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My Food Preppin + Pinnin’ Fever


Meal prep memeHi Friends!

I wanted to do a quick blurb on how I prep my noms for the coming week as I have seen that a lot of people find it useful to see how others do their preppin. In fact, Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean does a whole post on not only her own personal food prep but also a bunch of others too. If you would like inspiration or tips I would suggest you check it out! I do want to mention that I am not your typical prepper….let me explain. I see quite a few benefits to preparing food ahead of time, but I also have some qualms with it. You see, I like the majority of my food freshly cooked and have a tough time accepting a re-heated meal if I can just make it fresh. For example, freshly roasted veggies are WAY BETTER than those that were done a few days ago and then nuked. I just enjoy them more. Due to this particular-ness, I prep a few essentials, while leaving the rest to cook when I require it. Here is a list of things that I ALWAYS prep for the week.


Chocolate feva this week with my New Zealand Swiss Chocolate whey

  • About 10-12 baked chicken breasts. Generally 5-6 are done at one time, than another 1/2 dozen midway through the week) for my boyfriend and I to have on hand. Yeah we are total carnivores. This week I made a batch that was baked with a homemade basil pesto and chili flakes (amazing!), but normally we just bake them in some pimento paste, or ‘vinga’ as we call it. We like things spicy around here. 😀
  • My post-workout protein muffins. I used chocolate whey this week. Best decision EVER!
  • Homemade turkey burgers if we want them that week. These are simply extra lean ground turkey combined with onions and whatever other spices/herbs you like and then grilled up on our George Foreman grill. I generally add a good shake of whole fennel seeds, basil, garlic powder and chili flakes and/or cayenne pepper.

In addition to the essentials, if I am in the baking mood (who am I kidding, I’m always up for baking), I will generally bake up a lil something special each week for my boyfriend and I…okay mostly the boyfriend….to snack on. This week I made that same Double Chocolate Protein Bread that I made last week aaaaannnd I really want to make Lindsay’s Sweet Potato Brownies for Andre. These super simple brownies will be mentioned further into this post.

The other main components of the meals that I nom on are generally not really planned out as I tend to get ideas from what looks good or is on sale at the farmer’s market or the grocery store when I shop. This week some of the other items being added to my meal plan (Andre is out of town for most of this week so I’m cooking mostly for just lil ol’me 😦 ) include:

  • Fresh Swordfish and Vegetable Kabobs which I’m planning on grilling up with the rest of my basil pesto. Mmmmm I love swordfish!
  • One rainbow trout fillet which will probably also get some basil pesto added to it and be thrown into the oven.
  • Perhaps the rest of that bison steak I have stashed in the freezer from last week

So that was my quick lil post on what I do for food prepping and to conclude I wanted to leave you with a few lil tips

  • Give some thought as to what you eat on a regular basis and ask yourself whether those can be prepped ahead of time.
  • Before you go grocery shopping you may find it helpful to roughly plan out some meals for the week so you don’t enter the store without some type of a plan in mind.
  • Parooze Pinterest or your favourite food blogs for some yummy and easy recipes that you could prep for when time is slim. For those who struggle to find time for breakfast, look up some easy homemade baked oatmeal or granola bars that are healthy and easy to grab as your rush out the door. For those who work late, make use of your crockpot or prep some foods in advance so they are ready for you when you arrive home hangry 😉
  • Set a time in your schedule to do your prepping. You will be thankful you did!

As a final tip and one that is SO SO SO important is to not allow yourself to fall into ruts. Unless you really have no time to spare, make an effort to have some different foods in your plan so you avoid getting bored and loosing motivation. As mentioned, Pinterest is a great resource for new and exciting meals that take lil time to make and are healthy choices!

Aaaannd to show you how amazing Pinterest really is, I wanted to show you some of the recipes that I have found recently that I are on my to-make list

Cinnamon Banana Waffle Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding. This one is more inspiration rather than a mimic. Thanks to Lauren at sweatthesweetstuff for directing me to this pin! It’s from Paleomg and I thought it was a briliant idea that she made bread pudding from WAFFLES. How cool is that?!?! It’s quite genius actually. Although I have yet to attempt my first waffle, as I’m afraid Mr. George Foreman will ruin them, this would be awesome to try. I see lots of banana and peanut butta goodness in a future version of these 😀

Me thinks I'm on a cookie-dough craze now...

Me thinks I’m on a cookie-dough craze now…

Cookie Dough Stuffed Pancakes! This one is yet another  in the books for adapting into my own creation. The base recipe is from Cara over at Cara’s Cravings and I just thought it was an awesome idea to stuff pancakes with homemade cookie dough crumbles…or questbar pieces… Sounds delish!

Peanut Butter, Jam, & Banana Breakfast Pizza. Angela my dear (over at Oh She Glows), you are a genius! A sweet, fruity pizza would make an amazing pre-workout meal! I would probably end up making a protein icing rather than using the jam for the added protein, but the other toppings (banana, peanut butta and cocoa nibs) are for sure staying! 😉

Sweet Potato Brownies. These beauties are from Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean and I have been dying to make these for the past few weeks, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet! Although they are too high in sugar for me, I think my boyfriend will LOVE these to death so I believe they will be made this week! ***UPDATE I made these just before posting this and the boyfriend loved them!***

My kind of cinnabon!

Cinnamon Rolls. I found these on pinterest which than proceeded to lead me over to Arielle at The Diva Dish. When I first saw these I immediately thought of my mom because she loooooves cinnabons. I have made homemade cinnabons before that turned out not too bad, but these just look amazing. I have already attempted these particular ones but I failed miserably due to making too many substitutions as I didn’t have some of the ingredients listed. Ooops. So I want to attempt them again with the actual ingredients listed and see how they turn out!

oh you wanted some savory ones too?….hmmm I suppose you noticed I tend to do most of my drooling over the breaky or sweeter things in life. Okay, okay, if you insist 😛

Quesadillas. I always see Lindsay’s (The Lean Green Bean) various versions of this delicious meal and I wonder why I haven’t made one yet. So many different options to choose from and I am still quesadilla-less!

Korean Bibimbap. This isn’t from anyone in particular, but rather is just something I would love to try, whether making my own or at a restaurant. There is something very pleasing to me about a bowl full of veggie and protein goodness. So fresh and healthy! Aaaannnd those runny eggs have been gettin me lately. 😀

Anyways that’s all for this post, I hope you enjoyed your tour of the sweeter side of Pinterest 😉

Do you prep your meals in advance?

What are your go-to foods?


Plan to prepare or plan to fail.

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