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Dem Gains Doe…Fitness Friday

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Fitness Friday LogoHey Friends,

Another late Fitness Friday post due to workin my lil tush off all day. Gotta share those workouts and progress reports though right? πŸ˜€ I had a really good set of workouts again this week that involved lots of PR’s and just pushin around some heavy weights. Just the way I like it πŸ˜‰ Without further ado, I give you my week of sweatin it out in the gym. Oh and don’t forget to check out the wonderful Lindsay and her Crossfit workouts over at The Lean Green Bean!

Sunday was Back and Biceps

Warmup: Decline weighted (30) oblique situps + weighted (7.5) leg raises on captains chair x 3 sets = Superset

IMG_1363Unfortunately for me, my lovely workout had to be cut a lil short due to having to run off to work for 11am. I really wish my gym’s hours didn’t change on the weekend….8:30 really?!? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Anyways, still managed to get almost all of it in before I flew out of the gym at 10:30 to bike to worky. I chose to do wide grip pull-ups at our squat racks this week as a lil challenge. This meant no added weight, but they did NOT need it. Wide grip is super tough all on their own. Still good numbers though as I managed to bang out 7-8 good reps for all 5 of my sets πŸ˜€ I did another week of dumbbell rows with the 40’s and they are still feeling pretty good, although my grip strength is terrible! Curse you small hands! It seems not matter how long I do back for, my forearm and grip strength just does not improve because my hands are soo small they are always straining. Any tips?

Monday was Chest and Calves as per usual

Warmup: Decline weighted (35) situps + pikes using the exercise ball x 3 sets = Superset

IMG_1362New PR on incline chest press! Well, actually I have tried the 35’s before, but never for this long and for this many reps, so I would say that is a gain for sure. πŸ˜€ I really surprised myself by working at about 6 reps per set. Much better than I thought I would do! If you take a closer look at the rest of my workout you can see a slight trend….My stamina starts to die off slowly. I decided to be all cocky and go for 35’s on flat bench directly after my incline press and, well, I was too optimistic for my own good. Without a spotter on my first set with the 35’s I struggled too much to get the weights up and was only able to do 3 (to get those reps up I did a drop set with 25’s). The second attempt was much better after a spotter helped me get the weight up. My dumbbell flies were still strong, but by the time I hit my last superset my muscles were a lil tired so I had to drop the weight on my peck deck by 5lbs. Ugh. 😦 I suppose that means I drained my chesticles (as my bf would call them) of all their energy.

Wednesday was Shoulders and Triceps

Warmup: Decline weighted (30) oblique situps + weighted (7.5) leg raises on captains chair x 3 sets = Superset

IMG_1361I decided to try something a lil different on this day. Nothing too crazy but I wanted to see if I felt the burn in my shoulders more if I did ALL of my shoulder work first and left dips to the end. So what happened? Well I was able to do heavier dips than normal! It’s been a while since I have done 90lbs in my lap woo πŸ˜€ I would say that was a success. What else was successful? Having the guy who was helping me to pile on my plates for dips ask me “you want ALL of that weight?” Yes, yes I do πŸ˜€ Still going hard with those 30’s for shoulder dumbbell press and still loving to hate that exercise πŸ˜‰ Also, just cuz I added 3 sets of tricep pushups at the end of my workout…cuz I’m a workout-aholic. One thing I have thought about is whether I should isolate my shoulders and delts to one day and work tris in somewhere else. I really want to bring up my shoulders and because of this I don’t feel my tris are getting enough attention. Despite my biceps requiring only a few isolated exercises to pop, my tris are not as nice and need a lil more work. Hmmm things to think about.

Today (Friday) was Legs

Warmup: Decline weighted (40) situps + rope cable crunches (52.5) x 3 sets = Superset

IMG_1360Man oh man, do I ever kill my legs every time I work’em. I love knowing that I have demolished them, but the process is a tough one to keep plowing though. I PR’ed on barbell squats, upping my weight to 140. Yes, only 5 total points extra, but hey, any gain is a good gain! I was also informed that I tend to dip a lil to the right when squatting unintentionally. Not by much, but still something I definitely need to correct. One thing I want to mention is that if you have never tried supersetting a leg exercise with weighted wall sits, you are missing out on a world of pain! Please, tell me on a scale of 1-10 how much I have made you want to work those into your routine? Lol. I generally like to finish my workout with quad extensions to completely burn out that muscle and it’s even more ‘fun’ when I do those wall sits too. On a positive note, still rocking the minute and a half on those babies πŸ˜€

Well that’s it for tonight, time for my snacky before beddies. Mmmm peanut butta and chocolate Casein puddin πŸ˜€

Keep rockin those workouts!


I may not be the strongest. I may not be the fastest. But I will be damned if I’m not trying my hardest.


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