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Some Humor For Your Fitness Friday

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Fitness Friday LogoHey Friends!

So I was super bad and missed out on last weeks Fitness Friday Partay, which is hosted by Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean, so I’m hoping to make it up to you this week some super fun and sweaty workouts. This week started off back at home in Georgetown so I then gymmed it up at Goodlife instead of my regular McMaster University gym. This was all good though because Goodlife is a huge gym + it’s open on Canada Day for the freaks like me who don’t take holidays off. 😉 What’s also good is that they have a few machines that my gym doesn’t so I got to throw in a few new exercises for the two days I worked out there.

But since I missed out on last weeks, I wanted to start this one off with a lil humor. I stole this original link from a friend of mine on facebook and it’s bascially a list of hilarious things we fitness buffs do. This one was from the guys version, but I could definitely relate to it as well. What I really laughed at though was the female version, which can be found here. So many of the ones listed had me smirkin because I was guilty of doing it. Let yourself have a good laugh and check’em out!

20. When you pick up your order of Quest Nutrition cookie dough bars:

Yup…pretty much sums that moment up for me…. 😉

Anyways onto the sweaty goodness….

Sunday was Back

Warmup: Decline weighted (30) oblique situps + Hanging leg raises and knee ups x 3 sets = Superset

IMG_1493This was the morning before my birthday celebration and so I was up and at’em at 6am to go to the gym for my normal 7:15am time slot. I got the pleasure of being able to use the back extension bench that I like so much as, sadly, it is not available at my gym. I can’t do that much weight for back extensions but I always feel a nice burn from this exercise not to mention I get a better oblique workout using this bench than using a normal one. I also got to try out a few other row machines which was a nice switch up from the simple high row that I use normally. The only qualm I have with a new gym is the different weights. You always have to spend the time to figure out what weight you’re at and I’m pretty impatient when it comes to my time per round haha.

Monday was Chest, a lil Hammies and a lil Calves

Warmup: Weighted (35) situps on decline bench + weighted (medicine ball) V-ups x 3 sets = Superset

IMG_1498Woo Canada Day workout for the young and restless ones. 😀 The decline bench at Goodlife really sucks. You can’t stick any plates under the front end to up the resistance like you can at Mac. Sadface…Oh well, it’s only one day I suppose. Despite that lil annoyance, my workout was amazing cuz I had the best spotter ever. My Daddy-O! Win for sure. He got up early so that he could help me out and, honestly, I just wanted to show him how much stronger I had gotten. Why hello there 40 pound dumbbells for chest press. 😉 Weeeooo! Unfortunately for me, I had to ask someone else for my first 40’s spot and…well…not to be rude but he was no good. When I say ghost spot my wrists (as they tend to give out first) I DO NOT MEAN grab and hold onto them the whole time. Sigh. I have no idea how much weight I was pushin for that first set. Spotter lesson # 1 DONT TOUCH unless I’m dying! Phew rant over. My dad came to the rescue and spotted me properly for the rest of my workout which really helped me push through a few more reps than normal. SCORE! Other than completely annihilating my chest (seriously though, my shoulders were kickin in at the end) I also got to use Goodlife’s hamstring extension machine. This was amazing because the one at my gym is too big for me (I’m supppper short if you remember-> 5 feet tall) and so I always worry I’m not balancing out my quads with my hammies. Suggestions for other great hammie exercises (other than deadlifts) would be much appreciated.

Tuesday was Triceps and Biceps

Warmup: Weighted (35) situps + weighted (20) Russian Twists both on decline bench x 3 sets = Superset

IMG_1501I had mentioned two weeks ago that I was worried that my shoulders and triceps were not getting enough attention due to being in the same workout. This led me to thinking about, and now trying, to isolate them to test out how they responded.  This is now the second week of doing this and both my shoulder and tricep/bicep workouts feel great! Specifically for this workout, I have gone up in my dips and even my bicep curls (I took them out of my back workout). My bicep curls I was super happy with despite not going up in weight. I was able to bust out 2 more reps with the 17.5’s for all 4 sets! This is amazing for a girl who is really trying to work that upper body strength. I also tried skull crushers for the first time and they felt pretty good. I took it easy on the weight (it was still hard though…arms are a weak link) so that I didn’t actually crush my skull lol. Safety first ladies and gents.

Thursday was Leg Day dun dun dunnnnn…

Warmup: Decline weighted (40) situps + weighted (7.5) leg raises on captains chair x 3 sets = Superset

IMG_1528This day started off a bit rough. I’m not sure if it was tiredness or the use of a slightly different bar but I couldn’t hit my PR from last week (140) and my reps went down for 135lbs. The weight just felt heavier and after the first set at 135 and only hittin 6 reps my confidence was a lil shaken. I suppose I shouldn’t be so hard on myself as everyone has an off day once and a while and the important part is to not let that bum you out for your whole workout. With that in mind, the rest of my workout was really good and strong so I don’t really know what happened with my squats. I will use the normal bar next time and see what happens. I did split squats for the first time in a long time and man did they burn those hammies! Good stuff I tell you 😀 I even bumped the the weight up to 2 35lb dumbells (one on each shoulder) for my last two sets, which is higher than the last time I tried them out. Overall, sweaty and tough, as all my leg workouts are, and I’m workin the slow, heavy and tired legs today and probably even more so tommorrow (2nd day DOM syndrome…)

Today (Friday) was Shoulders and Delts

Warmup: Decline weighted (30) oblique situps + weighted (7.5) and non weighted knee raises on captains chair x 3 sets = Superset

IMG_1529As with my tricep/bicep workout, the isolation of my shoulders has been feelin great. Today, rather than starting off with a 5×5 press, I opted to do overhead press followed by single DB presses. I like to come off the DB shoulder press once a month just to switch it up for that one week and give my shoulders a break from the same strenuous pressing of the 30’s. It’s always interesting to see if I can press more during this session due my increases in shoulder press strength. I will be back onto press next week though. Likewise, I also enjoy being able to do more delt work. Recently I have really been liking the standing upright row (I always mess this exercise’s name up…typo in my picture up there) and actually increased my weight this week.

Well that’s all for this week as it’s now time for me to chillax and hed to sleepsies. Hoping I will be somewhat refreshed for my 8:30am shift tomorrow but lets be real, I end up in bed by 11 and wake up at 6…not happening lol. Oh well, maybe after my cheat tomorrow I will hit snooze early 😉

How do you push past an ‘off day’?

Favourite body part to train? Back will always have a special place in my heart, I just love to see a nice defined back. Chest is becoming more enjoyable due to my recent gains.

Keep pushin them weights



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