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Hey Friends!

In light of my new challenge (ie. increasing my calories) I figured that for this weeks WIAW I would show you how I am workin in those extra calories. Over the past few weeks I have surprisingly actually been able to steadily increase my calories and not feel like the cat in the picture above. Another surprise? I have been feeling just as hungry for the most part. Perhaps my body had slowed my metabolism down to compensate for not getting enough fuel? When I think about it, that is a real possibility. I was not eating drastically low amounts during the day, just apparently not enough to properly re-fuel after my strenuous workouts + running around at work. So, in spite of my fears, things are going ok. I honestly believe that this change in going more smoothly due to me taking the time to properly space out these extra calories so that I never feel like I am over stuffing myself. I also made sure that my snacks were the first to get hit rather than my meals. In any case, that’s my lil update and now lets get on with the show! Don’t forget to check out all of the other partay peoples over at Jen’s site Peas and Crayons

Peas and Crayons

My breakfasts have not changed drastically as they are already pretty calorie and carbohydrate dense (gym fuel!) but here are some I enjoyed this week:

PB and J chunks, banana and a lil ol'blob of my crunchy PB. Peanut Butta-licious!

PB and J chunks, banana and a lil ol’blob of my crunchy PB. Peanut Butta-licious!

Love that Quest Protein Bread!

Love that Quest Protein Bread!

IMG_1541Let’s stop right there ….This last one needs to be talked about. Why did it never occur to me to bake my questie pieces before putting them in my proats?!?!? Delicious! Thanks to a fellow friend on IG for this inspiration. I mean come on look at it!

IMG_1544Baked, ooey gooey goodness with a lil crunch from the crispy outer shell. I die. A must try for sure!

Anyways, overall my proats got an additional lil bit of oats added to them but that was pretty much it. This brings them up just over 50g of carbs to fuel me through my morning sweat sessions. As for rest days, I have up’ed their carbs a wee bit as well with the addition of Gogi berries. Say yay for superfoods!

Mess in a bowl...

Mess in a bowl…

Excuse the mess but this is actually how I eat my oatmeal (after my pretty picture attempt). Everything is all mixed in (in this case the heated, melty strawberres and gogi berries) EXCEPT for my peanut butta ski hill which I take from occasionally to mmmmmm-ify my spoonfuls.

This beauty graced my plate on leg day...

Cookie Dough delight!

Cookie Dough delight!

Recipe to come for my Cookie Dough and Banana Baked Protein Oatmeal

For my lunches, the switch up involved my sweet taters

PicMonkey Collage lunchI have switched back to using mostly regular sweet potatoes rather than all Japanese purple sweet taters as they are higher in carbs. The reason I switched in the first place was because the white ones have less sugar than our normal orange varieties BUT now that I needed an increase I started to wonder why I was worried about this… After all, they are being eaten shortly after my long gym sessions AND I don’t really eat that much natural sugar for the rest of the day anyways. I’m starting to realize those numbers are haunting me a lil bit.

For my rest days, lunch was my biggest challenge as this was the meal I had skimped the most in terms of carbs. Surprisingly, adding back those carbs I took out wasn’t as hard or as heavy as I expected. I don’t have many pictures due to most of my rest day lunches being at work, but here’s one from yesterday…

IMG_1578Big ol’e salad with roasted sweet taters (not squash) for my carb add-ins and the normal roasted and raw medley of veggies +

IMG_1581A homemade beef burger topped with 1/4 ounce of light goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, steamed mushrooms, pesto, mustard and tabasco. Soo good! Red meat is really something I should eat more of for the iron but I have grown to be more picky about my meats as of late. If buying red meat I really want it to be organic at least (free-range would be even better) which sometimes makes it tricky to eat it every week. Not to mention Fortino’s has had huge slabs of trout on sale for the past few weeks and those sing to me more than beef….I also have never in my life picked up a pack of ground beef as I always thought it was full of fat and just plain gross. This week though I happened to spot a pack of organic extra lean (6g of fat!) ground beef on sale and decided to snatch it up to make something nice for my rest day (ie. higher fat day). No regrets with the outcome of that purchase. 😀

Normally, due to being at work and having to stuff my face in secret, I have been making chicken and veggie wraps and quesadilla’s using Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Wraps for my lunches.

Dinna has been similar to lunch where I tend to have to replace some of my beloved kabocha with a higher carb alternative. In addition, due to the calories going being readjusted in all my macros (not just in my carbs), my fats have also increased and have generally been finding their way into my dinners. For example, for a date night with my boyfriend I made us up this lovely plate of noms:

IMG_1569Seared tuna steak with 3 seared scallops (OMG my fave!), roasted kabocha AND butternut squash (higher carb) and sauteed garlic broccoilini. This was soo yummy BUT I’m not a huge fan of the butternut squash so I might have to try another squash type and see how I like that one. Kabocha just cannot be beat!

So let’s recap real quick:

Breakfast….Carbs ^ slightly

Lunch…. Carbs ^

Dinner….Carbs ^ slightly, fats ^

All…protein has increased slightly

So now lets look at where my biggest changes have happened….my snacks. In particular my afternoon mugcake has gotten a lil make over for extra carbs and fat…

recycled picture... sorry always eaten at work

recycled picture… sorry always eaten at work

…through adding in coconut flour. So now, here’s my new recipe:

1 tbsp oats

1 tbsp coconut flour

3/4 scoop of chocolate whey (I use my Probiotic New Zealand Whey in Swiss Chocolate)

1 egg white (2 tbsp of liquid egg whites)

2 tsp Barleans Omega Swirl fish oils

2 tbsp unsweetened almond milk

2-4 tbsp of water (depends on your whey powder) to get a thick consistency that still moves a lil bit

cinnamon to taste

Microwave for about 1:30 or until just firm (don’t dry out! Top will still be a lil bit moist), plop onto a plate and nom away 🙂

Bakers best friend!…or biggest frustration

Coconut flour does wonders for the texture and density as it makes baked goods more cakey. Despite these good qualities, it does has a reputation for being incredibly difficult to cook/bake with as it requires a lot of ‘moisturizers’ and gentle care to ensure that it stays moist and together. So far, I have found great success using it in pancakes and mugcakes.

My nightly snack has also taken a hit BUT in a very tasty way. This snack is now for the purposes of topping up any macros that I have failed to meet during the day. This mostly means adding more fat but some days (particularly restdays) it also means a lil carbs have to sneak in there too. So how do I do this?

IMG_1583By adding an extra 1/2 tbsp of peanut butta to my casein puddin and 1/4 of a Quest bar. Although I really enjoy this snack (how could I not?), it was tough for me at first (and remains to be) to have the quest bar too as not only do I have this deep fear of carbs at night but I also feel like I’m not eating clean because there is a lot of peanut butta there + a delicious melty questie. I know, I know I shouldn’t feel any guilt but I can’t help but think that my macro increase should not be with tasty things because extra tasty things must mean that I will ultimately get fat. Please excuse the negativity and fear-talk but these are deeply rooted in my brain and will take a lil bit to work their way out. Give me some time.

So that just about sums it all up. Feel free to comment because although I made it sound like this was all easy peasy, it is still a struggle for me and all the extra support would be sooo appreciated! 😀

Do you struggle with any food related fears?

Every tried using coconut flour? Were you successful?

Happy Hump Day!


Perseverance. It’s always darkenss before the storm.


6 thoughts on “I’m Nom Nom Nommin…WIAW

  1. I am so proud of you for being able to increase your intake on your own. It definitely feels nicer to be the one deciding where and when extra food can be added in. Hooray, it’s great that you aren’t noticing a change in your appetite and hopefully soon you’ll see proof of your hard work in your energy and muscle gains. Good for you. I hear you, I am not even concerned about the carbs in squash but butternut just doesn’t have the same flavour. Have you ever tried pureed butternut squash? It reminds me a bit of mashed sweet potatoes?

    • I struggled a lil bit on my rest day yesterday but my gym days have still been good! Thanks so much for your support Molly 😀 Always appreciated. I hope I see some gains as well. It’s so sad, once you try kabocha you just don’t want anything else lol its sooooo good but its also like the lowest carbs of any of the squashes 😦 ..well its actually a pumpkin..hmmm. I’m thinking I will I will try butternut or acorn next and see how they are. I tried pureed and it’s the same issue, the taste is meh. I try to eat most of my carbs earlier in the day so then I can have my beloved kabocha for dins 😉 hehe

      • I always forget that Kabocha and Acorn are different. Acorn is one of my go-tos actually! 🙂 Roasted with cinnamon it’s perfect!

      • A lot of grocery stores still don’t know what Kabocha is as they often label it as buttercup. There are so many I’m now getting confused, maybe I had acorn lol I dunno anymore hahahah

  2. Yikes, you must have hardly eaten aaanything before your increase in cals…this still doesn’t look like much food at all. Plus you seem a little obsessive.. 1/4 of a Quest bar? What’s with that? Eating disorder behaviour.

    • I will agree with you that I am a lil obsessive. I trying to work on that but with my past it can be tough some times. I do want to mention that I’m only 5 feet tall so although it might seem lil to you, it’s by for me and the increase is still a challenge. I appreciate the time you too to read and comment on my post 😊

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