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Comin’ Out Of Hiding…And It’s Marvelous

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Hey Friends,

I have been missin’ my bloggy during my lil spree of MIA-ness. Was suuuuper busy studying for this lil certification

I wrote the exam portion this past Saturday and now await the results. Friday, friday ya’ll! Cross your fingers for me. 😀 Once you pass the written part its time for the practical, so that awaits me in the near future. Good stuff…anyways moving on.

I decided that since it had been such a long time since I had blogged…I even missed WIAW!…which is a super bummer, I thought I would join in on another weekly link up party that I have yet to participate in yet.

MiMM MIMM #63 with Family Night, Froyo, and More!

Marvelous In My Monday, or MIMM, was created by Katie over at Healthy Diva Eats. I truly love the idea of this link up party because the way I see it, what better way to start up your week on a positive note than reminiscing about the good times you had during a relaxing (hopefully!) weekend away from work and stress. So onward we go. What marvelous-ness did I have the chance to enjoy?

Marvelous is getting to see my family for the weekend.

Due to living in Hamilton and my parents and my lil pooch living back in my hometown, I don’t tend to see them all that often so sometimes it’s nice to go back home and see whats been happening and spent some time together. Sadly, one of these popped up on our lawn as of Saturday

I can’t say that this was a marvelous thing to hear about but hopefully once I see the inside of the new house I will stop being cranky about it. In my defense, this house was the one I lived in for pretty much my entire life, until I moved away for school, so it’s quite sad to think about someone else calling it ‘home.’ Like I said, time will allow me to get used to the idea of moving on from my childhood home…I hope.

A physical object is not what keeps memories alive. The memories worth remembering are those that have situated themselves within our minds and are forever there to recall long after that physical entity has passed its time.

Marvelous is relaxing after a stressful situation/event/day

Said stressful event was my Saturday PT exam that I previously mentioned. It was nice to relax and get treated to some pampering

I hope feet don't creep you out...

I hope feet don’t creep you out…

I love gettin sparkles and special flowers on my nails whenever I get them done. This time I took it one step further and got a diamond jewel placed in the centre of my flower. Yup I’m 22 and still rock the teenager style toe polish and designs and love every bit of it. 😀

IMG_1943My mom had gotten a pedicure earlier in the day while I was writing my test and said that I should get one too. I really shouldn’t have tried to object as 1. its a pedi and 2. it was on my parents. Free and pretty…that’s a pretty good deal if I do say so myself! 😉 Thanks Mom and Dad. Oh and how my feet are so dark compared to my mom’s despite feeling like I never get lots of time outside is beyond me. Random tanned child.

Marvelous is getting to make my FAVOURITE foods

IMG_1937SCALLOPS! This is why my parents should never let me quickly run into the grocery store with their debit card….Thanks again for dinner Mom and Dad. 😛 I adore scallops so for special occasions I will pick’em up for a delicious meal like this one. Also…toot toot, look at that sear! Chef skillz over here! This dinner was just so amazing, got my swiss chard sautee that I have been addicted to lately (swiss chard, onions, garlic, mushrooms, spices), rosemary roasted butternut squash and avocado. Never thought I would hear myself say that avocado was part of anything delicious, but I’m actually starting to like it. Soothes the tummy too which is a plus for those with irritable digestion.

Marvelous is being able to get back to bloggin!

Did I ever miss blogging…and baking (still have yet to do that sadface) while I was attached at the hip to my PT training manual! Hence why I have been firing out posts like crazy as of yesterday evening. Gotta reacquaint myself with the Lil Miss Fitness Freak realm. If you didn’t notice, I posted the recipe for this beauty yesterday.

IMG_1870Definitely something to check out if you have some zucchini on hand!

Marvelous is being able to catch up with friends over some good noms

Sunday night, on our way back to Hamilton, my parents and I got to meet up with Molly at Whole Foods for a lil dinner and dessert…well dessert for moi as it was my cheat night ;-).

IMG_1947Molly is an amazing friend of mine who I met through some hard times more than 6 years ago! It always makes me so happy when we can arrange a meet up as we share so many things in common…like walking around Whole Foods for hours! 😀 Foodie fun. She is also a health and foodie blogger over at The Happiness Recipe so you should definitely check her out. Wonderful recipes and DIY tricks and crafts from this very talented Molly Mouse. 😀

Of course I also have to share the goods

IMG_1944Random assortment from the salad bar (spinach, beets, cucs, peppers), hot bar (a few roasted carrots, steamed trees, some ratatoille that was super yummy and artichoke baked tilapia that was amazing) and a side of random romaine for my moms lettuce-less sammich. I wanted to keep dinner light so that I could try out their gelato for the first time (surprising eh?).

IMG_1945Two lil scoops of banana peanut butter flavour. Yeah, no pistachio that day 😦 so I went for one of my favourite food combinations. The review: It was just okay. There was really only a light banana flavour that I could taste and definitely lacked in the peanut butter flavour department aside from one random peanut half that snuck into my bowl. Lil disappointed that I didn’t go crazy and try cookies and cream or the smores flavour. Oh well, nothing will ever please me more than pistachio.

Tonight was another reunion of sorts…

…With all my girls from McMaster. I was so happy to see them all because it really has been too long! Especially with Laura who has been flying all over the place loving her life as a newly trained flight attendant. So many stories to tell us! The length of time that passes before I get to see these ladies is really quite sad as the majority of us live in Hamilton! We just can never seem to arrange our schedules to do a routine girls night like we should. We all met up on Locke Street (the amazing street where I work) at Beasley’s House Bistro for dinner and catch-ups. While the company was awesome, my food was meh but that was my own fault as I was keepin it squeaky clean due to my cheat being last night.

IMG_1952Nice boring house salad (you would think they could at least put some more variety of veggies in there geesh! BUUUT I can’t complain too much as they gave more peppers than I expected) with grilled chicken (ordered dry with no salt). I brought my own typical dressing (1 tbsp ACV, 1/2 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 1/2 tsp olive oil, 2 tsp mustard, tbsp water, chili flakes and rosemary) and some avocado to ensure that I had some good fats in there. Yeah, I’m fun to take out. 😛 Goals people, goals! My friends dishes looked really yummy though. Beasley’s is apparently known for their crepes and seafood so Laura got their seafood crepe and Sophia got their chicken one. Both smelled and looked amazing! I snuck a snap of Morgan’s crab stuffed sole….

IMG_1953Amazing right?!? I totally would have topped my salad with scallops but they probably would sear them off in butter and such. Sadface, oh well I got my own this weekend. 😀 Anyways the night was awesome because of my girls being there and that’s all that mattered!

Love these girls!

Love these girls!

So overall a busy weekend filled with good friends, good noms and de-stressing. That sounds pretty Marvelous to me! Thanks to Katie for hosting this event. 😀

Best part of your weekend?

Yay or Nay to scallops? LOVE them, I can’t say that enough

Favourite flavour of gelato? You know what mine is 😉 Although this will always be my fav, if I ever saw a straight up peanut butter one I might just die a lil bit!



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