsp coconut flour

1/2 scoop chocolate whey (I used my probiotic whey in Swiss Chocolate)

1 tsp chia seeds (can sub for flax meal)

1/2 tsp of baking powder

1 tsp cinnamon or to taste

Wet Ingredients:

85g cooked squash (I used turban)

1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk

1/4 cup liquid egg whites

1 tsp maple extract

1/2 tsp coconut oil (for frying)


In a blender, blend your 1/3 cup oats (reserve that tbsp), almond milk, egg whites and squash. Dump that in a bowl and add in the rest of the ingredients (exception being the oil). You will get a thick mixture but that is good for fluffy pancakes! Preheat a pan with some of your coconut oil on medium to medium-low heat. Cook your pancakes as normal. When you have all your pancakes done you can stack and add your topping!


90g Strawberries

1 tbsp peanut flour (or PB2)

1/2 tsp of lucuma powder (optional superfood)

1/2 tbsp raw cashew butter

Chop your strawberries and place in a cup. Microwave until melty (but still chunky) and add your peanut flour, lucuma and a lil bit of water if needed. Stir that up and drizzle on your cakes and top with the cashew butter (<-OH EM GEE that stuff is good!)

Enjoy! Happy Recipe Friday!

Favourite nut butter other than peanut butter or almond butter? That cashew one is new to me but it’s sooooo good!

Weirdest ingredient you have used in pancakes/waffles?



4 thoughts on “Squash Cakes….Recipe Friday

  1. I read your blog almost daily so please keep it up. However, you keep mentioning Micros & calories but you haven’t mentioned exactly what yours are/ how you figured them out (do I sound like a stalker? LOLz) I am just getting into fitness to help me lose weight and be healthier so this would be most appreciated.

    • Thanks so much for your support! I really do enjoy blogging and wish I had more spare time to do more informative posts. Hopefully I will get to do at least a few very soon! And no, no stalker feelings hahaha don’t worry. Personally I think that calorie counting should only be done if it is a requirement (job, health, etc). I say that because it can very easily become obsessive and make socializing very difficult. Intuitive eating is the best way to go provided you have good, wholesome food around you 😊 I do it right now because in trying to gain weight as I’m underweight right now. With that said, my calories are always increasing and changing as my body has yet to gain so I can’t give you specifics. If weight loss is your goal and you are really set on calorie counting, there are a number of helpful websites you can look at (like the iifym site) to help you calculate your minimum requirements and macro totals for your goals. Just remember that it’s a learning experience, you need to figure out what works best for your body so that may take some trial and error. I hope that helps!

  2. This looks soooooooooooooo tasty!

    Thanks for much for linking up to #RECIPEFRIDAY and for your kind words! You are too sweet!

    • Thank you! There were really great! The squash adds great moisture, nutrients and little added sugar so it’s great! And of course, recipe Friday is super fun ad you all share some great inspirational recipes 😊

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