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Sweet Tater Protein Pancakes

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Hey Friends,

It’s been quite a while since I have posted a recipe…sorry sorry sorry!…I have been super busy lately with work and attempting to have a social life. I even missed Fitness Friday! Blasphemy! :-O  I hope this recipe makes it up to you.

These babies were made for leg day last week (Thursday) as my pre-workout noms. Lotsa good carbs and protein to get me all fueled up for leg destruction! So without further ado, I give you the short life of my Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes

IMG_1425You’re lookin a wee bit naked there…Sadcakes

IMG_1429Much better! All dressed and ready to part-ay in my mouth. Even better…

IMG_1437YUMMO. Look at that fluffy-ness! That melty ooey-gooey banana and peanut butta just making that stack turn into a mudslide. Oh that beautiful mudslide. Heaven. 😀

IMG_1441…and that epic last bite! Saved tons of banana and peanut butter just so it would be the best bite evar. Twas amazeballz

And with that bite, a sadface appeared on Lil Miss Fitness Freak’s face as those lil cakes were no more and we were just starting to get to know each other. BUT in their short life, they proved to be super NOM-licious! Okay, so now that my lil story telling has also come to an end, do you want the recipe?

Comin at’cha

IMG_1442Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes

Serves 1

In a blender/food processor add and blend together:

1/3 cup of oats

1/4 cup of liquid egg whites

1/2 scoop of Vanilla Sunwarrior Protein Powder

1 tbsp plain greek yogurt

1/3 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk

1/4 cup Steamed and Mashed Sweet Potato

1 tsp Psyllium Husk (can omit, this just helps to fluff the pancakes up even more by thickening the batter)

1/2 tsp Baking Powder

Cinnamon to taste

1/4 tsp Coconut Oil (for frying)

Topping: 1/3 Banana, 1/2 tbsp Crunchy Natural Peanut Butter, 3 tbsp Plain 0% Greek Yogurt, 1/4 scoop of Chocolate Whey (I used New Zealand Probiotic Whey in Swiss Chocolate)

Once the batter is smooth, transfer to another bowl and add 2 tbsp oats. At this point, I had to add a few tbsp of water. You want the batter to be SUPER THICK so don’t add too much.

IMG_1419The batter is very thick and takes a bit to fall off the spoon. This thickness is what contributes to the fluffiness of the pancakes

After you have the batter to your liking, heat a bit of your oil in a pan on medium-low. When warmed, throw about a 1/3 of your batter in your pan and shape into a pancake. Cook LOW and SLOW (a few minutes per side) or you will burn the outside and not cook the inside. After a few minutes, you can flip and let the other side cook. Be gentle flipping these babies as they are fragile. Continue with the rest of your batter until you have 3 nice sized cakes.

While your cakes are cooking, mix your greek yogurt with your chocolate protein powder and add water if needed to get the consistency you desire. When your pancakes are finished cooking, layer them with the yogurt ‘icing’ and then top with the banana (melt in the microwave and smoosh) and peanut butta. Then dive in and swoon.


Calories: 477, Carbs: 60g, Protein: 35g, Fat: 10g, Sugar: 8g, Sodium: 385g (<-darn baking powder!)

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Good, healthy carbohydrates, lotsa protein and a lil fat to fuel my muscles for the workout to come.



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