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MIMM: A new furbaby


Hey Friends!

Short and sweet post but I has to share the absolutely marvelous times I shared with a special new lil one in my life…

IMG_2274 Meet Maggie! Look at that face….

IMG_2266And again….

IMG_2286Okay one more….


In her sling in my mom’s arms

SOOOO CUTE! I really didn’t want to give her back to my parents as I wanted her to stay with me forever. Unfortunately because I no longer live at home I will have to accept the fact that my visits will be shorter than I would like. But really though, can any visit with that cutie be long enough?

Marvelous is instant love!

Maggie is a toy poodle (same breed as Lacey) who will only get up to about 6-8 pounds or so. Yup, she’s a lil one just like me! 😉 Look how small she was in my boyfriends arms…


I don’t know why he looks so shy here…totally outgoing guy I swear! Maybe it was the tiny lil bit of love in his arms turning him into a mushball. HA!

Ahhh so much I could say about how much I loved this puppy the second I saw her. I had just gotten off work to meet my parents (how nicely came all the way from Georgetown with Maggie to have dinner with me and do the official meet and greet) at a nearby restaurant and almost instantly my backpack dropped, a huge smile appeared on my face and all I said was GIMME GIMME GIMME! 😀 It was a good and truly marvelous night!

Although nothing could beat Maggie in terms of marvelousness I just had to share the dinner than my parents and I enjoyed.

Marvelous is getting to finally enjoy something you have been craving for like…ummm.FOREVER!

There is a place on Locke street, a few doors down from my work on the opposite side of the street, called Naroma’s Pizza that I have been dying to revisit ever since my boyfriend and I tried it for the first time quite some time ago. They make the best pizza I have tasted (which I have to admit is not that much, but still amazing I tell you!) as it is baked to order in an authentic stone oven and served nicely on the slab thingies like the ones they use to make the pizza.

Their single servings are HUGE!

Their single servings are HUGE!

This is the coppia, which is the single serving lol. Yeah, they like their pizza’s large and in charge! What is great though is that you can split the pizza into two types so my mom and I split this one but got to personalize our own side. My side is the one on the left and it was just as amazing as I remembered it being! Basil pesto on the bottom with roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes (no pizza should ever be without those!), mushrooms, roasted chicken and mozzarella cheese). Mmmmmmm so good! I also love how they are in squares and that I can use a fork and knife

Anyone else enjoy pizza more with utensils?

My parents and I also shared this lovely Mediterranean salad:

Mixed greens, artichokes, onion, roasted red peppers, black olives (yuck) and a lovely balsamic vinaigrette)

Mixed greens, artichokes, onion, roasted red peppers, black olives (yuck) and a lovely balsamic vinaigrette)

annnnd I saved some room for a tastin of their dessert pizza (split in half with my Dad). Yeah it was my cheat night so I went to town!


Nutella and ricotta cheese sprinkled with a lil icing sugar

As it is normally served cold, we got it warmed as Lil Miss Fitness Freak doesn’t do cold for practically ANYTHING…desserts (like pie, etc) included! 😀 It was pretty good despite the dismal reviews from my fellow coworkers. Of course I haven’t eaten too many desserts in my life time so maybe this was just good because I nothing to compare it to…BUT it was tasty. I really liked the chocolate hazelnuttiness of the ‘sauce’ and although I was a lil scared of how the cheese would taste it was a nice slightly sweet addition. My dad gave it a thumbs up too, but like everyone else, said that it wasn’t anything mind blowing. Nothing beats good ol’ ice cream I suppose 😉

So there you have it, my marvelous night of good food, good company and an amazing meeting with the new puppy. What’s better than that? Especially when you just worked like 24 hours over the past three dayz…

Thanks Katie for setting up this shinding and make sure to check our her blog for her (and everyone elses!) Marvelous affairs 😀

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Happy Monday!



2 thoughts on “MIMM: A new furbaby

  1. Oh she is so adorable! She’s like a mini Teddy Bear 🙂

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