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Finally Comin Back Around…WIAW


Hey Friends,

So I mentioned last week that I was dealing with some very ANNOYING digestive issues. Bloating. Gas. All that TMI fun stuff and well it’s slowly starting to dissipate FINALLY. Thank gawd. I don’t know about you all, but I really dislike being bloated for a week straight. Unfortunately, I’m left in the dark regarding what triggered the whole thing. It could have been my beloved gelato because of the lactose (despite taking lactaids). It could have been the lentils I randomly tried to add in my lunch earlier in the day. It could be a combination of both. I have no idea. Furthermore, although that major gut attack started after that Sunday, I have been having some digestion issues over the past few weeks following some of my dietary increases. I’m really hoping that my stomach is not going to give me a really rough time with this ‘lean bulk’ or ‘reverse dieting’ because that is going to make it even harder on me physically and psychologically to handle it over the next months while trying to put on some required weight. Please be nice tummy. Pretty please adapt! I’m trying to help you I promise. 😦

Anyways, due to all that, and the concern of my dietician that I had some reaction to something I ate, I went to see a Doc yesterday for an exam and then got my arm poked for blood this afternoon. Did I mention I hate needles? Ugh. Anyways, nothing too special from the Doc, but I’m kinda anxiously awaiting my results of these blood tests to see if there was anything wrong. Specifically, I’m interested in my thyroid as that can get out of whack when you are lower than you should be in weight/body fat and can have an affect on your digestion/tummy. I’m also curious to see if I’m still anemic. Only time will tell I suppose.

Well that was depressing…Lets get to some fun stuff mmmkay? Thanks to Jen for hosting this foodporn sharing shindig.

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

Check her and her ultra cute chickpea out on her site!

So in line with the Hallowe’en themed button I figured I would show you where some of those fall staples have entered my mouth…wow that sounded wrong. Why the dirty thoughts peeps? 😛

Pumpkin Bread Loving

Still really enjoying that lovely bread inspired by Ellen. I posted my version here

It makes for a good shnackie on my rest days. Smeared with my normal protein ‘icing’ made with Cellucor Peanut Butter Marshmallow Whey this time. Some McIntosh apple on the side too. Apples and Pumpkin 😀

IMG_2610It made it’s way into another pre-workout proats bowl…

IMG_2634But this time I was cravin those bloobs again. Pumpkin and blueberries can have fun together too. Cacao nibs joined in on the fun there too and peanut butta is always invading my oatmeal. I’m okay with that invasion tho… 😉


Squash Devourin

My love for squash never ends. It’s not seasonal…like at all. But hey, I’m not orange okay…not yet.. so I’m under control 😀 Whatever helps you sleep at night…

I have been trying some new varieties this week like I wanted to! Check it, I’m gettin around

IMG_2615Spaghetti squash topped with a homemade meat sauce and topped with light goat cheese. Sooo good. How can one not like squash? There are soo many varieties to try out! Okay, so maybe only a crazy foodie like me gets excited about something like that….The recipe for this beauty will be up a lil lata in the week. Wait for Candyfit’s Recipe Friday post!

IMG_2646Don’t let my normal loves deceive you all, see that orange skin on that perfectly roasted (toot toot) squash? That’s a second variety I picked up this week. Turban squash.

That lil baby right there. It’s got a funny lil bump just like buttercup. It’s good and has the exact same nutritional profile as buttercup pretty much but is a bit sweeter tasting. Due to this last factor, I still lean towards buttercup over this one.

IMG_2668The return of old favourites. Kabocha and scallops! Who am I kidding, kabocha never leaves, but due to me wanting to venture out and try new squashes, kabocha has seen less plate time than normal. The scallops were a “reward myself after facing the big scary needle’ today 😀 Well deserved I think. Ha. It wasn’t even that bad, the lady was super nice and chattered with me through the whole thing. I love getting nurses who know how to not kill you with the needle. Are you scared of needles?

The Not-So-Feative Plates

IMG_2665Today’s lunch was super yummy. I really love those lil chipotle flavoured La Tortilla wraps! Nice and spicy 😀 Loaded with wilted spinach, grilled turkey breast, sauteed mushrooms and onions, mustard and avocado. Side of more spinach and steamed asparagus all sprinkled with Mrs. Dash steak spice blend. Yes, I’m random.


Zoats incubating over night...

Zoats incubating over night…

Zoats all mixed up with two delicious blobs on top

Zoats all mixed up with two delicious blobs on top

OMGaaaww that deliciousness!

OMGaaaww that deliciousness!

On my rest days, I have really been enjoying adding my veggies to breakfast. I’m officially on the Zoat train! That’s oats with grated zucchini cooked in for all of you who aren’t familar. It may sound weird to shred veggies into dessert tasting dishes like oatmeal, but it adds really no taste AND great volume for all of you who like to see tons of oatmeal in your bowls :-D. These oats were made with chocolate whey (my probiotic New Zealand whey), 1 tsp chia seeds, 1/2 tsp coconut oil, cinnamon, 1/3 cup +1/2 tbsp oats, 1/3 cup each U/S almond milk and water, 70g of zucchini, grated, and 75 grams of a organic frozen wild berry blend. All of that went in the fridge overnight. In the morning, about 2 egg whites were added through the cooking process and the whole bowl was topped with some cacao nibs and 1 tsp each my homemade chunky peanut butter and my chocolate nuts n’more peanut butter. So good!

That’s all for tonight’s WIAW, hope you enjoyed the view 😉 I’m off for shnackie.

Are you celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend? Favourite festive dish? I really enjoy my roasted veggies that I make and also my spicy, extra roasted garlicy sweet potato mash. Too bad my family hates garlic…

Favourite type of squash? Kabocha, followed by buttercup at the moment

Ever tried zoats? Don’t be afraid, they are awesome!

Keep nommin



2 thoughts on “Finally Comin Back Around…WIAW

  1. For awhile, my hubby was lactose intolerant. Just going out to eat was usually always accompanied by an unpleasant ride home with him suffering in the passenger seat. My big tough hubby Army guy was crippled by those digestive issues…and, it was sad to see. Switch to soy milk and almond milk seemed to help immensely. I hope that everything turns out well with your blood test. Shortly after giving birth, the doctors were concerned I might be anemic….although, they say that is pretty common in women just after they give birth. It does seem like I’ve rebounded though as I’m really trying to eat well and work out alot. Thanks for the great blog post!

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