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What I [Baked] Wednesday


Hey Friends,

So I’m going to throw a lil switch up at you and instead of just showing some of my eats (I have to include some though…you need your weekly dose of proat-porn right? ;-)) and show you the outcome of my crazed baking spree that I went on over the week, into the weekend and…well..okay fine still going strong this week. I had mentioned in this post that I was feeling super baking deprived during my study times before my PT exam and, well, we all know what happens when one deprives themselves of something they enjoy….

They go on a mad baking BINGE!

Ok so maybe ‘binge‘ is a weird term to use but the point is that I went a lil crazy and literally baked EVERYTHING (…and MORE!) that was in my lil noggin. Oat’s were a’flyin, banana’s were a’mashin, sinks were a’fillin and guess what? It was marvelous…[insert mischievous face here]. So what was included in my list of goodies? Let’s see shall we…

Peas and Crayons

Don’t forget to send some food blogger love over to our wonderful hostesses, Jen and lil Chickpea, over at Peas and Crayons. and drool over all the other food bloggers weekly noms.

Sooo it all began with my need desire to make more homemade Nuttzo as my boyfriend decided that the previous jar of nutty goodness was a free-for-all snack. Aka, the jar DID NOT last that long at all. BUT of course being me I had to make this version BETTER than the last batch by adding even more nuts to the mix. This led to waaayyy too much money being blown on organic nuts in the Whole Foods bulk bin. We won’t revisit that incident as I’m trying to forget that ever happened…oopps. 😀

Crunchy...just the way I like it!

Crunchy…just the way I like it!

So the first recipe is for my ‘new and improved’ version of Nuttzo. AKA I added pistachios and hazelnuts this time too. Despite taking the time to measure it all out to calculate the nutritional stats for you guys, those will prolly mean nothing to you as the whole point of making this mixed nut butta is to throw in all your favourite nut varieties. So, the measurements in this write-up were based on my butta, but adjust to suit your own tastebuds. Oh and excuse the random measurements…it just happened to be the amount of each that I bought.

It made tons!

It made tons!

Homemade Nuttzo

82 servings (1 serving= 1 tbsp or approximately 15g)

1/4 cup organic flax seeds

200g + 58g raw organic almonds

200g + 80g raw organic peanuts

120g + 54g raw organic cashews

110g + 32g raw organic walnuts

100g + 29g raw organic hazelnuts

112g + 29g raw organic brazil nuts

65g + 23g raw organic pistachios (shelled)


  1. In the oven (or toaster oven) roast all of your nuts (leave out the flax seed). Time depends on which oven you are using but set the oven at 350 and watch them carefully so that you don’t burn them. Roast for anywhere from 10 minutes upward depending on how toasty you like them to be.
  2. In a blender or food processor, blend the flax seeds and the larger amount (the first number in grams) of each nut variety until smooth. This may take a few minutes depending on the power of your machine. Scrape down the sides as needed to help get it moving.
  3. Chop the remainder of the nuts and add that to your smooth butter to make a chunky nut butter (* you can omit this step and just blend the entire batch of nuts if you prefer a smooth butter consistency)
  4. Jar it, refrigerate it and enjoy!

Calories: 89 cal Fat: 8g Protein: 8g Carbohydrates: 3g Fiber: 1g

The great thing about this butter is the crunch of all the different nuts and the omega 3 fatty acids that the flax seeds bring into the mix! Healthy fats anyone? Also something to note is that mine tastes more along the almond butter side but, as I mentioned, adjust the nut proportions to suite your preferences. Want a sweeter butter? Add more cashews. Allergic to nuts? Use seeds like sunflower, pumpkin and chia for your personalized nut-free butta. The options are endless.

Next on my list to do was my own peanut butta…Man oh man after this day I was so tired of making nut butter. It’s not that they are hard to make, but because I insist that they must be chunky, the chopping of the nuts to stir in can get annoying and tiresome.

IMG_1695For my peanut butter I just follow the same procedure as outlined for the Nuttzo except I’m only using organic raw peanuts.

After a day of making nut butter I was sooo ready to move onto some real baking so this beauty was then created.

IMG_2011The recipe for my Vanilla Fig Upside-Down cake was already posted and you can check it out here. My boyfriend really enjoyed this cake. You know what he also enjoyed? Being my ‘holding the plate’ model. 😉 Oh how I love that he puts up with my crazy antics.

He also enjoyed another lil treat. This one was suuuper simple and quick to make.

IMG_1985These cookies were not my recipe, in fact the came from a recipe that my boyfriend happened to post on my Facebook wall. Was that a hint? 😛

Perez Hilton apparently shared this recipe and despite the short ingredient list, my boyfriend said they were probably the best [healthy] cookies he has had! The only thing I changed was that I also added some unsweetened carob chips because I was runnin really low on raisins and my boyfriend just loves those lil chips. 😀 He gobbled down the whole batch (I managed about 9 large cookies), minus 3 that he gave to his friend that stopped by, in one night. Satisfied customer I would say. 😉

The last thing I had in my head was another loaf of my version of the Quest Protein Bread. The original version I made can be found here. Since then I have made some additional changes because apparently I just like forever tweaking things….

IMG_2059The changes I have made include….

  • I use 2.7% (random % much?) plain GOAT yogurt in the place of the greek….this makes it so that I don’t have to pop a lactaid to have some
  • 3 tbsp liquid egg whites in place of the whole egg… balance out the fat from the yogurt (keeps the stats the same)
  • 1tbsp unsweetened carob + 1 tbsp cacao powder in place of the 2 tbsp carob….cacao has more benefits/nutrients
  • I used a peanut butter chocolate Questbar in place of the brownie…I was running low on the brownie ones
  • I actually baked it at the right temperature…aka 325 NOT 350…makes it softer/more moist.

Yes I have a problem…I just can’t let a recipe be the way it is. MUST CHANGE SOMETHING! Sigh..

One last thing that came out of left field ended up being created was inspired by all the sweet tater porn on Instagram. My boyfriend had been in Toronto doing his acting thing for 2 days so I decided to make him his own sweet tater creation when he came home yesterday night.

Oozzzing sweet tater

Oozzzing sweet tater

BAM! That is a thing of beauty aint’ it? I have seen soooo many sweet/dessert-like takes on a sweet potato and although I have a soft spot for savory (roasted with rosemary) sweet taters, I thought it would be super fun to create something sweet. So this lil baby is simply a foil baked sweet potato (stab the tater with a fork, wrap in foil and roast in the oven at 375-400 until soft) with the following toppings.

  • Cinnamon Swirl yogurt (aka about 1/4-1/3 cup plain greek yogurt with 1/2 scoop Cellucor Cinnamon Swirl whey)
  • 1 tbsp YouFreshNaturals Vanilla Maple Coconut Almond Butter (sooo good!), melted slightly
  • raw cacao nibs
  • Unsweetened carob chips (they are hiding under the yogurt…I pushed them into the sides of the tater to melt a lil bit)
  • Cinnamon
  • Pure maple syrup (you can use sugar free if you would like but my boyfriend LOVES the real stuff)

Once your tater is cool enough to handle, cut it down the centre and stuff your carob chips into the sides of the potato so the steam can melt them a lil bit. At this point (once the chips have melted a lil bit) put the entire thing in the fridge to chill. When you are ready to serve it up, mix the yogurt together with the protein powder (or you can just add lots of cinnamon and maybe some stevia) and throw that inside the tater. Then, take your almond butter and soften it up in the microwave and throw that on top too. Sprinkle with your cacao nibs, cinnamon and drizzle with maple syrup. Cue faceplant!

Andre LOVED it and said it would be an amazing idea for a dessert!

And that my friends ends my baking spree. Phew…lots of good stuff that is waiting to be eaten up! 😀 Before I leave you all I wanted to quickly share some recent noms that I snapped shots of.

IMG_2064Rest Day Proats. Base: Oats, Cellucor Cinnamon Swirl Whey, 1/2 tsp coconut oil, tsp chia seeds, cinnamon, 1/3 cup each water and unsweetened almond milk. Morning add-ins: 2.5 egg whites, fresh organic blueberries (half nuked til liquidy and 1/2 warmed) and 2 tsp YouFreshNaturals Vanilla Maple Coconut Almond Butter.

That YouFreshNaturals stuff is awesome btw! Check out their two flavours!

IMG_1980Yes, that’s cookie dough! 😀 It was insta-love! They make their nut butters using only natural ingredients with no added sugars! What is super cool about their butters is that they make them using coconut butter so you get your healthy dose of medium chain fatty acids in your nut butter! The Cookie Dough one has real vanilla powder, pure maple, nutmeg, coconut flour, and dairy/salt/gluten free chocolate chunks inside it. Super yum eh? The Vanilla Maple contains real vanilla powder, pure maple and dates to give it a nice vanilla-maple essence. You should really check them out! Heres their webpage if you want to order any of their products.

IMG_2066Random restday snack: 1 scrambled egg+2 egg whites, grilled chipotle spiced (ms. Dash) chicken breast, onion, garlic, chili flakes, curry powder, swiss chard and brussel sprouts

IMG_1988Another restday proats bowl. Same basic ingredients as the first but used topped with strawberries (nuked), raw cacao nibs, goji berries and YouFreshNaturals Cookie Dough Coconut Almond Butter

IMG_1968Preworkout proats: Base: 1/3 scoop Cellucor Peanut Butter Marshmellow whey, 1/3 cup+ 1tbsp oats, 1/3 cup each unsweetened almond milk and water, 1/2 tsp coconut oil, 1 tsp chia seeds, cinnamon. Morning add-ons: 1/2 peanut butter supreme Questbar (have baked, half raw), banana, 1/2 tbsp crunchy pb. Peanut butter on peanut butter!

IMG_1993AMAZING date night dinner with Andre. On my plate, grilled bison tenderloin (thanks dad ;-)) with sauteed mushrooms and onions and a 1/4 ounce light goat cheese, swiss chard saute with beetroot, onions, garlic, and chili flakes and roasted rosemary kabocha. Soo Soo Soo Soo good. Bison = LOVE I tell you!

IMG_2069Restday lunch. 2 Ezekiel corn tortillas with avocado (lovin that green stuff lately..shocked yes!), wilted spinach, grilled chipotle chicken and mustard. side of roasted brussels and the extra chicken. Chipotle and avocado go perfectly together! No wonder Mexican food always combines these flavours….

IMG_2082Dinner with work at West Town on Locke Street in Hamilton. Kept it clean! Warm salad of mixed greens, raw veggies, warmed mushrooms and onions, grilled chicken breast and my homemade dressing (1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1/2 tsp olive oil, 1/2 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 1-2 tbsp water, 2 tsp Frenches, mustard, dried rosemary and chili flakes) and avocado brought from home. Gotta meet those macros…

IMG_2085My favourite salad as of late: tons of spinach, romaine salad mix, lil bit of orange pepper, cucumber, roasted veggies (kabocha, broccoli and brussels), avocado, baked spicy tilapia (extra spicy ms Dash seasoning), chipotle grilled chicken breast, 4 shrimpies, and my go-to dressing. Super Yum! I love the variety in this salad.

IMG_2033Restday nightly snackie: 1/2 a baked cookie dough Quest (1/2 on my restdays to help bring up my carbs) and my casein pudding (1 scoop chocolate Optimum Nutrition casein, 4 tbsp unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon and 1/2tbsp + 1 tsp my crunchy peanut butter mixed in and 1/2 tbsp of that peanut butter for the top). Love my fats at night!

Alright I am finally dunzo for the night. Hope you had a good humpday!



6 thoughts on “What I [Baked] Wednesday

  1. Reminds me I need some sweet potatoes!

  2. Wow! I am honestly speechless haha you were one busy girl in the kitchen. Everything looks amazingggg. Can’t believe you make your own Nutzo.. so impressed! Considering that stuff costs and arm and a leg hah

    • I was hahaha but I really did enjoy doing it all despite it taking a really long time (due to work interruptions haha). Thanks so much and yes, I love making nut butters homemade because normally they are cheaper (this one also cost me an arm and a leg…oh pistachios) and I like to roast the nuts longer then store bought varieties tend to.

  3. Whoa. I just drooled my way all down this post. Each pic looked better than the last – and I thought the Nuttzo creation wouldn’t be topped! 🙂

    • Wow thanks so much for checking out my post! I thoroughly enjoy reading yours! 😊🙌 thanks I enjoy a good bake-sesh every once as a while and the Nuttzo is definitely on point! I love homemade nut butters cuz I can roast those lil guys to perfections! I like em tanned 😉

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