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Family Time is Truly Marvelous…MIMM


Hey Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends out there! May your bellies be full, sweet tooth’s be tickled and laughter with friends and family be shared πŸ˜€

Thanksgiving is certainly a Marvelous time of the year. I’m thankful this year that I didn’t have to worry about studying or, worse yet, not even making it home for the holiday because school was in full midterm mode. Instead, I got to come home and spend time with my family and our new puppy, Maggie. Unfortunately for me, my boyfriend had to work in Toronto on Saturday and then had his own family gathering on Sunday (where I had already made family plans here) so we have not gotten to see each other for this weekend BUT, on the bright side, we will be seeing more of each other tonight at a nice potluck being thrown at the new home of one of his friend’s from improv.

MiMM MIMM #71 Much Needed Time and Winners!

I really really REALLY needed this weekend. I was looking forward to coming home all week after the tiresome weeks of digestive issues and sleep deprivation. Naps anyone? Although my digestion is still out of whack, thanks stomach :-(, there were plenty of Marvelous things that were to be done this weekend.

Friday night, I had to work the close shift at the Pulse (my gym) so I stayed the night, got my sweat session on Saturday morning than headed home with my Dad early that afternoon. I was super excited to get home and play with this lil monster…

IMG_2747 Ain’t she just a lil cutie? πŸ˜€ Many more pictures to come of her! She’s just Marvelous! It was also the first time being in the new house….I was determined not to like it for some reason (it was in Acton…it wasn’t MY HOUSE, there’s no gym…it’s new…etc etc..) but I couldn’t really hate it when my parents are such good decorators. Guess I will just have to accept that this is my family home now and Georgetown is behind me.

As Saturday evening was our family get together for Thanksgiving dinner, by the time my Dad and I actually got home (we had some errands to do instead of going right home) my Nana and Papa had already arrived and my Grandparents just pulled up behind us as we hit home. It was Marvelous to see them as 1. I was expecting our dinner to just be my parents and I and 2. I haven’t seen them in quite some time. I was super happy to be able to relax and catch up with them while also getting to do one of my favourite things…


Yes, I love being able to take over and cook up some things for Thanksgiving dinner. I will save our dinner pictures for this weeks WIAW party, so for now you will get more Maggie pictures πŸ˜‰

IMG_2719Love her

IMG_2742Best picture I got of her. She was standing lying all nice and still and actually facing the camera without trying to bite it. Win on my end!

Sunday was jam packed with things to do! I really was looking forward to apple picking as I haven’t gone in years and I love getting my own apples then coming home to bake goodies with my mom. It was a lil rainy out, but we all still ventured out to the orchard to get us some apples early Sunday afternoon…my parents aren’t the earliest of risers. πŸ˜€ Drizzle and dreariness aside, the trip was Marvelous.

IMG_2752One good thing about bleak weather is that less people crowd the orchard and this one was PACKED yesterday, like police letting people in packed..

IMG_2754Chudleigh’s was our place of choice as it’s a huge orchard and it’s fairly close to the new house. What we didn’t know was how expensive it was…The 33 bucks to get in plus the 35ish bucks for our three bags of apples wasn’t so Marvelous in my Dad’s eyes, but hey we had fun right…Making up for all those lost years…yes? πŸ˜‰ Thanks Dad and his wallet.

IMG_2756Due to the rainy weather, the tractors for the hayrides basically became our own personal carriages. We totally could have totally taken ridden them all over the orchard BUT we are a family with specific tastes when it comes to apples. We like our Mac’s for just about everything. Baking. Eating. Apple sauce. Everything is made awesome with McIntosh apples! We did pick up some Red Delicious too as those are good eatin’ apples.

After our apple picking was done, it started to drizzle again so we made a dash for the lil shops of baked goods to see if anything caught our eyes. Of course I had to stop and give a pet to this beauty on my way past..

IMG_2757Their petting zoo was huge (as it should with all those dollas they were hauling in!) and I couldn’t resist. πŸ˜€ The nice guy beside me gave me a carrot to feed her as she was trying to eat my phone. We left with a box of bumbleberry blossoms and were back off for home BUT I had one more thing on my list before my Mom and I started peeling and choppin

I HAD TO. I was home and never get to go there now that I work like..everyday..It was a must I tell you! Molly, I totally should have texted you but I thought you were back at school 😦 Despite the 40 minute drive, I didn’t really get as much as I should have because I decided to be cheap. Sigh, next time bison steak, next time. What I did pick up was…

  • A few yams…which I now found out are not yams. Whole Foods you disappointed me
  • Ground chicken breast meat. They have it the cheapest there surprisingly!
  • A fresh yellow-fin tuna steak for dins that night. I was hoping for some wild caught trout but they didn’t have any :-(. Being the fish lover I am, a box of their ‘for sale’ shrimp, a fresh sea bass fillet and a lobster tail almost jumped into my basket, but I resisted the urge.
  • Pita bread and oats…not exciting but required for the potluck on Monday evening
  • A small green tea from their lil cafe that was quite good. Just another thing I’m trying to do for my tummy issues. Sigh

I also was planning on getting a kombucha, which I also went against because 1. I trying to see if taking out anything new in my diet helps my tummy, which that lack of kombucha doesn’t seem to be making anything better (happy me, sad wallet) and 2. I was being cheap like I said.

I also saw a first at WF which was this…

IMG_2758Chocolate peanut butter?!?! If only you were with unsweetened chocolate and no added sugar. Meh I can make my own, but hey, it’s a cool idea right?

Anyways, I drove my butt back home and my mom and I got right into those bags of apples.

We washed…

We peeled…

We chopped…

We sauced…

We ‘pied’…

We ‘crisped’…


And then we cleaned up the mounds of never ending dishes to reveal our Marvelous and beautiful goodies. The dishes are always worth it in the end but I silently wish they would just all wash themselves. πŸ˜€

IMG_2767Homemade crock pot apple sauce. Just chopped apples (skin on…nutrients!) and cinnamon (and other spices you like) and that’s it! Turn your crock pot on high or low depending on your time and let cook until they are mushed. If it is too watery when you are done, take the lid off and put on high for a bit and it will thicken. Also, if you don’t like it chunky (I love it chunkier), you can take it all and blend it up.

IMG_2763Apple CranRaisin Pie.

IMG_27644 Apple Crumbles. 3 were apple and black plum, and one was filled with the extra apple-cranraisin filling.

IMG_2765One of the apple-plum crumbles.

And last but not least…

IMG_2769Baked Stuffed Apples. Not the prettiest looking as I kinda blew the skin off them…Oppps. Anyways, these were simply baked with a sauteed mixture of dates, raisins, cinnamon, vanilla, maple syrup and the apple bits from the middle. They were baked in the oven with a tight fitting lid for about 20 minutes at 400. Once they were cooked, the ‘lids’ came off the apples and I added a crumble mixture on top to crisp up. Back in the oven they went for about 10 minutes and then they were done. My parents really enjoyed these for their snackie later in the evening.

I’m so glad that my mom and I got to make all of those as it’s something we used to always do before I went off to University. I really cherish those times with my mom as we just chatter and enjoy a relaxing afternoon of stirring up some trouble in the kitchen. I could say that it was truly Marvelous.

Today was much more of a chilled day as it was the day I was to go back to Hamilton. I didn’t want to make one last thing before I left and that was these

IMG_2782I had pinned these on Pinterest and knew they were NOT just going to be another pin added to my board. I love the baked goodies made by Amy Layne over at Damy Health as she takes some of the best desserts and makes them using wholesome and natural ingredients. Tasty and healthy is always the best way to go! The only thing I subbed was pure maple syrup for the agave, but other than that, I kept it mostly the same.

IMG_2783Unfortunately for me, mine didn’t turn out as sturdy as I would have hoped as I was a lil low on my coconut oil. Apparently, despite my sadness that they were suuuper crumbly, they still tasted good πŸ˜€

Thanks for the recipe Amy! They were a hit at the potluck and super cute πŸ˜€

Anyways, after a Marvelous potluck, it’s time for some Marvelous Entourage watching with my boyfriend, who hasn’t seen our apartment in what feels like eternity. It’s time to have some good chillin time with my love.

Don’t forget to check out Katie’s page for what was Marvelous in her week and to check in with all the other link up peeps!

Did you celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend?

Favourite Thanksgiving dish?



2 thoughts on “Family Time is Truly Marvelous…MIMM

  1. WHAT! Which day did you go to Whole Foods? You know I am always up for a try! Bulkbarn (Oakville’s just got renovated) recently got nut butter grinders as well. They have 5-6 different machines with some interesting varieties! Looks like you had a fun trip home. Maggie is adorable as always I remember visiting Chudleigh’s once but we turned around as soon as we saw the lines. I guess you have to keep up traditions – ours being Willis Family Fruit farm. Did you manage to take any crisps home for yourself? So much chopping/peeling and baking! I have yet to stuff an apple with oats this year. My weekend was far too short for my liking – not nearly enough baking. Is that final picture the mini pie/healthy pie the one you made because it looks sturdy to me! Happy Monday! Too bad about all the hours at work although I’m sure your bank account appreciates it!

    • Sunday Afternoon, I got there around 3:45ish. And I know I really wish I had texted you although due to my mom and I making pies the rest of the afternoon I was i there for a whole 20 minutes lol. Text me the next time you go home!! We will make a date πŸ˜€ I love family traditions and it was the first time picking at Chudleighs but the thing was HUGE and had so many attractions (that’s where all that $ is going to I suppose hahah πŸ˜‰ ) It’s too bad you didn’t get to bake as much as you would have liked, we should bake together one time it would be be super fun! I didn’t bring anything back with me as I have a 10lb bag of apples sitting beside me waiting to be used up haha. Gives me a reason to bake MORE πŸ˜€ Oh and those lil mini pies (the ones I pinned on pinterest after seeing your pin btw, thanks for that!), that picture was of the best one..sneaky sneaky I am with my choice of picture subjects πŸ˜‰

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