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Just Workin’ on my Fitness with Fitness Friday

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Fitness Friday LogoHey Friends,

Due to me just getting off of worky, this post will be short and sweet…just like me 😉 Like always if you are interested in seeing where this awesome idea of a blog event came from and for more fitness inspiration check out Lindsay’s page at The Lean Green Bean. You won’t regret it!

Anywho onto the main event…What did Lil Miss Fitness Freak do in the gym this week?

  1. I kept going with my goals of pushing myself hard to maintain those 5×5 sets for my first major exercise of the day and let me tell you, it feels amazing to do so! I have made quite a few gains this week, which I will share as I go through my workouts
  2. What happened when I didn’t sugar load this week? ….well I can’t give a confident statement that anything changed because I was dead tired this morning for my leg day due to not getting my snoozies on til late last night. Ooops. Despite the weights hitting me a lil bit harder, I still surpassed some of my normal weights and rep ranges! In any case, the experiment presses on and I will continue with the lesser amount of sugar next week too and keep you posted!

Alrighty, on to the workouts!

Sunday was Back and Biceps

Warmup: Decline weighted (30) oblique situps + weighted (7.5) leg raises on captains chair x 3 sets = Superset

IMG_1307New PR! I did 10 chin-ups without weight! Wooo 😀 I have never done that before as I find chins harder than the various pull-up variations. I was so happy! I also managed to bang out 4 sets of weighted chin-ups (10lb dumbbell between my feet). Another smaller accomplishment, although still means I’m gettin stronger, was that I got another rep with the 17.5’s for seated hammer curls. My biceps were killin it that morning as those were after triangle pull downs which also place a heavy emphasis on bicep action. Baby biceps are lookin to push some weight!Monday was Chest day + Calves

Warmup: Decline weighted (35) situps + reverse situps on the decline bench x 3 sets = Superset

IMG_1306This was the day…the day I was going to push those 40lb dumbbells for my decline chest press. Guess what? I did it! Biggest accomplishment and moment of self-pride for the week. First set I got 4 on my own (no guidance from spotter) than aid on the last rep. The second set was frustrating because my right wrist gave out on the 3rd rep and led to the dumbbell collapsin on my chest (to my spotter…thanks for saving my face!). That was annoying because I knew I could have done more! For the last set with the 40’s it appeared that I was fired up from the frustration from my previous set as I banged out 5 on my own and then on the 6th I had help from the spotter to complete the rep before my wrist gave out. (dumbbell splat again..). Sooo apparently my wittle wrist needs some conditioning. Breaking that mental block I tell you! Also, side note, by biceps killed after this workout. Still tired from Sunday’s action I suppose.

Wednesday was Shoulders and Triceps

Warmup: Decline weighted (30) oblique situps + weighted (7.5) leg raises on captains chair x 3 sets = Superset

IMG_1305I was determined to do more sets with the 30’s and so I ended up doing 4 and did really well. I would hit about 5 on my own which is better than last week even! Again, that self-concept is suuuper important for your lifting progress. My overhead barbell presses felt great that day too! The 50 bar seemed lighter (shoulder boulders be growin!) and I felt a really good squeeze on those lateral raises. Overall, great workout for the shoulders that morning. I was content.

Today (Friday) was Leg Day

Warmup: Decline weighted (40) situps + weighted leg raises on captains chair x 3 sets = Superset

IMG_1308Wowza was I ever tired this morning. Didn’t end up sleepin until fairly late last night so I walked into the gym feelin like I was rockin those heavy eye bags hardcore! Despite the fact that the sleepiness made the weights feel a bit heavier on the first round of my first exercise (perhaps that’s a mental thing too…?) I bumped up my barbell squats for the first super set (was workin with 105 the last time I worked them in with lunges) to 125! NOTE that this weight is directly following walking lunges using a weight that is more than me (100lbs). I then proceeded to push my leg press (close feet) up to 250 which is 20lbs heavier than the last time. It shows me that maybe tiredness is truly a mental block as well and doesn’t actually make you any less capable of progressing and doing well in the gym!

Anyways, like I said, short and sweet. I just want to mention that I love pushing this hard and seeing gains so I will continue to keep progressing and seeing what this lil body is made of! Perseverance can be tough but the results make it all worth it!

Keep sweatin,


Fitness goals are attained not by strength but by perseverance. ~ Felicity Luckey


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