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Call Me The Bag Lady…WIAW


Hey Friends,

So as per usual these days, I will make this short and sweet as it is now time to chillax with Andre after a VERY LONG DAY. That will teach me to demolish my legs in the gym this morning and immediately ride my bike (mistake…slow moving vehicle people!) down to work for an 11am-close shift. Yeah, cue the total zombie face for the first hour or two of my shift. Oh how that competitive side comes out of me in the gym especially on leg day and I end up completely draining myself of everything I have. Anyways, I’m tired so I’m mindlessly babbling. Shall we get onto my food…or should I say food prep?

Remember to check out all of the other party goer’s over at Jen’s blog Peas and Crayons…Oh and I noticed, some of the partiers have posted up the new theme… Fall!?!?!? We didn’t have a summer…sigh. I refuse to say fall is here, despite it being so cold recently, so I’m sticking with the general theme button. 😀

Peas and Crayons

I’m not saying there aren’t some things I like about fall….

  • Apple picking (If I ever get the chance to go again, which I would love!)
  • Fall theme scents (apple pie, cobbler, all those baked goodies except pumpkin stuff…yes blasphemy number..what am I at now?)
  • Pie making, used to be a tradition with my mom when I was at home
  • Scarves…although I don’t like being cold
  • Squashes! Although, that’s nothing too new, I eat those on a regular basis. What’s a season? BUT cool lookin varieties come out in the fall like the lil carnival one I picked up the other day. Looking forward to trying it and all the other new-to-me kinds

Okay babbling again! On with it!

Before trashing my legs, this bowl of delicious carbs on carbs was devoured…

IMG_2153Kinda pretty…

IMG_2155How I actually eat it. Yup peanut butta blob in the middle with a bunch of the goodies under it. I eat all around the bowl and leave the best combo of all that’s wonderful in life for the last bite. Am I alone here?

In the bowl: Proats made with chia seeds, egg whites, almond milk, water, cinnamon and Cellucor Peanut Butter Marshmellow Whey topped with 1 serving of my Candyfit Muffins, 75 whole beautiful grams of banana (gotta love leg day sometimes!), 1/2 tsp of lucuma powder (superfood) and 1/2 tbsp of my homemade chunky peanut butter. Yummers!

Now here’s what the rest of my day looked like (minus my nightly snacky):

IMG_2371Classy Eh? Hence the bag lady comment….I was at work from 11am until close (7:30 at my work) so I had to cart most of my days worth of meals and snacks with me. So lets break this down shall we?

Post workout:

IMG_2369New experiment. I haven’t been making my beautiful post workout muffins lately. Instead, I have been making these cookie-baked oatmeal thingies to avoid having to ingest the dairy in my muffins. This saves me from taking a lactaid, which is not really a big deal, but hey, they taste yummy and have the exact same macro split at my muffins.

3 tbsp of oats

2 tbsp liquid egg whites

1/2 scoop chocolate whey (I used Swiss Chocolate Probiotic New Zealand Whey by Schinoussa)

35g banana


Mix in a cup, spray a little bake-proof dish and throw the mixture in the dish. Bake at 350 for about 15-20 minutes or until the top is firm and it’s cooked through.

Next we move onto lunch.

IMG_2366More class right there…

IMG_2365It’s just my typical post-post workout lunch of Japanese sweet taters and brussels sprouts that have been roasted with rosemary and chopped up spicy grilled chicken breast. Still good cold and in a bag.

Snack was one of the various spin-offs of my afternoon fishoil mugcake.

IMG_2364Also eaten from a bag hidden in my apron, this one was made with coconut flour and oats for the extra carbs. No almond flour in this one.

Dinner was finally somewhat presentable as it was in a container and heated up. A bag may have made this very tricky to eat.

IMG_2363Eaten while pulling forward after store closing, in the bowl was some organic jasmine brown rice (this stuff smells divine!), a saute of broccoli, onion, green pepper (from our garden), chili flakes and powder, curry and turmeric, some of my spicy chicken and a piece of baked tilapia with Ms. Dash extra spicy blend. Good stuff.

To top my night off, I will be enjoying my typical protein pudding (frozen) of Optimum nutrition chocolate casein mixed with almond milk and my peanut butter (and topped with more peanut butta..yeah I save up my daily fats for this snack! ;-)) and some carbs in the form of a new muffin recipe by Nikia Dyason.

IMG_2373IMG_2374Cutest lil muffin!

Nikia has some amazing clean recipes that you should definitely try out! This lil one was a modified version of her banana quinoa oat muffins. I had lots of strawberries to use so I used those instead of the banana and threw in some other things as well. I won’t post my version until after I try it tonight to see if mine works or not.

So food prep at it’s finest today and now I’m off to shower and enjoy that snacky with my boyfriend and our nightly tradition of Entourage re-runs on the couch 😀

Favourite things about fall?

How do you get through a long day of work?

Favourite quick recipe? I have been lovin those Candyfit muffins lately!

Have a good night friends!




6 thoughts on “Call Me The Bag Lady…WIAW

  1. Muffins – yum yum! I made some pumpkin & oat muffins today. So good and so convenient to take to work!

  2. This makes me miss my kitchen a lot! Aha, are you trying to save space by using bags or did you run out of tupperware?!

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