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Because I LOVE My Body, I Promise To….The Blog Series

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Hey Friends,

So I had this recent idea that I wanted to make up a post that I could constantly follow up and add to. I really want this ‘series‘ so to speak to include my own personal opinions, tips, recipe sharing, blog lovin, questions, and and whatever else would be associated with the theme of each additional post in the series. So what overarching theme could I choose that would allow for me to incorporate so many things into it….?

Well you see, I’m on my own journey right now…As you know I am doing my first ever lean bulk due to being a lil under the weight I should be at and I already know that it will be quite a challenge for me both mentally and physically. BUT with those things set aside, overall, what I am looking to do is to bring my body up to it’s optimal health. Why? Because it’s worth it! Honestly, and with the risk of sounding egotistical, I truly believe that I (and everyone else) should be utterly infatuated with the body that I (you) live in. I should love it so much that I treat it with respect and give it what it needs to do all of the wonderful things that it does for me daily.

Makes sense right? Sounds easy enough right? Well, unfortunately a large majority of people cannot realistically say they do this, even myself.  I’m not embarrassed to admit that my body has been put through some hardships. Even something that seems so small like not giving it enough rest is a stress on my poor body…one that I’m guilty of on the daily.

What other ‘small things’ might we do that are disrespectful of our bodies?

  • Namecalling/body bashing. It may sound silly but this leads to other destructive things that places stress on the body, not to mention no one should be hating on the thing that allows for you to live and breathe!
  • Lack of sleep. This is your body’s time to repair and recharge after a full days worth of stressors! Your body doesn’t sleep but it needs you to in order to allow for healing and rebuilding.
  • Relying on bandaid solutions for problems. What bandaids am I talking about? Coffee for stimulation. Silence for keeping the peace. Naps for sleep deprivation. Fast Food for convenience.
  • Comparison. Kinda feeds back to #1
  • Not taking the time to unwind. Feeds back to #2. How are you supposed to sleep when you are wired up still?
  • Being unable to say no.  Taking on too much leads to unnecessary stress even if they are all things you like to do! Crazy as it sounds, sometimes you have to prioritize the events that are top on your list and leave the others for another time.
  • Not making time for ME. It’s important to have time to yourself once and while to do the things YOU love to do or just to reflect and recharge.
  • Being sedentary for too long. The body is not made to sit still for 1/2 of your day!

There are soo many other things that could be seen a small issues that I haven’t listed here simply because the list would be endless. The point that I’m trying to make here is that we all do things that are not always the greatest for our bodies. Some of these things are conscious and avoidable, while others may not be so easy to catch.

So, because our bodies will always have to deal with some stressors, maybe we should turn our attention to things that we CAN do to give them a lil help…a boost if you want to call it that. Something that shows that you love and respect your body.

So there it is. Bam! The overarching theme I was lookin for 😀

What things could you do (would you do/ are curently doing) for your body to show that you care?

These could be things you do now OR perhaps it would be something that could be a goal to work towards OR maybe you wish to address a ‘small issue’ that you commonly see with some advice and tips on how to make a positive change. It’s all up to you. Be creative. Be thoughtful. Be helpful. And most of all, don’t be afraid to be HONEST. These posts are not about judging, but rather, they are about addressing those ‘small lil things’ that may be stressing our bodies and trying to make a change while also helping others to do that same.

After all…

Sharing is Caring. And everyone can use a lil extra body lovin!

To end this first post, I will say that I’m a small blog and I’m not foreseeing this ‘series’ becoming this huge hit like Miss Jen’s WIAW partay but I would really L.O.V.E to see others share their thoughts, suggestions, tips and advice on how they show body love. Don’t be shy 😀

How do you show your body love?

What’s one thing you do that isn’t so nice for your body?




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