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Hey Friends,

So I’m linking up with the other Marvelous Monday go-ers over at Katie’s blog again this week because, well, I think I have some pretty marvelous things to share. Don’t forget to check out what was Marvelous in everyone elses Monday’s! I have to say Katie, I was pretty jealous of your apple picking excursion as I totally want to go this year as the apples are faring much better than they were last year. I have been seeing so many other bloggers having fun in the orchards and I suppose I will just have to find myself one here in Hamilton and drag the boyfriend out for a day trip 😉

What else was Marvelous you ask?

Marvelous is having your first FULL day off all forms of work in practically 3 weeks…Oh I milked that lovely Sunday for sure, despite the cold and dreary day it was weather wise! My day consisted of some great things, well I think they are great 😉

  • Mid-morning nap (those are cherished these days). My boyfriend was home late enough that I could just snuggle my way back into bed after my breakfast.
  • Made a nice lunch..ON A PLATE for myself after doing some grocery shopping. One task that a foodie would never call tedious is grocery shopping. Yay anyone?
Big Ol' salad with lots of raw and roasted veggies, spinach, romaine mix greens and my homemade dressing alongside an open faced sammich (toasted Ezekiel multiseed bread smeared with avocado and topped with wilted spinach, grilled spicy chicken, roasted onion and mustard) and roasted brussels.

Big ol’ salad with lots of raw and roasted veggies, spinach, romaine mix greens and my homemade dressing alongside an open faced sammich (toasted Ezekiel multiseed bread smeared with avocado and topped with wilted spinach, grilled spicy chicken, roasted onion and mustard) and roasted brussels.

  • Biked myself down to Dundas to visit a few shops. There is a cute lil grocery store/market place that I love to go into but whenever I manage to get down there (on Sunday’s) it’s closed 😦 I get my La Tortilla Factory wraps from there plus they have some beautiful local produce I like to parooze around. Despite that being closed, I wandered down to another favourite place of mine, The Horn Of Plenty and found something prreeettyy marvelous. THAT will will share further down in the post.

While In Dundas I also attended my first ever Bikram yoga class and that was pretty Marvelous…and super sweaty!


It was soo nice to do some yoga again! I haven’t done it in while now and I always feel great and relaxed after it. Although yoga is nothing new to me, this specific practice was new to me. Bikram, similar to hot yoga, is a form of yoga that is done in a heated room (which I have done about 2-3 times) which allows for further lengthening of the muscles and range of motion due to the body being nice and warm. Where it differs a lil from traditional hot yoga practices (Moksha) is that there is less variation in the postures. Each of the 26 Bikram postures are done twice through in every class while Moksha has more poses that are varied depending on the class and instructor that is teaching the class. Bikram is also ALWAYS 90 minutes (yeah, intense one) long while, once again, Moksha varies depending on the class attended. One thing I definitely noticed that was that Bikram was more intense than Moksha was. It wasn’t just the longer time duration, but the big thing was that we were constantly reminded that we should be pushing to our limits. I’m wondering if this may be why they keep the same postures all the time so that you are constantly able to push for further improvement. All I can say was that I would do it again. It was tough, it was super sweaty and it left me tired physically BUT it left me extremely limber, relaxed mentally and feeling almost detoxed. Something to definitely try out!

Marvelous is setting a datenight with my special guy

It has been so long since Andre and I have gone out for dinner and since last week was his birthday and I was working (wah wahhh) we set a time and a date and stuck to it! We ended up going out for Thai food (my favourite cuisine EVER!) at Siam Dish on Locke street and it was truly wonderful. Sorry no pictures as it was super dark by the time we went, but it was just nice to sit down after a long day of work and spend some time with him over some yummy noms.

Marvelous is finding new goodies!

The jackpot of Kombucha! Errrrmmmaagawwd. Found at the Horn of Plenty.

IMG_24131. Yes I’m now obsessed 2. my wallet is crying and blaming IG for this new obsession. So no, kombucha itself is not new to me, as I instantly fell in love with the GT raw kombucha in multigreens, but what was new to me was the other varieties as my lil GoodnessMe! doesn’t carry any of the others besides the Synergy purple one…which I have not tried as it is made with juice and I’m avoiding those with added sugars. Decisions, decisions. I took to IG to ask my lovely friends which one I should get. NOTE I said which ONE, yeah that failed. Anywho, I have been told before that the gingerade one is amazing but haven’t heard much about the other flavours. All in all I had to make a choice between:

  • Traditional
  • Citrus
  • Gingerade
  • Multigreen (I would have snatched one of these as our store is out right now, but I decided to be adventurous)
  • Trilogy (apparently the most popular one at the Horn of Plenty)
  • Cosmic Cranberry (probably great for those females suffering with UTI like symptoms, sorry guys, TMI)
  • Gingerberry
  • Third Eye Chia
  • Synergy Divine Grape
  • Synergy Maqui Berry Mint

Yeah, lots to choice from for a very indecisive person. I always feel like I will regret not picking up a different one…Anyone else like that? Anyways, I cut out the cranberry, grape, gingerberry and trilogy as those had juice in them and I didn’t want the excess sugars added. The maqui berry mint sounded like an interesting idea but was in the same boat as the last couple. Citrus wasn’t really turning me on, but I heard later that it’s really good. So I ended up with

IMG_2422Third Eye Chia….aaannnd

IMG_2425Gingerade…yeah I caved and bought two. Indecisive I tell you! I decided that since I’m currently trying my hardest to fight off impending doom a cold (it’s been like 2 years! Ugh stress and lack of sleep is not good apparently), that I needed the ginger one too for my poor immune system. 😉 If you haven’t tried this drink, you definitely should as it tastes amazing and is amazing for your body. I’m thinking I will do a post about kombucha, but for now, check out their website for their awesome product line and a lil info on this living, probiotic goodness.

Another thing I found recently on my trip to Popeyes to pick up more questies (yeah my wallet hates me) was this beauty…

IMG_2423Nuts ‘n more nut butter line. I have never seen this in stores before so I was pretty excited when it was sitting there all pretty at the cash. It literally had JUST come in so I arrived just at the perfect time (not to mention they also just got their first shipment of the white chocolate raspberry Questbars in too…I was on a role!). As I checked out all their varieties I was pretty disappointed by the fact that ALL of them contained canola oil in their ingredients list. Total bummer as the rest of the ingredients are pure gold! Happily, I managed to find ONE that didn’t have it and it was this delicious one-> Chocolate peanut butter. Now normally I find that chocolate peanut butters are too bitter, but this one is really good! It has already made an appearance two mornings in a row on my proats and is settlin in just fine 😀 Just take a look at these stats!

IMG_2424Sweetened with xylitol (natural sweetener), these butters are fortified with omega fatty acids through blending in flax seeds. They also contain whey protein for an added protein punch. So overall, no salt, no added oils or sugars and a great taste from peanuts and pure cocoa. Good stuff! It’s really too bad that I couldn’t try their other flavours (cinnamon raisin and chocolate coconut almond butters would have been awesome) because of the canola oil (often GMO), but maybe I can try my hand at making my own. I will keep you posted. Here’s their site if you want to check them out, oh and for all you pumpkin lovers, they also have a pumpkin flavour. Your welcome 😀

Well I hope your weekend (and week to come!) was filled with Marvelous things as mine definitely was! Happy Monday 😀

Favourite brand of nut butter? Probably my homemade chunky peanut butter to be honest. I just get it roasted to the perfect caramel colour

Ever done Bikram yoga? What did you think?

Best thing you did over the weekend?



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