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What I Wanna Try Wednesday…WIAW


Peas and CrayonsHey Friends

So I thought for this week I would do a lil something different as my noms can get kinda repetitive, especially now that I’m working at increasing my calories. So what am I going to share this week? Well I decided that since I love to show some love to my fellow food bloggers, I’m going to fill this WIAW post with some foods that I have been dying to try but have been too lazy to failed to make as of yet. So without further ado, are we ready to see some foodporn? A big thanks to Jen (and mini pea) over at Peas and Crayons for always being the bestest hostesses 😉

So as you probably already know, breakfast is pretty much always my favourite meal of the day so it was tough to limit my choices of recipes for this category. It also doesn’t help that a lot of Instagram accounts that I follow also tend to leeerve breaky and go all out to make some delicious and healthy noms. How am I possible supposed to choose?!?! Foodie problems fo realz. 😀 So I hummed and hahhed and finally chose a few of my top picks to share with ya.

1. This first one was an easy choice and also a recipe that blew up all over IG within a few days of Miss Kim over at The Coconut Diaries posting her first version. I have really wanted to try it out but I always get cold feet when attempting to pry myself away from my beloved proats….This is totally my loss though because take a look at this baby:

PROTEIN POPTART using quest bars <3

Two words: Cookie and Dough. That is all. Not really…I mean how can you go wrong with stuffing a healthified poptart with a Cookie Dough Quest Bar? You cannot…you simply cannot. This idea was genius and super simple too! Take a low carb wrap, stuff it with whatever your heart desires (Kim offers quite the variety of fillings on her site and IG account for your experimenting pleasure), fold’er up, press (or cook on a pan) and top with protein ‘icing‘. YUMMERS!

My Version: I think WHEN I try this mine will definitely include the use of the cookie dough Questbar, banana and peanut butta…cuz really, did you expect anything else from me? 😉

2. As a second craving, I would loooove to try a pancake recipe from one of my two fellow instagrammers. They are quite the pancake connoisseurs. First up is Miss Meg from Megameows on Instagram. Check out this stack!

This is just ONE of her many recipes for pancakes amongst other delicious noms (hello nightly profroyo!). You should definitely check out her page.

For my second pancake master, I welcome TheFitBaldMan from Instagram as well. WOWZA does he make droolworthy pancake stacks, I mean he totally checked off all my favs with this beauty:

fitman cakes:-O Seriously….drool. Thanks Tony for sharing your pancake stacks from heaven with me on the daily.

What about savory you say? Well I got a couple things that have sparked my interest….

1. One thing I haven’t tried yet but I see all the time is sweet potato topped with nut butta…normally either almond butter (meh not my fav..) or peanut flour sauce. I would probably go for the latter for my testing purposes, but it seems interesting to me.

Kyla's sweet taterThis picture in particular is from Kyla over at TheLeanQueen on Instagram. BTW you should totally check this girl out, ripped out of this world I tell you and trying to put on mass like me…except she’s doing a better job…lol (grrrr that food volume problem I got goin on!). Anyways, hers is a sweet take on the nut butter tater, but I think I would skip out on the cinnamon and go for a more savory direction. Or maybe I would go crazy and try sweet, but for some reason that just doesn’t appeal to me as I always see sweet taters in their roasted form.

Leah’s (from SpicyySweet) hodgepodge has been gettin me as well. I used to love making ‘throw everything in a pan’ stirfry things (is it a stirfry…?) but I rarely make them anymore for reasons I don’t know. I love them because I go spice crazy and those ALWAYS taste good.

leah's hodgepodgeSo here’s to bringing them back to life. 😀 Thanks Leah.

Lastly what about them snack noms? Well first and foremost we have this beauty from Leah over at LeahPetersFitness on Instagram.

Leah peters snack bowlYou may remember Leah from my post on my fitsporation a lil while ago. I mentioned in my post that she has some great lil recipes on her account and that includes this guy here! This was a snack of hers that has quite a few layers of different yummy flavours and has been something I have really wanted to try. After, it has a Questbar in it! 😉 I would have to modify it slightly as I cannot have the cottage cheese that she added…hmmm I will have to ponder on what would make a good substitute. Thoughts? Overall, this symbolizes creativity in the kitchen beautifully. You have macros to hit and nutrients to fill but you also have a belly that wants something yummy and BAM there you go! Deliciousness in a bowl.

As a last snackage foodporn pic, I give you…

casein treatJessie’s (over at jcannon1 on Instagram) nightly casein pudding. OMG DROOOOOLLLL. I thought mine was good! But for realz though, we use the exact same stuff but hers looks 10x more foodporn-worthy than mine. I definitely am going to try actually putting my questbar IN my pudding one of these days for something new. Creature of habit problems.

Oh and for one more shot of droolworthy-ness I refer back to Meg at MegaMeows and give you something I wish I could eat

profroyoLOOK AT IT! LOOK NOW…stupid lactose intolerance…I drool over her nightly profroyo bowls every day and wish that my tummy would tolerate dairy better. What I can take from this are her toppings. She tends to add Questbar pieces (done and done :-D) and her homemade protein brownies, which I have also been meaning to check out. Oh the possibilities.

Anyways, that is all for Lil Miss Fitness Freak today. I hope your hump day was made better by all the blog-lovin foodporn I just shared with ya and that you are nommin on something delicious!


Is there a recipe you have been wanting to try out?

Are you a creature of habit? Sometimes afraid to change up what you know and like?

Ever made Profroyo?


7 thoughts on “What I Wanna Try Wednesday…WIAW

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  2. I’ve been eyeing that Poptart Recipe for the past few weeks as well. I am trying to come up with a felling since I can’t have Questbars! 😦 Let me know how it goes! It looks like the real thing. xo

  3. I am so with you on all of that!! I love all those people on IG! I actually just stated making mug cakes and proyo for my night time snack and I am so glad I have!! I really want to try the pop tart!

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