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I Did It Again…Ooops


Hey Friends,

So….I have been MIA AGAIN! I’m sorry to my readers but my life has been thrown upside down and backwards these past few weeks. Let me explain in some nicely put-together bullet points 😀

  • Had to get my Personal Training Specialist Certification done before school started. DONZO (yes I passed Canfit! Woooo and I’m now officially certified. More on that in a later post)
  • Had to do training for my new job at the pulse (2 full days mid last week). DONE
  • Had to re-arrange my entire last weeks schedule at GoodnessMe! to work around said training days. STRESSFUL but DONE. I take most of the blame for this one. Unfortunately when I got my official schedule for the pulse I never managed to see my manager up until the weeks schedule was already made…then there was no one to cover my shifts (3 of them total) until very last minute for every one. Can we say over the top stressful? Now that schedules are all out there, hopefully something like that doesn’t occur again. Lesson learned.
  • Locke Street Festival was yesterday (Saturday) which made for a very long, tiring and crazed shift at GoodnessMe! I’m ALIVE. This is an annual festival where the entire street gets closed down and all of the shops bring some store goodies into the streets while offering specials, draws, demos, etc inside the store. All hands were on deck but we we not prepared for the downpour that occurred for a good 4 hours that morning. Overall it was a busy day that left all of us both mentally and physically exhausted…oh and damp.
  • All paperwork had to be done for the Pulse including biographies for personal trainer advertising. DONE

All of these events left me slightly exhausted to say the least and, alas, my blogging took a hit. I was not happy about this as I have come to realize that blogging is quite the good stress reliever and always puts me in a good mood.

Speaking of mood…My parents and I recently lost our precious furbaby.

LaceyI think I only briefly mentioned Lacey once on this blog..maybe back in my opening post…but she was the dog that I pretty much grew up with. This black toy poodle with the lil milk dipped chin and two back feet has been my fur love for over a decade and a half and although I know that it was coming soon due to her consistent health issues, it doesn’t make it any less sad.

Photo on 2011-11-12 at 14.13 #3

Pardon the terrified look on her face in this picture. Apparently she doesn’t like a camera being pointed at her to capture a lovely sister-sister bonding moment

At the ripe age of 7 (6..?), I actually cried when we were bringing her home simply because I was so happy to have her in my arms. Being only 6 weeks old, the fact that she was whimpering probably also contributed to the mini cry fest I had in the back seat. From that day forward we had a lot of good memories with Lacey…

  • The day she ‘pushed’ me in the puddle. To this day I swear she was the one that got me all wet 😉
  • My young self dressing her up in my baby clothes and pushing her in my carriage. Yeah, that didn’t last long…
  • Lacey going through her pulling hair stage and always wanting to yank my ponytail right out of my head.
  • Lacey always coming to situate herself in her favourite spot…your lap
  • Her obsession with licking things. How gross is it that she was addicted to licking my dads feet and legs?
  • The day I decided that she needed a rain coat and hat to go outside to pee in the pouring rain:
lacey raincoat

I kinda feel bad for doing this now, but my heart was actually in the right place at the time I suppose

  • Lacey pushing my childhood hamster Rosie (in her hamster ball) down the hallway like a bullet every time Rosie came out to play
  • The first grooming experience. Wow that was a hilarious one, although slightly embarrassing and very impractical for Lacey. Due to our lack of knowledge of what to ask the groomer for regarding hairstyles, Lacey ended up getting a Bichon Frise like style…This meant big fluffy head and skinny shaved down body apparently. Her head was so large with hair that she she simply could not hold it up. So sad.
  • Due to her being too young when we first got her (lesson: Don’t get a puppy younger than 8wks), we ended up having to hand feed her as she was unsure how to feed herself.I have to admit that feeding a lil palm sized puppy out of a spoon or syringe is insanely cute.
  • Lacey’s consistent attack on other dogs. Now this one was more dangerous than anything as she would literally go nuts with any other dog that she didn’t know…especially big ones. She leaped up and bite the nose of a bouvier once and constantly wanted to take on the neighbourhood pitbull (…from the other side of the street. That thing looked mean) which was a total no-no as she could be snatched up in seconds. Compensation for her smallness perhaps?
  • Her always having to wear her socks. So many people commented on how cute she was with her socks on. Oh and no, we weren’t doing that simply because they were cute, they did serve a purpose! She had bad allergies that caused her to obsessively lick her feet and because her feet were getting to the raw stage we needed to place a barrier in there and my baby socks fit the bill.

I’m probably forgetting tons but the point was that we shared an amazing life with that lil poodle and she will never be forgotten. I hope that all of your pain has been lifted and that Sasha (our beautiful, second mother border collie we had for the first 1/2 a decade of my life) is now taking care of your as she did with me when I was a baby. RIP Lacey you will forever be my most favourite lil licker.

Have you ever lost a pet?

Did you get another pet or was it to traumatizing to get another one? My parents actually ended up finding another toy poodle much sooner than I expected. The loss hit them both very hard and I think they needed some fur loving sooner than later to help with the healing process. I will say that I am super excited to meet Maggie today when my parents come down for dinner tonight! She’s quite adorable and be ready for tons of pictures 😀

I do hope to be posting much more so also expect some long over due recipes and back to my regular posting. Hello WIAW (and hopefully fitness fridays) once again!






2 thoughts on “I Did It Again…Ooops

  1. I missed you! I never really realized how busy starting a new routine can be until I myself missed a few too many blog posts. I am so sorry to hear about Lacey! I remember seeing photos of her often. I know Maggie isn’t a replacement but I am sure you will have many fun memories with her as well. Can’t wait to see photos she looks cute in your profile picture!

    • I missed blogging so much! Thanks, there will be no replacement for Lacey but I hope she is in a better place now as her health was really going down hill fast. She is super adorable and I hope that I can babysit her soon! Maybe for the move my parents said 😀

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