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Fitness Fri….err opps

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Hey Friends 😀

Well this is embarrassing. It’s only my third week of Fitness Friday’s and…well…I forgot to make a post! I hope you can forgive me. Anyways, this will be short and sweet because it’s a lil late, so here are my workouts from the week of May 26-June 1

Chest was done on Monday as per usual and this time I decided to do all calves as my secondary muscle

Warmup: Decline weighted (35) situps + reverse crunches on decline bench x 3 sets = Superset

IMG_1111My next goal here is to bump those 35lb dumbbells up to 40’s for my decline bench press. I think I could do it right now with a spotter but I just have to get past the psychological barrier first. Oh that mind is a powerful thing.

Shoulders and Triceps was done on Wednesday

Warmup: Decline weighted (30) oblique situps + hanging leg raises x 3 sets = Superset

IMG_1114I switched it up a lil bit this week by starting off with overhead press rather than dumbbell press. I do this every couple weeks to see if that helps me to lift the 30’s better for seated shoulder dumbbell press. This particular exercise has been one of the hardest for me to bump my weights up, so I try to confuse my muscles to see if that helps me get stronger. I also did single arm dumbbell shoulder presses which are great for gaining symmetry, strength and working your stabilizer muscles.

Legs got pushed to up to Thursday as I was working an open shift on Friday

Warmup: Decline weighted (40) situps + cable rope crunches (47.5) x 3 sets = Superset

IMG_1113Again this workout was a very sweaty one for me. Working in a sauna is not my idea of fun, but you gotta get’er done right? My legs were pretty shaky after the barbell squats and I definitely felt it during my walking lunges. One great thing was I didn’t feel any knee pain this time! Wahoo! 😀 I was getting a lil worried about that. Other than still feeling sore today (days of DOMS = 3 and counting) I felt good overall in terms of energy. Thank you raisins in my pre-workout oatmeal! 😉 I tried weighted planks (used 25lbs) today (elevated feet still) and they were tough! I got just over a minute for most of them and was surprised when I couldn’t make it to my normal 1:30. Try them out!

Back and Biceps was Saturday’s workout

Warmup: Decline weighted (30) oblique situps + leg raises and knee ups on captains chair x 3 sets = Superset

IMG_1112I managed to do one set of 4 weighted pullups with a slightly higher weight (12.5lb vs. 10lb) due to peer pressure 😉 Oh well, it was good to try it out. I also managed to bump up my single arm dumbbell rows to 40lbs! Back is gettin stronger! With my bicep work that day I decided to try and superset my two exercises together and man was that tiring. Made my arms swell right up! Lastly, I also have been wanting to try weighted side planks for a long time as no matter what variation I have been doing (note that I don’t want to be holding it for like 5 minutes), side planks are just too easy for me. So, I balanced a 10lb dumbbell on my side as I was doing them and I definitely felt it. If you try it out, just place the dumbbell’s bar on your waist (perpendicular to your body) and if it’s shaky, than place your hand on top of it like you would if you were resting your hand on your waist.

Just one other lil piece of exciting news, if you follow me on instagram you would have noticed that I got featured for my workouts in the #mayfitmonth challenge being run by Kim over at The Coconut Diaries and Alina at Cleanlovin. I just wanted to thank these two ladies so much for the feature and their kind words as it brought a lot more people to my page to check out my workouts for inspiration! If you haven’t found their websites or instagram accounts you definitely should take a peek at their sites as they have some amazingly delicious recipe ideas.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend 🙂


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